Oklahomans For Health Fights for Legalization: Will Voters Bring Medical Marijuana to The Bible Belt?

In a modern day David and Goliath tale befitting The Bible Belt, the citizens and patients of Oklahoma have spent the last four years fighting for a chance to put medical marijuana on the ballot. Last summer, despite the grueling heat and interference in the petition process by the police, the Governor and the ex-Attorney General, Oklahomans For Health, the nonprofit organization spearheading the effort to change Oklahoma’s Draconian marijuana laws, succeeded in gathering the necessary number of signatures to put State Question 788 on the November 2018 ballot.

State Question 788, however, isn’t a typical medical marijuana law. NORML has called it “the most progressive proposed medical marijuana law” and “an example of what other states’ medical marijuana laws should look like.” SQ788 would be the first medical marijuana law in the nation that has no qualifying conditions for patients, and no limit on the number of plants a commercial grower can produce. Oklahomans For Health designed the bill specifically to make this medicine accessible to patients with rare diseases (who usually fall outside of other state qualifications), and to make the friendliest business environment possible for the cannabis industry. If passed, it could make Oklahoma a cannabis grower’s paradise.

This all comes as perceptions of marijuana are drastically changing. In 2013, a poll conducted by SoonerPoll, Oklahoma’s only independent, nonpartisan pollster, found that 71 percent of those surveyed approved of the legalization of medical marijuana. Oklahomans For Health discovered this firsthand when we contributed to record-breaking new voter registration in both our major metropolitan areas during our petition drive. People have seen the higher quality of life enjoyed by patients in neighboring states and they want to have the same medical options. Oklahomans are also excited about provisions within the law that would allow 75 percent of excess tax revenue collected by the state to go towards education, and the remaining 25 percent towards substance abuse and rehabilitation programs.

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Teardrop of India: The Future of Sri Lankan Cannabis Faces Challenges

Despite the growing support for cannabis internationally, and—as previously discussed—the rich history of Ceylonese cannabis culture, there are major barriers standing in the way of a legal future for ganja in Sri Lanka. As we’ll see, these aren’t limited to the law itself. For a country with such a long and rich history of cannabis use, it is striking how strict the taboos against it have become since its prohibition, which was first brought into law in 1936, and progressively tightened by a series of amendments in the 1980s.

Social Taboos Still Reign Supreme

I spoke to a high-ranking government official about the cannabis situation in Sri Lanka, who agreed to talk with me only under conditions of anonymity. According to this official, recreational cannabis use is never seen as acceptable in Sri Lankan society—it is seen as “just another narcotic,” and is heavily associated with “inferior, antisocial, unbecoming behavior.”

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A Truly Extreme OG: (Extremely Sleepy, That Is)

Test Results: THC 30.6%  |  Tested by: Peak Analytics

Extreme Cream is a dynamite indica, blending Extreme OG and Cookies & Cream into a truly surprising strain. It looks like a killer, with heavy streaks of purple and thick kief coating making it shine. Upon opening, a sweet OG funk immediately filled the room and left a slightly spicy note clinging to my sinuses. Despite the smell, the smoke has a rich, earthy taste I couldn’t get enough of. The heavy, cerebral high rolled in like a thunderstorm, leaving me in a sleepy daze for hours. Perfect for finding an elusive full night’s rest, or quieting the mind at night.

Extreme CreamAvailable at: Diamond Green 4002 S 12th St. Tacoma, WA 98405 | Cannabis City 2733 4th Ave S. Seattle, WA 98134

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Dogtown Pioneers: It’s All About the People!

When you stumble across companies that elevate the industry, you follow them. Dogtown Pioneers first caught my attention with their Ray’s Lemonade brand, and when I found out they were the subject of my garden review, my heart leapt out of my chest, spun around and danced—metaphorically speaking, of course!

Dogtown Pioneers owner and managerWith an operation running out of Clayton, Washington, Ray Kinney and his team have dialed in nine greenhouses, each holding 3000 square feet of growing canopy. The remaining square footage is designated as a mix of both indoor and outdoor grows, allowing this massive facility multiple avenues of growing techniques and product lines to fully utilize the processing side of their joint producer/processor license. With a newly launched RSO Gold product, a full extract cannabis oil, the Dogtown team hopes to get more products on the market that hold multiple benefits for consumers.

Dogtown Pioneers cannabis budWhile best known for their Ray’s Lemonade product line, which comes in several options of potency and flavor—and even a mix of CBD and THC—Dogtown also offers a coconut-based capsule for internal consumption. I’m a huge fan of the original Ray’s Lemonade, yet their Huckleberry flavor has stolen my attention (and taste buds). When making a quality cannabis-infused beverage, you have to start with the raw material, aka flower, which they also offer in a retail setting. Their flower strains and other high-quality products are a surefire win for the Washington recreational marketplace.

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Wish Upon a Tokyo Starfish: A True Farm-to-Table Dispensary

The Oregon DOPE Magazine team recently headed down to Bend to see what one of the biggest, year-round outdoor destinations had to offer the recreational cannabis enthusiast. Founded by a group of friends while on a snowboard trip to Japan, the name ‘Tokyo Starfish’ comes from a famous intersection resembling the five-pointed creatures.

“The location was a dog grooming place and an antique shop,” recalls Sara, General Manager of the new south store location. “We completely opened up the space and remodeled from the ground up.” The lobby, or lack thereof, was a pleasant surprise from the cramped, sometimes jail-like lobbies once required by law. Bright and spacious, several smiling budtenders beckoned us in. I found myself admiring The Original Strong Silicon Water Pipe, an impossible-to-break piece, made right in Bend.

Tokyo Starfish Dispensary BudtendersThe atmosphere is upbeat and engaging, and the energy quite active, with customers coming in to load up before a day of mountain biking or snowboarding. The budtenders are quick to answer my questions without making me feel rushed, and are obviously excited to be in such a spacious location. The neighbors are excited, too. The south end of town and communities such as Sunriver and La Pine finally have closer access to top-shelf goods.

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Farming the High Seas: The Future of Floating Gardens

Gardens have been essential to human civilization throughout history. From the Garden of Eden to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to Mother Earth herself, gardens have been part of how we survive and flourish as a species. Since man first planted crops more than 10,000 years ago, agriculture and horticulture have been in our blood, both figuratively and literally.

Today, the world’s population has reached 7.5 billion, according to the 2017 UN Worldometer estimates, growing at an incremental rate of 1.11 percent each year since 1955, putting global projections at a milestone of 10 billion by 2056.

Currently, agriculture consumes 11 percent of the world’s entire landmass, using a mere third of the potential space available to grow crops for food and medicine. The remaining two thirds fluctuates between being ‘usable,’ based on flooding, natural conditions and climate change. From these numbers, the demand for production in usable areas would increase by 70 percent over the next few decades, a seemingly impossible task, according to the Food and Agricultural Organization.

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Back to the Future: The Trump Administration’s War on Drugs, Redux

At the height of the Reagan presidency, Americans were consumed by a cresting Cold War with the Soviet Union, an unprecedented, menacing anti-drug campaign, a burgeoning public health crisis known as AIDS, and, oh yeah, a blockbuster of a movie Back to the Future.

If you missed the 1985 flick, just know that Rotten Tomatoes scores it at 96 percent, and it’s considered a comedy classic. Once a clever movie made in the service of fun, its undertones now reanimate the unbelievable—the Trump administration’s retro ‘War on Drugs.’

In the service of avengement, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has coveted a return to the Reagan era, including policies that propelled mass incarceration and funded the private prison industry. Remarked Sessions, “I realize this may be an unfashionable belief in a time of growing tolerance of drug use. But too many lives are at stake to worry about being fashionable. I reject the idea that America will be a better place if marijuana is sold in every corner store. And I am astonished to hear people suggest that we can solve our heroin crisis by legalizing marijuana—so people can trade one life-wrecking dependency for another that’s only slightly less awful. Our nation needs to say clearly once again that using drugs will destroy your life.”

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Larry OG: The Gold Medalist of Live Nectar

Test Results: 85.98% THCa  |  Tested By: TEQ Analytical Labs

As an adamant indica fan, this Larry OG Live Nectar from Harmony Extracts absolutely blew my mind. Everything from the packaging to the smell, flavor and consistency is spot on. I didn’t realize that Larry OG had such heady genetic parents; after trying these terps and doing some research, I think I just found one of my new favorite strains. Larry OG is crossed with OG Kush and SFV OG, and hits you in the dome almost instantly. It smells like fresh-squeezed lemons and tastes like sweet pine. For a weekend warrior such as myself, I recommend picking up a gram of this goodness for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Larry OG Live NectarProduced and Provided by: Harmony Extracts

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The Kind Center in Hollywood: The Last of their Kind

The People

The Kind Center in Hollywood has built ist foundation around the idea of family. Upholding this connection, one that patients in Los Angeles have become less and less familiar with, is what sets them apart as new dispensaries continue to pop up all over the city. With a warm “mom and pop” mentality, The Kind Center prides itself on curating an unparalleled experience for everyone that comes through their doors. Thanks to their rigorously trained and highly skilled budtenders, patients quickly become loyal to this shop’s caregiving approach.

The Kind Center StaffThe Place

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CHERRY CHEESECAKE: Zero Calories, All of the Flavor

Test Results: THC | 21.82%  |  Tested By: CW Analytical

The first thing I noticed about Gold Seal’s Cherry Cheesecake was its bouquet. With the genetics of Cheese, Black Cherry Soda and Super Silver Haze, the aroma awakens and stings the senses—I was dying to smoke it right away. CC delivers on all levels: cheesy from the bouquet up front, with a sweet cherry finish to round it out. Every hit I took was more flavorful than the last. My taste buds were enveloped in cherry-glazed, cheesy goodness. These buds drip with crystals, and the flower is a deep green, with pinkish purple and orange highlights.

As I continued to smoke, the effects began. I quickly felt relaxed, yet my mind remained alert. This is the ideal strain for deep reflection and creating art or music. If you haven’t tried it, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a slice of this cheesecake!

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