What do you do with Time? For one thing, you can hold it in your hand, put it up to your nose and breathe it into your heart, where it will always live. Yes, live it. As if there were no tomorrow. In the moment—here and now. Time. Look back and look forward. It’s all One, your life running in all directions at once, trailing outward, trailing back. Everything is related, related or not. Time never ends. I’ll always have Woodstock in the palm of my hand, in my heart. Time gave it to me.

Haggis Hatches a Plan I didn’t know I Needed

I was starved and getting hungrier by the second—hadn’t eaten in hours, since lunch the day before. Or was it the day before that? Or afterwards? Sven had been MIA for half the night. He’d disappeared up the hill to our home away from home. He was supposed to have brought back food for all of us, but I guessed he’d passed out in the Plumber’s Helper. It was about this time, around seven in the morning, after the Paul Butterfield Blue’s Band was finishing their set, that he came stumbling down the hill, satchel slung over one shoulder. Where had he gotten that? Haggis appeared right behind him, bobbing in and out of the crowd. Haggis carried a number of satchels over one shoulder. And they were bulging. Was this the food Sven had promised to get? Finally! I got up to meet them. Maybe they had found a McDonald’s somewhere nearby, my stoned mind wanting a Big Mac in the worst way. Of course, there were no McDonalds’, not out here, not for maybe a hundred miles. When I asked if they were bringing breakfast, Sven just smiled, told me “No.” He handed me a satchel and said to follow him. Don’t look inside, he said. We’re headed to the Hog Farm. But from the aroma sneaking out of the burlap, I knew very well what was inside. All of us, including Roger and his dog, were off to do our community service—Haggis-style—in the rain and sun.

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I’m a sex educator and a cannabis industry professional. By and large, most of my friends are colleagues and my colleagues are my friends. This means I spend a great deal of my time talking with other people who speak my language—who understand what I mean when I say internal condom or who don’t blink when I start waxing philosophical about cannabinoids and terpenes.

Sometimes I forget that the average person’s sex education was limited to “wear a condom or you’ll get chlamydia and die” and that a majority of people only know about cannabis through reefer madness or that one edible they did in college that made them wish for death. One of the reasons that I share so publicly and so transparently is to make people feel less alone—that they can point to another human having a similar experience and say “me too.” Another equally important component to me telling you all the details of my sex and cannabis adventures is that I’m trying to cultivate curiosity. Curiosity is the key to learning. If you’re not curious, you’ll never ask why or how, because it’s not of interest. So when I talk about threesomes or cool cannabis gadgets or new and innovative sex toys, I’m not just humble bragging—I’m trying to get you to ask “why would someone do that?” or “how does that work?” and then start searching for the answers.

The downside to that transparency is not everyone I’m trying to serve is comfortable hearing that level of detail. Some of the people I really want to help might consider my suggestion to masturbate in front of a partner unthinkably kinky. Others might hear non-monogamy and immediately shut down because it’s so divergent from their lived experience. The things I take for granted (spending $80-$150 on a sex toy) might be well outside of their socioeconomic reality.

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BRINGING SUSTAINABILITY TO YOUR STASH: Understanding How to Keep Cannabis Cultivation Green

Contrary to popular belief, cannabis culture isn’t just about the consumption and effects of marijuana and its byproducts, but rather about the cultivation, science and environment of the industry. However, many inside the cannabis world still do not realize the environmental impacts of cannabis cultivation and how to bring sustainability into their own stash. Hakuna Supply, in conjunction with DOPE Magazine, researched this subject to bring our readers information on the environmental impacts of cannabis, as well as ways for growers, consumers and advocates to help reduce them.

Let’s bring it back to November 8, 2016, when 4 states passed the recreational use of cannabis, raising the total number of rec states to 8, meaning “20% of the U.S. population lives in a state where it is legal for people aged 21 and over to buy marijuana for recreational use” (Trends eMagazine Feb 2017). This effectively created a new industry in the United States that rivals some of the largest corporations. For example, revenue sales in Colorado have reached almost $1 billion, which is equal to some of the largest farming commodities in the state. As the cannabis industry continues to grow and amass profits, the amount of cannabis grown will increase, as well.

So, what does this have to do with the environment? Let’s first look at cannabis cultivation  in general. To create a potent, high-demand product, a grower will require “hot temperatures, intense light, highly fertile soil, and large volumes of water” (Ashworth 2017). These factors can produce excessive amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. It has even been estimated by the Marijuana Policy Group that legal & illegal indoor grow operations account for 1% of the average energy usage in the U.S. Additionally, illegal grow operations often generate their power off the grid to avoid raising red flags. To create enough energy to power their lights, these illegal growers rely on generators, which often “produce more than three times the CO2 of facilities powered by the grid” (Ashworth 2017). The potential impacts on air quality is another rising concern. As reported by J. W. Martyny in the “Potential Exposures Associated with Indoor Marijuana Growing Operations,” a sampling carried out in conjunction with law enforcement raids on illicit grow operations have measured concentrations of highly reactive organic compounds. These findings present a pressing issue, as experts predict the consumption and cultivation of cannabis to steadily increase until 2050.

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OREGON GIRL GARDENS: Planting for Future Generations

“We started this epic journey back in the beginning of 2016, which is crazy because a year ago none of this was here.” Audra Cordell gestures at her farm, a plot of land 30 minutes south of Portland that comprises Oregon Girl Gardens. It was her sister-in-law, Robin Cordell, who approached Audra about launching a family-owned cannabis grow. Audra remembers: “She came to me and said, ‘I want to do this business. I want to grow local craft cannabis, incorporating biodynamic, regenerative agriculture. We’ll stand out as a small, women-owned farm.’”

Pink ChampagneRobin’s background made cannabis cultivation a natural choice. She earned a degree in horticulture from Oregon State University, managed medical marijuana gardens for years, and learned the art of permaculture design. Audra, who trained and worked as a geologist and then a teacher, had always been interested in growing vegetables and cut flowers. Looking for a way to be closer to relatives and spend more time with her child, she embraced the opportunity to launch Oregon Girl Gardens. She and her family now live on the farm, and Robin lives ten minutes away.

“We want to show people it’s okay to use cannabis. We’re changing the paradigm so there’s not the stigma. We hope to be an example of what’s possible…”

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CULTURE OF CURING: Yofumo’s Revolutionary, Post-Harvest Terpene Enhancement

One of the most overlooked aspects of cannabis cultivation is the curing process, which is a bit odd, as curing is one of the most crucial components in producing a quality harvest. Denver-based company Yofumo, however, is about to put curing on the map. Their patent-pending technology takes the “guessing game” out of curing, and even enhances flavor and aroma while optimizing the flower’s natural terpene profile. Growers thereby have total access and control over the environment of their drying units, with the added assurance that their yields will be free from antimicrobial harm.

When Colorado legalized cannabis, Yofumo CEO and Co-Founder Alfonso Campalans noted the difficulties in ensuring the plant’s integrity in the post-harvest stage. Campalans thought of a small box from his childhood in Venezuela, one that sanitized water with ozone—one of the safest agents used to rid water of harmful bacteria, still used to this day. Then it hit him: what if he could harness the power of ozone, and apply these properties to the cannabis cultivation process? Imagine as a grower, having the ability to always guarantee the cleanliness of your herb? I’ve seen mold destroy entire harvests overnight, and the potential effects of accidentally smoking flower exposed to molds and other fungi can be quite dangerous.

With Yofumo, clean cannabis is just the beginning. The real game changer is the curing unit’s ability to enhance terpene profiles. Terpenes, the flavor and aromas naturally found in the cannabis plant, can also be found anywhere in nature, from pine needles to fruit. Imagine having the ability to not only enhance your favorite strain’s terpene level, but also having the option to experiment and add any type of natural terpene to compliment your flower.

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QUICK HITS: Smoking Devices 101

This Episode: As technology advances, so do our smoking devices. Pipes and bongs have been around for quite a while now. But another device is gaining popularity and beginning to overshadow these two classics, due to its portability and versatility: vaporizers have become one of the most popular smoking devices available today.

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ITALY JUST OPENED ITS FIRST CANNABIS CLONE SHOP: But Will Italian Law Stifle This Budding Development?

Milan saw the opening of Italy’s first cannabis clone shop, the Hemp Embassy, on June 15. This concept, never before seen in Italy, offers the public a chance to buy live cannabis plants to take home—but according to Italian law, they may not allow the plants to produce flowers!

We went to check out the opening of the new store, and talked to owner Alberto Valsecchi about the concept. He explains that his company is working in partnership with the original Hemp Embassy in Vienna, Austria, a store that has been open since 1998. They offer three hundred high-quality, much sought-after cannabis strains.

“I had been thinking of a concept along these lines since the early ‘90s, and over the last few years I visited Barcelona so many times to figure out the finer points of the law, and whether I could open a social club in Italy. Then, in 2013/2014, I met a German girl and had a daughter – they both live in Austria. So destiny brought me to the right country where a similar dream had already been brought to life,” says Alberto.

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THE CANNABIS RENAISSANCE: Is The Pinnacle of Cannabis Creativity Now?

Nestled in the rolling Italian hillsides lies the home of the greatest emergence of art known to mankind: Florence. In the 15th century, the town brought us the likes of Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Raphael, Titian, Donatello…and that’s just the starting lineup. Historians, sociologists, psychologists and even geologists have tried to understand how and why a renaissance happened in this tiny town.

I say this renaissance because there have been multiple, despite historians forgoing the official title. The musical renaissance in 17th century Vienna, the philosophical renaissance of 15th century Edinburgh, the technological renaissance in Silicon Valley; all sudden bursts of profound creativity, defining their fields for centuries to come.

Examining the commonalities in past cultural epicenters, it would appear we are at the forefront of a cannabis renaissance in places such as Denver, Portland, Seattle—even Anchorage. Creativity steams from every corner in legalized states. The Cannabis Renaissance is upon us, and here’s why:

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BARRETT BROWN: Award Winning Investigative Journalist Released From Prison With Renewed Determination

In 2012 an investigative journalist was arrested for investigating. The arrest of Barrett Brown should have created more of an outrage but seems to be yet another story of injustice left largely ignored, making activist and journalist synonymous with criminal. Brown contributed to Huffington Post, The Guardian, Vanity Fair and founded Project PM which investigates private companies working with the state for private intelligence. Brown is an activist who was imprisoned for linking to material already available on the internet and sharing it with other investigative journalists and activists.

In the day and age where the phrase “fake news” is thrown around like candy at a 4th of July parade, internet journalists make it a priority to link back to any hard hitting and fact backing content that proves that their efforts and articles are well researched and factual. Sourced material is imperative. The fact that someone can face criminal prosecution for doing so is a direct assault on freedom of the press and freedom of speech. After sharing this link the FBI raided his home, seized his computers and threatened his mother with obstruction of justice for hiding laptops in her kitchen cupboards. This is where things took a turn for the worst and Brown came a little unhinged in a series of three YouTube videos aimed at the FBI, more specifically FBI agent Robert Smith saying that he would, “ruin his life and look into his fucking kids.”

“…we do it in the right way and we provide charismatic leadership and an ethos that works to burn off this morass—this ridiculous over-entertained culture, then we will finally see results.”

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ALL ABOARD THE A-TRAIN: Earthy, Hard-Hitting Wax

TEST RESULTS: THC 73.18% – CBD 0.49%  |  TESTED BY: Analytical 360

Altus Labs’ A-Train crumble is a hybrid of rock star proportions! A solid earthy pine smell hits my nose when I twist the jar lid off. Using my small dabber tool, the crumble easily pulls apart—a perfect texture. I cook up my quartz nail and grab a small wax boulder of the A-Train.

With a deep breath, followed by that smooth exhale, I immediately feel my day turn around for the better. A strong, behind-the-eyes kind of high followed, and I stayed in a state of creative bliss for over an hour. A larger-than-life hybrid, Altus’ A-Train crumble is a true contender in the recreational marketplace.

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