High Buy: Saavy Naturals—Food for Your Skin

This post is sponsored by Saavy Naturals.

Saavy Naturals Inc. (TMXN) offers a complete artisanal skincare line of handcrafted soaps, shampoos, conditioners and body scrubs that are literally good enough to eat. Formulated with the finest available food-grade ingredients, this vegan-, gluten-, soy-, GMO- and cruelty-free product line was inspired by a lifetime of California culinary experience, from husband and wife co-founders Hugo and Debra Saavedra.

Born from their mission to nourish abundant healthy lifestyles, Saavy’s luxurious products contain none of the common chemicals found in most soaps and shampoos, but all of the attention to detail expected from handcrafted small-batch production. From the artist-inspired individually hand wrapped soaps, to the intoxicating scents of Tahitian Vanilla and Bulgarian Rose oils, the quality of craftsmanship and consideration is deserving of the brand’s name.

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The Future of Cannatech: 3 Dank Innovations to Bet On

Photo by Vortex Farmacy.

This piece was co-created by Michelle Janikian and Catherine Goldberg.  

Technology and cannabis go together like cookies and milk. Or, since I’m writing this from LA, like Girl Scout Cookies and Soylent.

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High Buy: Rokin Nitro Pen

This post is sponsored by Rokin Vapes.

The sleek new Rokin Nitro is a quality vape pen for concentrates. With three temperature settings and a dual quartz rod atomizer, the Nitro delivers smooth, clean hits. The pen contains no plastics, fibers or glue—so pure concentrate vapor is the only thing you’re inhaling.

The all-metal Nitro has a 10-second auto shut-off feature, preventing overheating and making it super-efficient. The pen’s deep glass chamber is easy to load (the kit comes with a handy dab tool) and can hold a large amount of concentrate, making for consistently satisfying pulls. And a smart, one-button design makes it easy to use—just click it five times to turn on or off, and three times to toggle between temperature settings: green (low), blue (medium) or red (high).

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High Buy: Easy Grinder

This post is sponsored by Easy Grinder.

Attention fellow herb aficionados: Manual labor is no longer required for weed grinding. Imagine being able to effortlessly grind and dispense your herbs without the typical mess and stress associated with passé manual grinding.

Manual grinders, take a seat—while we present the latest and most innovative accessory in the industry—the world’s first automatic herbal grinder and dispenser, the Easy Grinder.

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The THC Test Lab in the Palm of Your Hand

Making your own infused oils and tinctures for use in edibles can be a tricky business. The potency of the herb you’re using can vary, and different oils will extract cannabinoids at different rates. Not knowing the strength of your recipe makes proper dosing of the final product a difficult endeavor.

Taking away that mystery was the goal of the founders of Engineered Medical Technologies, a small tech company in Northern California.

Bringing together expertise in medicine and technology, they set out to help a friend with a neurological disorder. She had been having challenges creating edible medical marijuana therapies with a dose strong enough to provide relief, without being too strong and causing undesired side effects. She needed a way to know just how strong each batch of infusion was.

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High Buy: The Linx Gaia

Fresh off the smashing success of the award-winning Linx Hypnos Zero, the world’s first four temperature coil-less vaporizer last March, Linx Vapor is at it again with the new, innovative and awe-inspiring dry herb vaporizer, The Linx Gaia.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” – Steve Jobs

With its innovative quartz heating chamber, clean vapor path design, unique air insulation, ultra-compact size, complete temperature variability and signature glass mouthpiece, the Linx Gaia is truly a vaping innovation for a new generation.

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6 Apps Weed Lovers Will Want

Finally, with more than half the country legally smoking weed in one form or another, high tech apps are making it even easier to find dispensaries, popular strains and even local singles who might want to join you for a smoke.

Here are six weed apps created by innovative stoner minds.

The most popular one out there is Seattle-based Leafly, and for good reason. In addition to having some of the highest ratings in the App Store, it includes an enormous range of information also available on its namesake website. You can explore hundreds of weed strains, find out where they’re available near you, read user-submitted reviews of the different flavors and desired effects, which you can search by name, effect or flavor. There’s an integrated map to help users find a legal doctor, clinic or retail store (in addition to medical dispensaries), plus informational and entertaining videos, as well as a weed news and culture section.

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Home Testing for THC Potency Is a Viable Option

As anyone with even rudimentary experience using cannabis can tell you, potency can vary. A lot. Sometimes that can be half the fun—learning just what effects a new strain will have and how strongly you’ll experience them.

But if you’re a medical marijuana patient, cannabinoid potency can be a very important factor in your therapy. Cannabis from a MMJ dispensary, if you have access to one, will often be laboratory tested. The results from these analyses can help guide a patient in selecting a strain with the right cannabinoid potency and ratio to give the desired effect.

If you’re growing your own herb, or getting it from a source that hasn’t tested it, there are options available for you to determine its potency. If you live in a state that has legal weed, there may be a commercial lab near you that performs potency, contamination and other tests on samples you provide to them. But lab tests can be costly, running about $40 or more for each potency analysis.

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High Tech: How The Digital Age is Changing Pot Culture

This piece was co-created by Michelle Janikian and Catherine Goldberg.

Cannabis is finally going legit, at least in California that is. Even though Cali has had medical marijuana since 1996 and a lucrative MMJ marketplace for years, much of the industry is still operating in the black market. But now that adult use cannabis has passed and will go into effect in early 2018, other California-dominant industries, like technology, are getting involved to bring cannabis out of the underground and into the (well-regulated) light.

With legal cannabis comes government regulations and a need for transparency, like there is in the alcohol or tobacco industry. California’s flower is currently unregulated, and much of it is grown with pesticides not approved for human consumption. Some have even gone so far as to claim the state has a “dirty weed problem” after the 2016 Emerald Cup.

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