Book Review: ‘Marijuana Harvest’ Helps Cultivators Hone in on the Craft

New book from Ed Rosenthal and David Downs explores innovations in other agricultural industries and applies them to cannabis cultivation.

Master cannabis cultivator Ed Rosenthal is in a state of constant experimentation. Within his office there is a blue jar with an electronic top measuring the precise humidity levels inside. The Miron glass jar is a deep midnight blue, designed to eliminate most light from passing through, and has a note taped to the outside that reads “Test: Do not open.” The jar is just one of the many trials Rosenthal is conducting as a part of research for his newest book release “Marijuana Harvest,” and inside there is a tomato that he keeps for months to assess the freshness of the produce. It’s all part of the process to write the chapter on curing cannabis, a step that’s “essential to the taste and experience of the finished buds.”

“Like aged wines, well-cured buds are smooth and flavorful,” the book explains. “Uncured buds still ‘work’ but are not nearly as enjoyable or desirable. However, curing does not make buds more potent than they already are.”

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The Joint Off

Which Pre-Roll Will Prevail?

Among cannoisseurs, pre-rolls have earned a bad reputation for being filled with bag shake otherwise unfit for sale. However, as other elements of cannabis continue to elevate and evolve, so do the pre-rolls of the legal era. More and more potent, premium pre-rolled selections are hitting the shelves at dispensaries across the nation, providing ultra-convenient ways to get blazed. In the interest of science, we put four pre-rolled selections to the test.

Ed Rosenthal Select– Sativa blend with hints of indica

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Cannabis Concentrates: Extraction’s Resin Renaissance

Marijuana maestro, Ed Rosenthal, is a certified legend in the world of cannabis publishing. His latest book, “This Bud’s for You,” offers up a fresh, eclectic selection of essays and articles by some of the world’s finest cannabis writers, including a few members of Cannabis Now’s editorial team. Enjoy this exclusive sample — a reflection on the early days of dabs.

Centuries after we’ve all toked our last, when hash historians of the future trace the evolution of whatever fantastic extracts they’re ingesting, they will break everything down into the BD and AD eras – Before Dabs and After Dabs.

The social buzz around dabbing has done more than ignite new interest in the very old idea of extracting and concentrating cannabis compounds. This resin renaissance has created a new cultural framework for the categorization and consumption of concentrates.

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Book Review: Ed Rosenthal’s ‘Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits’

Cultivation icon Ed Rosenthal’s new “Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits” distills 400 strains into 95 essentials for any type of gardener.

The “Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits” pulls the strains that have withstood the test of time into the glistening light of the new era of legalized cannabis.

Out in September worldwide, the newest edition to cultivation icon Ed Rosenthal’s “Big Book of Buds” series stands as a guide to the origins, effects and ideal growing conditions for the 95 strains featured, interspersed with informational tidbits from breeders and experts in the growing field, pun intended.

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