AMERICANNA GUMMIES: Ethical, Colorado-Grown Sweet and Sour Edibles

Test Results: 10mg THC per Gummy  |  Testing: CMT Laboratories

In an industry under constant scrutiny, the Americanna team decided to create the most socially responsible cannabis gummy in the Colorado marketplace. Since their inception, full transparency has been a top priority for Americanna; labelling is clear and consistent, in the hopes of reducing accidental consumption. Not only are Americanna’s social standards on point, the quality of their products are unparalleled as well. They grow all of their own herb using organic methods and utilize a full plant extraction process, in which every bud is utilized to make their oil. This results in a pure, high quality product exceeding your average gummy standards.

Initially subtle, yet potent and effective high

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FEELING IRIE ON DEMAND: Refined CBD topicals and tinctures

Irie tinctures contain a base of Hemp-derived CBD, reinforced with beneficial herbs and oils. Focusing on the healing and helpful properties of cannabinoids, Irie creates specific, effective products that are refined and easy to dose. Hemp seed oil, skullcap mint and curcumin from turmeric bolster the Pain Tincture and create a silky smooth drop that isn’t sticky or overly herbal.

Embracing the same holistic approach, their topicals combine hemp and complimentary ingredients to promote flexibility and healthy joint function. The entire Irie line features pleasing herbal scents, easy-to-read labels and intentional, no-nonsense ingredients. As this product is derived from hemp, it’s luckily available nationwide.

Additional info:

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25mg THC per bottle | Green Grower Labs

As far as I can tell, Ray’s Blood Orange Lemonade has elevated the cannabis-infused beverage arena to a new and unexpected stratum. The packaging is reminiscent of a wine cooler—discrete enough to drink at a party, without raising too much attention. And the flavor is fantastic. Orange and lemon combine to create a citrusy tour-de-force on the palate. The effects, like most edibles, are slow on the pick-up, but long lasting. With 25mg of THC per bottle, this drink is likely to please moderate users, as well as lightweights.

Discrete, professional packaging

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420mg THC per bottle

Premium distillate infusion with pure tangerine terpenes. A delicious, convenient and discreet product that kicks in quick and doesn’t quit.This natural agave syrup is infused with The Clear’s solvent-free distillate oil, and blended with tangerine terpenes to create a truly unique remedy option for cannabis consumers that is not only effective, but downright delicious!

Notes of fresh citrus blossoms lingered in the air as I opened the safety-sealed bottle. My taste buds were hypnotized by the zesty flavonoids dancing on my tongue as the sharp sweetness dripped into my mouth.

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Laurie & MaryJane edibles5-10 mg THC per Cake Bite | ChemHistory LLC

Coming from an almond farming family, I feel authorized to say these Almond Cake Edibles are worthy of attention. Hiding 5-10 mg of THC in each scrumptious cupcake, these mini morsels of deliciousness should have their own dessert classification. Crispy and crunchy on the outside, moist and cakey on the inside, I don’t even know how this combination cookie/cupcake is possible! Unwind and indulge in the whole package with a hot cup of tea, and enjoy a luxuriating moment of relaxation and peace. Read a book, watch a movie or just chill out while staying aware and awake.


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THC: 79.3% | CBD: 0.35% | CBG: 0.79% | Anresco Laboratories

Low-heat-pressed trichomes from ice water hash, created using a custom-made press, Legion of Bloom’s “Raw-Zen” is a bit more elevated than most rosins out there. I can certainly taste—and feel—the difference. This concentrate completely curbed my craving to smoke flower, which I admit I normally begin to desire after dabbing. It’s mustard, golden brown, thin, bendable and perfectly round. Placed up to the light for inspection, it is clear and particle-free.

From Pineapple Skunk #1 x Cheese, the fragrance resembles candy pineapple, with a very slight hash and skunk tone that isn’t overbearing, allowing the sweet, tropical taste to come through. The effects were calming, yet heady. Peace seemed to take over, senses sharpened, and I felt most of my energy pleasantly congregate in my head.

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HONEY CARAMEL BON-BOMBS: Straight from the Honeycomb

THC: 10mg per piece |  Producer: Verdelux Chocolates | Provided by: Verdelux

Verdelux delivers another perfectly sweet and scrumptious confection that’s almost impossible to stop eating. These slightly chewy caramel morsels are delectable. Excellent for a quick sugar snack on the go, or a small post-dinner dessert. Each piece contains 10mg THC, providing a decent kick along with truly unforgettable flavor. It’s good that they come in packages of ten—for those unable to keep their sweet tooth under control. Grab a bag at your local dispensary, and taste the experience.

Balanced body and mind high

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BINSKE: Cultivated Satisfaction: The Real Mayan Gold

100mg THC per bar | TEQ Analytical

I can’t go a day without eating chocolate. Thanks to the unparalleled quality from the folks over at Binske, I can now enjoy an edible made from some of the finest, rarest chocolate in the world on the daily. Their creations are 100 percent organic, free of GMO ingredients and preservatives. The flavors are based on the four elements. “Fire” is a 75 percent Oro Maya Cacao, and “Water” is a 65 percent Oro Maya Cacao with freeze-dried raspberries.

Honduran Oro Maya Cocoa is recognized by some as the finest chocolate since ancient times, and was once revered as the real gold of the Mayans. “Earth” is a 70 percent Peruvian Nacional Cocoa, and “Wind” is a 47 percent dark chocolate with hazelnuts. Peruvian Nacional Cocoa was thought to be extinct for over 100 years until it was rediscovered in a hidden mountain valley in northern Peru in 2008, making it one of the rarest chocolates in the world.

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BARE BARS: Blaze Your Trail

THC: 15% THC | Kenevir Research

Seeing as I am lucky enough to have the Columbia Gorge for a backyard, I thought I’d take Bare’s suggestion and blaze my own path down the Oregon Trail. I hiked around lush greens and waterfalls looking for the perfect place to photograph the product.  However, about 30 minutes in I grew hungry. I tried to be patient but, Bare Bar’s Oregon Trail Bar and my stomach were calling out for each other!

I peeled back the top, pulled out the bar and took a long anticipated bite. Whoa! Hands down the tastiest trail bar I’ve ever eaten. Honestly, the fact that it contains 15mg of THC was just icing on the cake. Every bite was better than the last. I stopped to look at the label seeing that it contained a variety of natural ingredients including: dates, apricots, blueberries, almonds, hazelnuts, coconut oil, cannabis and water. I could taste every one of those delicious ingredients.

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WE WANT THAT CAKE, CAKE, CAKE: Starfire Edibles’ Galaxy Mini Doughnuts

100mg THC per doughnut | SC Labs

It’s not even my birthday but I wanna lick the ice hash icing off; I know they want it in the worst way, 100mg of THC will set the party off—they want the cake, cake, cake…Starfire Edibles’ Galaxy Mini Doughnuts, that is. With rainbow sprinkles mixed in the batter, and frosting in fun colors like teal blue, bright pink and deep lavender, these cute desserts had me ready to be an extra in a Rihanna video. When the 100mg from the solventless, organic ice water extracted hash hit me, I was really feeling like a bad gal.

These tiny, yet potent treats hit hard and are extremely effective, no doubt in part due to the ingredients, which include organic milk, butter, sugar, vanilla extract and fruit. These mighty donuts have the look, taste, and most importantly, feel of the best birthday ever—they just might send you around the sun!

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