Watch: Episode 6 of ‘Growing Exposed’—Back Country 300

What do you get when you have a grower who wants to set up a high-end, custom-built grow operation nestled in an old growth forest in a remote area of British Columbia?

With the help of our garden tour-guide Justin Cooper, a 20-year veteran in the hydroponics industry, we’ll find out in the sixth episode of Growing Exposed.

Red doors mean fortune in Chinese culture, and behind the red doors of solid steel is a vast fortune of green gold called Super Kush. With just under 1 million BTUs of air conditioning, 300 HID lights and 600 amps of 3-phase power, this grower has designed a facility that produces some of the most potent and high-quality cannabis in the world today.

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Watch: Episode 5 of ‘Growing Exposed’—Medical Marijuana Miracle

In this 5th episode of Growing Exposed, we start out with a tour of a top-notch, federally licensed, 100 percent organic medical growing facility, followed by one man’s battle and how one remarkable plant literally saved his life.

Creator of the show, Jeremy Deichen, reminds us that many of the tours are so exclusive that you would never get an inside look except through the lens of Growing Exposed.

This is one of those facilities.

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Watch: Episode 4 of ‘Growing Exposed’—Vancouver Coma

In this 4th episode of Growing Exposed, we return with tour guide Jason Wilcox as he leads us through an immaculate grow facility located just outside the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia.

This licensed medical facility has come up with very creative methods that include stringing volleyball nets across the room to ensure full-grown plants of cannabis stay in perfected rows, like something you would see at a vineyard in Napa Valley.

Here, they grow a connoisseur strain called Coma Kush. And if you’re looking for something that’ll make you very relaxed (and by relaxed we mean “knock you the fuck out”), then Coma Kush is a strain that you too will find worth cultivating.

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Watch: Episode 3 of ‘Growing Exposed’—Double Decked Growing

Host Amanda Mackay reveals one of first licensed producers in Washington State in this third episode of Growing Exposed. Created by film producer Jeremy Deichen, this series documents various garden tours giving you an insider’s look at the world of cannabis growing.

It’s not everyday that we compare a double-decker bus to a cannabis garden. But in this episode we do just that, as we explore the idea of vertical stacking. In vertical gardening, the plants are layered to the ceiling, increasing the canopy area, while maintaining the same square footage.

As I did my research, I found out that this type of system has already been around for over 100 years…  So I must say, although the system might not be groundbreaking, this garden still has a reason to be considered a pioneer in the industry.

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The Must-See Series Is Here!

It’s High Times For Growing Exposed.

The once underground world of cannabis cultivation is being taken to new highs in a new series entitled Growing Exposed. It’s like MTV’s Cribs—but instead of touring million dollar mansions, viewers get an inside look into some of North America’s most impressive legal marijuana growing operations.

And you get to watch it all, HERE! Starting with Episode 1, HIGH TIMES will continue to premiere each video from the 12-episode first season, packed full of garden tours, product tips and reviews.

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Watch: Episode 2 of ‘Growing Exposed’—Growing to New Heights

This second episode of “Growing Exposed” features an impressive indoor garden with cannabis plants reaching a height of over 10 feet tall. Come harvest time, these plants, which resemble trees, have massive buds swelling to the size of two-liter bottles. Founder of Cannabis In Canada, Jason Wilcox leads you through this jungle of towering plants as your tour guide. From start to finish, Jason explains his perfected system and set up that allows for complete control.

“That’s the cool thing about this series” explained the show’s producer Jeremy Deichen. “The viewer gets a behind the scenes look at what other growers are doing. We don’t just show you a perfect bud on a dry rack; we break down the individual techniques used to achieve that final result.”

Jason begins his tour by taking us to the roof—where he reveals the high-tech equipment this grow uses to control their growing facility, from lighting, climate control, water filtration and more. Cooled by three 5-ton air conditioning units, the rooms are built inside of a warehouse the size of a football field.

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Watch: Episode 1 of ‘Growing Exposed’—Clandestine Gardens

In the first episode of “Growing Exposed,” viewers get an inside look at the low-key growing operation that pumps out an impressive amount of product in a variety of strains. 

Clandestine Gardens is similar to a mom-and-pop business, owned and operated by brothers Ian and Ezra Kaplan. Even the facility’s staff seems more like family, or at least close friends, than co-workers.

Ian may be a laidback, self-proclaimed hillbilly, but he’s serious about growing. When he decided to open a commercial garden back in 2014, he bought a piece of remote farmland that he worked on previously. Before the building was converted into the Clandestine Gardens growing facility, the property was a mushroom farm.

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