ANNIE’S INFUSED CHOCOLATE BARS: Smooth High from a Dark Chocolate

Testing Info: 2.5mg THC per square

The taste of real dark chocolate lingers on my tongue. The raw cocoa kick of these Annie’s infused chocolates by Willie’s Reserve stays with me for nearly twenty minutes after I’ve finished my first assortment of the 2.5mg THC squares, which are ideal for micro-dosing.

A peaceful high takes hold of me over the next two hours, the effects coming on so gradually I hardly notice. The tension in my back dissolves and I find myself suddenly inspired to take advantage of the summer weather beginning to grace western Washington. I take a couple chocolates along with me, these ones sprinkled with extra goodies such as espresso beans and rich, chocolate-enrobed almonds.

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CANN EYE KICK IT?: Yes, You Cann, with Lavender CBD Ice Cream

TEST RESULTS: 5mg THC – 100mg CBD  |  TESTED BY: SC Labs

Lavender is a plant known for its sedative and relaxing properties, and this Lavender Love ice cream concoction by Cann Eye Dream is no exception—although it’s much stronger than your grandmother’s homeopathic treatments! With 100mg of CBD and only 5mg of THC, this is the perfect after-dinner treat. With strong body-relaxing properties, it’s a race between you and the purple ice cream to see which will melt first.

Cann Eye Lavender CBD Ice CreamThis is a decadent treat you can feel good about eating. Cann Eye is made from an organic, vegan vanilla ice cream base, then blended with a lavender-based whip. The lavender comes from organic seeds that are soaked in vanilla extract and added to a purple yam blend, making this is a totally natural delight. The lavender is the highlight of this ice cream, artfully lingering as a total body surrender washes over you. The purple of the yam and lavender was chosen to support lupus awareness, representing the color of the lupus ribbon. It’ll melt in your mouth as your stresses melt away!

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SHE DONT KNOW CANNABIS SNACKS: Gluten Free Cookies and Vegan Coconut Bites

TEST RESULTS: 5mg THC per cookie/bite

Vegan, raw, gluten-free goodies made with organic fruit, almonds, coconut and zero sugar. These delicious treats are reminiscent of coconut macaroons, and pack 5mg of THC in each yummy morsel. Try them with hot coffee or tea in the morning for a guilt-free indulgence that fits into even a strict Paleo Diet!

SHE DONT KNOW Cannabis SnacksChocolate Chip Cannabis Cookies

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Test results: THC: 250mg – CBD: 3mg  |  Tested by: CW Analyitical

Whether it’s to address heavy physical or emotional pain, Korova bars offer tasty solutions for when there is a need for large amounts of THC or a want to consume less treat and more medicine per dose. On the front of their packages, their slogan, “Unrivaled Potency” is a merit that many users would endorse. While, literally on the flip side it advises, “You can always eat more, but you can’t eat less.” (in big, bold letters above a man happy and asleep, a warning many users would also endorse).

Our feature, Mint Dip, comes packed with 250mg of THC of cannabutter made with five grams of cannabis. Once only available during the holidays, Mint Dip is now stocked year round due to positive feedback. Many felt and spoke out that chocolate and mint are complimentary to cannabis taste.

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LEMON TEA CAKE: 50mg to Freedom

Test Results:  THC 80.01%  |  Tested by: Desert Valley Testing

When I’m reaching for an edible, I usually think of a brownie or a cookie, but after trying this decadent Lemon Tea Cake from Sublime Brands Elevated Cannabis, I’m hooked.’

Lemon Tea CakeMy mouth waters as I pull the magic morsel from the fridge. The fresh blueberry glaze glistens atop a mesa of lemony frosted goodness, concealing the dense, moist cake beneath. My first bite bursts with bits of delicate white chocolate and notes of creamy sweet citrus. The 50mg of infused Champagne Distillate blends seamlessly throughout, creating a perfect balance with each flavor in this artisanally-crafted confection.

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EDIBLES THAT PACK A PUNCH: Kushy Punch Lives Up to Its Name

Test Results: 100mg THC | 4mg CBD per package

The strawberry flavored sativa Kushy Punch is a pleasant medicinal treat. I get antsy during road trips, especially longer ones, and the gummies helped suppress restlessness, as well as overall anxiety. I was riding as a passenger to Mexico when I first ingested the edible. I was able to stay awake, yet remain relaxed while navigating for my mother. The high was euphoric. I recall enjoying the ride and playing music for my grandmother, who was sitting behind me. The high wasn’t overwhelming, yet still powerful. It got the job done.

The cannabis taste was strong, yet complimentary to the strawberry notes. I also let a licensed friend of mine sample, and she enjoyed a great high. She had the energy to get errands done, with a boost that lasted three to four hours. I highly recommend sativa strawberry KP for patients who want to be productive with their medicine.

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Test Results: 15mg THC – 30mg CBD  |  Tested By: SC Labs

Humboldt Harvest’s Maple and Vietnamese Cinnamon Coconut Chips are three things: crunchy, satisfying and above all, delicious. These mildly medicated chips are just the right touch of sweet, with a hint of cinnamon spice. There is no yucky, bitter cannabis oil taste. The low dose is handy, 30 mg CBD/15 mg THC per box, recommended to be split into three separate sessions.

Onset effects were quick for me, around thirty minutes after ingestion. The cerebral high is very mild, and the physical feeling was one of relief and calm. I wasn’t zoned out or weighed down, making these excellent for patients who require frequent and public dosing. I recommend pouring almond milk over a dose to get a lift in the morning (it’ll remind you of a certain childhood cereal), or munching a handful while on a hiking trail.

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GOLDEN PAIN RELIEF: Sensi’s Sweet 1:1

Test Results: 50mg THC – 50mg CBD  |  Tested By: SC Labs

From the heart of Silicon Valley, Sensi (I assume short for sinsemilla, or “without seed”) Products promote Being Well with whole-plant extracts and organic ingredients. Reminiscent of a childhood favorite, Sensi Chews taste of chewy, chocolatey goodness. It’s obvious that Sensi cares about good health, and their passion for developing superior products is evident in every Chew. They are consistent in taste and quality, and the balanced high lasts for an extended period.   

Sensi Chews are available in 11 different formulas, ranging from Aphrodisiac to Strength. These individually-dosed candies contain ingredients such as caffeine and melatonin to enhance the existing benefits of the high-grade medical cannabis oil. Sensi makes cannabis-infused products using professional standards, processes and procedures. Definitely no seeds here!

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AMERICANNA GUMMIES: Ethical, Colorado-Grown Sweet and Sour Edibles

Test Results: 10mg THC per Gummy  |  Testing: CMT Laboratories

In an industry under constant scrutiny, the Americanna team decided to create the most socially responsible cannabis gummy in the Colorado marketplace. Since their inception, full transparency has been a top priority for Americanna; labelling is clear and consistent, in the hopes of reducing accidental consumption. Not only are Americanna’s social standards on point, the quality of their products are unparalleled as well. They grow all of their own herb using organic methods and utilize a full plant extraction process, in which every bud is utilized to make their oil. This results in a pure, high quality product exceeding your average gummy standards.

Initially subtle, yet potent and effective high

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FEELING IRIE ON DEMAND: Refined CBD topicals and tinctures

Irie tinctures contain a base of Hemp-derived CBD, reinforced with beneficial herbs and oils. Focusing on the healing and helpful properties of cannabinoids, Irie creates specific, effective products that are refined and easy to dose. Hemp seed oil, skullcap mint and curcumin from turmeric bolster the Pain Tincture and create a silky smooth drop that isn’t sticky or overly herbal.

Embracing the same holistic approach, their topicals combine hemp and complimentary ingredients to promote flexibility and healthy joint function. The entire Irie line features pleasing herbal scents, easy-to-read labels and intentional, no-nonsense ingredients. As this product is derived from hemp, it’s luckily available nationwide.

Additional info:

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