Of Course Humboldt Has a Cannabis Parade

Humboldt is the symbolic capital of California’s world famous Emerald Triangle, so it’s not too surprising that there’s a small town Main Street parade there celebrating cannabis.

Small-town America lives for the parade — the time-honored tradition of stepping out and strutting down Main Street for all to see: Summer isn’t summer without the Fourth of July parade, and in hamlets with a strong connection to the land, it isn’t really fall without harvest festival parades.

California’s agricultural towns see parades celebrating grapes, beans, garlic, artichokes and paganism. But California has legalized recreational marijuana for all adults 21 and over, so in the corners of the state where the marijuana plant is the local economic driver, there is also much to celebrate.

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The Mendocino Mating Call

After a decade and a half of herb grinding, we still can’t recommend grinders enough for newbies.

We don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind. More and more cannabis aficionados are grinding their weed before they smoke it, and with vaporization, the trend is getting even hotter. Herb grinders are usually small, palm-sized, puck-like discs that split apart to reveal little grinding teeth. Load in the herb, close up the grinder and twist a few turns to transform the stickiest, densest bud into fluffy, green-white grinds perfect for joints, pipe bowls and vaporizers that take flower.

According to High Times icon Danny Danko, grinders got their global launch in 2001 with the company Sweetleaf.

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Emerald Cup 2016

Emerald Cup 2016

It’s The Most Wonderful Cup of the Year

This year’s Emerald Cup drew a record number of attendees with around 30,000 people participating in the weekend festivities at the Sonoma County fairgrounds. I was among those lucky enough to attend and got to view and smoke some of this year’s best cannabis strains.

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