Lighting Up With Emerald Mountain

Oregon photographer takes vivid cannabis photographs by paying close attention to his environment.

Cannabis photography is basically a zero sum game: you either get a vivid encapsulation of the natural magic and majesty of the world’s most controversial plant or an unremarkable snapshot of some dried up flowers.

And for a masterful expression of the professional end of the spectrum, you can’t do much better than the work of Martin Henderson — the man behind the curtain at Emerald Mountain Media, which produces some truly exquisite pot pictures.

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Cannabis for the Clinic

Nurses and healthcare professionals are learning more about how marijuana works as a medicine through the ACNA.

While not yet available at the corner drugstore, medical cannabis has definitely become a part of mainstream culture in the U.S. Everyone, it seems, knows about the plant’s medical uses and most of the population supports medical access.

At this point, so many states have decriminalized to some degree that it’s easier to just list the states that don’t have some kind of a medical cannabis law — North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Indiana, West Virginia, Texas and Idaho — than it is to list all of the states that do.

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Dispensary Profile: Verde Natural

Colorado provider grows quality cannabis with soil and selectivity.

Walk through the doors of Verde Natural and you’ll realize that this Colorado dispensary takes the “natural” part of its name quite seriously. Once inside, the comforting earth tones of Verde’s wooden interior and displays are only a precursor to the soil-grown cannabis this medical marijuana provider has become known for.

“We are hands on with our plants 100 percent of the way, from clone to harvested flower bud,” marketing manager Matthew Mattson said. “We grow all of our plants in raised soil beds using our recycled soil, feed the plants an all organic diet, hand trim the flowers at harvest and slow cure the flower to make sure it has a strong and vibrant terpene profile.”

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Microlife: Growing Cannabis Organically

Regenerative farming literally feeds the earth.

The pear tree in Meg Fender’s backyard is her pride and joy. She said, in many ways, it’s one of the key elements of her garden’s health.

“That tree has been producing major amounts of fruit for over a decade,” Fender said. “So much that I sometimes can’t even keep up with it during the picking season. A lot of it ends up on the ground.”

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RECIPE: Poke & Pot — Perfect Together

Not all of us are able to wade in the waters of Waikiki, but if you’re yearning to consume cannabis Hawaiian style, this poke infusion is a delicious bet.

Think of poke as deconstructed sushi. The word “poke” means “cut in pieces” in Hawaiian, and the recipe consists of small bites of fish marinated and served with vegetables, fruit, fresh herbs and rice. It’s super tasty and easy to personalize: Poke is kind of the Hawaiian version of a burrito bowl — so flexible you can’t really go wrong.

I have infused poke using both coconut oil and, more recently, sesame oil. Infused sesame oil is a bit of an extravagance, but I love the taste and find it’s a delightful addition to other foods like hummus, salad dressings and stir-fry.

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Becoming a Marijuana Farmer

Growing cannabis for the first time can alter a relationship with the plant.

In November 2012, my Colorado neighbors and I voted to legalize adult-use cannabis.

The following month, Gov. John Hickenlooper signed Amendment 64 into the state constitution, immediately legalizing the cultivation, possession and use of marijuana – though the legal sales would take more than a year to begin.

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Cannabis Pet Meds: The Next Frontier in Veterinary Medicine

Keeping your pets away from your stash is always a good idea, but that doesn’t mean your pets can’t have their own. The future of cannabis medicine includes the way we care for our domestic animals.

Carrie Reeves has three pets that have always been anxious, but it wasn’t until they started dealing with age-related illnesses that she realized she could treat their issues the same way she treats her own — with medicinal cannabis.

When she brought home two Maine Coon kittens she expected them to be docile, the way Maine Coon cats usually are. These two kittens named Oliver and Dinah were not — they were skittish and standoffish. Her dog, Fiona, had always been antsy too, but that came as less of a surprise since vizslas are a notoriously anxious breed.

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OG Heaven is a Place on Earth

Northern Emeralds offers two premium takes on the classic kush.

Some people are just OG Kush people.

The strain basically tastes like the exhaust produced from a diesel truck that’s shipping crates of lemons over the Grapevine to Los Angeles, which meets a certain sector of cannabis enthusiasts in all the right places.

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Cannabis Now Luxury Guide

Our picks for leading a life of herbal indulgence.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with tie-dye and paisley, but Woodstock was over 40 years ago — that whole aesthetic is about as revolutionary as pinstripes and plaid.

As cannabis continues its infusion into mainstream culture, the go-to motifs of stoner-chic (mostly stylistic relics of the 1970s counter culture) are receiving a long-overdue post-millennial update.

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Can I Touch the Buds? (Probably Not)

A dispensary etiquette and buying guide for doob noobs.

You probably wouldn’t even notice the storefront if it weren’t for the unobtrusive security guard standing watch at the front door. You watch as the sentinel interacts with people approaching the door, granting access to some and denying it to others.

Is there some password you have to know? Have you stumbled upon the gateway of a secret society? Not exactly, but that’s almost what it seems like for someone who’s never walked through the front door of a cannabis dispensary.

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