VERTS: Green Healing in Fort Collins

The People: Personal Growth and Creative Expression Above All Else

Upon arriving at Vert’s, a neighborhood dispensary in the heart of Fort Collins, I was instantly impressed by the amount of genuine hospitality. The manager, assistant manager and HR representative greeted us with a level of excitement I won’t soon forget, and made it emphatically clear how much they value the knowledge and passion coming from each and every Vert’s employee. They make a point to try and memorize the name of every customer who walks through the door. Unparalleled customer service and personal attention to medicinal detail are what makes this dispensary one of the most intimate and popular cannabis boutiques in the Fort Collins community.

The Place: Perfect Location for Locals and Tourists Alike 

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If a business is created with the honest purpose of healing others, success often follows. Those who seek wellness intuitively sense the purity and reliability of Papa & Barkley’s fine selection of medicinal products.

The company produces soothing and pain-relieving products made from pure cannabinoids and cannabis terpenes, including topicals, massage oils, balms and Releaf™ Soak bath salts. Their highly popular patches are particularly impressive, providing incremental amounts of cannabinoids to the wearer during a 12-hour period.

The meaning behind the company can be found in the name. “Papa” explains a lot. While caring for his father, who was suffering from a debilitating disease, Papa & Barkley CEO Adam Grossman created a homemade, THC-based pain balm. After witnessing its powerful healing effects, Grossman was driven to create a retail product. Then he met Guy Rocourt, Papa & Barkley’s Chief Product Officer, and the rest is history. They tirelessly worked together to create their Releaf™ line of products.

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RUB SOME LOVE ON IT: An Open Letter to the Beauty Product Industry

Touch it; feel it; caress it. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body. Everything that is applied to it is absorbed directly into your blood stream.

Treat your surface with special care and attention and it will penetrate deep. Throw out all those parabens, synthetic colors, fragrances – how do you even pronounce that ingredient? Get yourself some hemp and cannabis oil concoctions.

Hebalists Unite

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Mechoulam’s Message

The father of cannabis medicine talks CBD for autism and rescheduling.

Back in 2013, while many Americans were learning about the healing applications of CBD through a mainstream TV special hosted by CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam remained in the lab, eternally devoted into his groundbreaking work in cannabinoid science. Dr. Mechoulam discovered and isolated CBD as a young Israeli researcher in 1963 and went on to discover THC in 1964. Today, he continues to discover exactly how cannabinoids interact with the make-up of all mammals in a full-body structure known as the endocannabinoid system. We caught up with the iconic researcher to check in on new developments.

Cannabis Now:  Israel is launching a clinical trial to assess the effects of CBD on children and adults suffering from autism. Are you participating in this study?

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