NCIA Expo Oakland: Day Three (Plus Mini Cup Results!)

Following a night of festivities across the cannabis industry’s spiritual home in Oakland, the final day of the National Cannabis Industry Association’s Summit & Expo hit on emerging issues like tax reform and industry-wide packaging standards.

Things started fast on the final day of the NCIA expo: Harborside Health Center’s CEO and co-founder, Steve DeAngelo, and the dispensary’s lead attorney, Henry Wykowski, (one of the top pot tax attorneys in the business) talked about section 280e of the tax code, which prevents legal lot businesses from deducting basic business expenses like rent.

Last November, following Berkeley Patients Group’s victory over the Department of Justice, Wykowski told Cannabis Now that Harborside’s own 280e case is a big domino waiting to fall— the results (either way) will set precedent for the entire industry.

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CHAMPS Trade Show Las Vegas: Day Three

In its final day, CHAMPS Vegas threw around cash, announced a new program to keep shelves looking fresh and crowned the big winners of the 2017 Glass Games Masters Invitational — Cannabis Now was there.

The popular questions on Thursday were “where can I get a fake Pukinbeagle?” and “who won the Glass Games?” Both important in their own right, the latter far more interesting — mainly because I already spent the first two days looking for a knock-off Thermal P.

In an action-packed closing ceremony, CHAMPS President Jeff Hirschfeld announced the big winners of the Grand Prize. Over the week, 15 shops from around the country won packs valued around $2,500 retail, but the grand prize went to Mojo’s Smokeshop in the booming cannabis state of… Utah.While we doubt too many Mormons are shopping for Motherships, the $5000 retail pack is sure to bring some smiles to the faces of the Mojo team.

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CHAMPS Trade Show Las Vegas: Day Two

Wednesday at CHAMPS saw the must-have brands continue to boom, the hype continue to build around the Glass Games Masters Invitational entries now taking shape and a glassblowing legend make a surprise appearance on the torch.

As day two rolled on in Las Vegas, the big dogs didn’t need to do much barking (and the pups fought for their piece of the pie) but one of the most unique stories in the room had to be that of Blazer, the long time torch producer that didn’t even realize it was a leader in the space.

For the last 32 years, Blazer has produced its best-selling, high quality Big Shot torches in Japan. While they’ve been a long-time hit with plumbers, electricians and others in need of a sturdy flame, Blazer didn’t realize until a few years ago that they were at the top of the ultra-competitive cannabis extract torch market — without even trying.

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CHAMPS Trade Show Las Vegas: Day One

Cannabis Now is on the scene in Las Vegas, Nevada to cover one of the cannabis business expos that started it all.

While automatic trimming machines and paying for weed with a credit card are dope, this week the original ancillary arm of the cannabis industry — the headshop — hits Las Vegas for the eighteenth annual incarnation of CHAMPS, and the festivities to go with it.

As the cannabis market explodes by a few more billion each year, that growth is mirrored by sales of the means to smoke it. In no place in the world this week are there more people that want to help you puff for a reasonable price. Is the term reasonable loose in some cases? Yes, but they’re mostly well intentioned.

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