Glass with a Story: Mark Lammi and Cruiser Pipes

Through 15 years of glass blowing and countless thousands of pieces made, Mark Lammi has been in the custom pipe game for a while. Beginning his career selling the wares of other glassblowers, he stumbled across an opportunity to start an apprenticeship in Eugene, Oregon, bringing him in close contact with some of the biggest names in the business.

“Being surrounded by talented artists and the best weed growers in the world, I literally lived that lifestyle to the fullest,” Lammi told HIGH TIMES. “I ate, slept and breathed glass pipes every moment, and in a lot of ways I still carry that passion to this day.”

That passion has turned into tons of projects over the years, but a more recent one combines glassblowing with another passion: classic cars.

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Latest Green App to Make a Splash? Herbo

The Herbo app, manufactured by veteran Jeff Taylor’s Hawaiian-based, family firm Eco Science Solutions, helps consumers find products and services that support the intake of alternative medicines for a more naturopathic way of living.

In other words, it finds dispensaries and a plethora of other “cannufacturers” in your area.

Unlike other geo-location weed apps on the market, such as Leafly and Weedmaps, which help you find medical marijuana (MMJ) dispensaries, smoke shops, doctors, clinics and delivery services in your area, Herbo also wants to help you ingest MMJ the best possible ways.

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End in Sight for Nevada’s ‘Weedpocalypse’

Of the four states that voted to legalize adult-use cannabis last November, the first to make it available was Nevada on Saturday, July 1, at midnight.

On Friday night, June 30, hundreds began to line up outside dispensaries, especially in Las Vegas, up to three hours before 12:01 a.m. It was an exciting night, complete with green fireworks when dispensaries opened their doors.

“As the crowds grew closer to the stroke of midnight, it was very much like the excitement of a new year, with organized enthusiasm and coordinated purchases.” recounted Krista Whitley, veteran of the Nevada cannabis industry and founder of the cannabis-specific digital marketing company, Social Media Unicorn. “Lines resembled the happiest place on Earth, filled with adults waiting for an elevated ride to a happy place thanks to Nevada’s cannabis products.” r

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In-House Potency Testing for Pot Businesses

Determining THC potency of flower and concentrates can be an important part of operations for many cannabis cultivators and manufacturers. Knowing the exact strength of a product can be a valuable bargaining chip when striking a deal.

Achieving consistent results can be extremely challenging without testing during formulation and production. However, using the services of a testing laboratory can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor.

Sage Analytics was founded in 2014 in order to give cannabis businesses the ability to perform their own in-house potency testing. The company offers a line of devices that use near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy to test samples for THC, THC-A, CBD and CBD-A.

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Will This New Supplement Change the Way People Party for Good?

You love having fun and making memories. You love going to raves, concerts, music festivals and tearing it up during a night out on the town. But you know these experiences can come with a price—financially and physically.

Sure, we’ve all experimented with ways to make an event more fun, more chill, a more engaging experience. Who doesn’t want brighter colors? Vibey beats? To feel more “at one” with the party?

That said, getting your groove-on shouldn’t put your health at risk. And, aside from your health, there are obvious legal and moral reasons to move away from dubious and potentially dangerous substances.

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Don’t Get Cached: HIGH TIMES Joins Fight for Net Neutrality

[Editor’s Note: Already know what’s going on? Join the Battle for the Net right now!]

One of Donald Trump’s most used catchphrases during the 2016 presidential election was “drain the swamp,” meaning he would get rid of the politicians and decision makers more beholden to lobbyists than their constituents.

As we have seen over the past seven months, that has not quite happened. We raged against Jeff Sessions’ record; we decried Betsy Devos’ level of experience; and the list goes on.

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9 Incredible Dab Videos You Need to See Today

Photo by Justin Cannabis. 

Everyone knows that when you want to get fucked up, you go for the dabs.

Wax is very potent when it comes to THC, and for the uninitiated, it can be quite a shock when it hits. For experienced smokers, it’s all about seeing how many you can take before your throat gives out.

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High Buy: Saavy Naturals—Food for Your Skin

This post is sponsored by Saavy Naturals.

Saavy Naturals Inc. (TMXN) offers a complete artisanal skincare line of handcrafted soaps, shampoos, conditioners and body scrubs that are literally good enough to eat. Formulated with the finest available food-grade ingredients, this vegan-, gluten-, soy-, GMO- and cruelty-free product line was inspired by a lifetime of California culinary experience, from husband and wife co-founders Hugo and Debra Saavedra.

Born from their mission to nourish abundant healthy lifestyles, Saavy’s luxurious products contain none of the common chemicals found in most soaps and shampoos, but all of the attention to detail expected from handcrafted small-batch production. From the artist-inspired individually hand wrapped soaps, to the intoxicating scents of Tahitian Vanilla and Bulgarian Rose oils, the quality of craftsmanship and consideration is deserving of the brand’s name.

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The Future of Cannatech: 3 Dank Innovations to Bet On

Photo by Vortex Farmacy.

This piece was co-created by Michelle Janikian and Catherine Goldberg.  

Technology and cannabis go together like cookies and milk. Or, since I’m writing this from LA, like Girl Scout Cookies and Soylent.

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