Bolder Business Strategies

How two young entrepreneurs navigated stringent state regulations and built their brand.

Consider the multi-phase evolution of Colorado’s cannabis industry: the illicit marketplace gave way to a relatively unregulated medical marketplace, which developed into a regulated medical industry, which opened the door for adult-use legalization.

Now, constantly shifting regulation in both the state’s medical and recreational industries creates a minefield of obstacles and hazards for aspiring cannabis companies.

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Why Are Authorities in Detroit Furiously Closing Down Dispensaries?

So far, 167 Detroit pot shops have been closed down and dozens more are expected to get the same treatment.

Attorney for the city of Detroit, Melvin Butch Hollowell, said that 283 dispensaries were identified last year that are all operating illegally.

“At the time I sent a letter to each one of them, indicating that unless you have a fully licensed facility, you are operating at your own risk,” Hollowell told the Detroit Free Press.

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Poll: Which State Has Your Fave Dispensaries?

As more and more states embrace cannabis by enacting medical and recreational marijuana laws, the act of purchasing pot is changing. Once relegated to the black market, where buyers were forced to pay prohibition prices for whatever quality cannabis could be obtained, purchasing pot is becoming a luxury experience thanks to the proliferation of dispensaries.

While some states have been slow to enact dispensary systems, others have taken the “pot shop” to the next level. We want to know which state you think has the very best dispensaries in the country.

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Legal Weed Sales in Maine Slow—But There’s Still Lots of Marijuana

There are but eight legal marijuana dispensaries in the great state of Maine. Eight cannabis outlets to service all the weed needs of 1.3 million citizens (or, legally at least, about 51,324 marijuana patients).

There will certainly be more once the state figures out how to regulate retail commercial sales—an open question, considering the bellicose, anti-marijuana Trump supporter occupying the governor’s office—but in the meantime, sales at the eight outlets is slowing down.

Is Maine growing bored with legal weed? Hardly, some industry experts say. More likely, consumers are losing their patience with their limited options at dispensaries and turning to other sources.

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Dispensary Review: Farma

A folk medicine revolution built on scientific research.

Visiting Portland for the first time, I land at PDX and go directly to Farma. I’m an inordinately picky pot snob feeling cautiously optimistic that I may finally have found the dispensary of my dreams, and Farma does not disappoint.

This sleek boutique is open to all adults 21 and older. The ambiance evokes a fancy pharmacy, and though there’s no need for a medical recommendation, the emphasis here is therapeutic rather than recreational.

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Washington, D.C. May Never See Retail Pot Sales

There was a great deal of hope that congressional forces would loosen their grip on the District of Columbia in the latest spending bill—allowing the local government to move ahead with plans to establish a taxed and regulated cannabis trade—but it appears that federal lawmakers are still hell bent on preventing marijuana from ever being sold in the nation’s capital.

Although it is perfectly legal in the District to cultivate, possess and transfer small amounts of marijuana, an amendment that has been attached to federal spending bills for the past few years has prevented the D.C. Council from so much as even formulating a plan to establish a citywide cannabis trade. The rider, which was brought to the table by Representative Andy Harris of Maryland, has simply prohibited District leaders from spending any federal funds to help further the legalization of marijuana.

In the government’s latest $1 trillion budget plan, which passed last week, Congress took the Harris Amendment to the next level by ensuring the District would not have the ability to dip into local funds to “enact” any legislation pertaining to legal weed.

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Last Chance To Protect Medical Marijuana Patients and Providers From Jeff Sessions

Today is the final day that Congress has to pass a short-term budget to fund the federal government and it’s up to us to make sure that lawmakers reauthorize the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment. This critical amendment stops Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice from targeting state-sanctioned medical marijuana patients, growers, caregivers, and providers.

Click here now to tell your member of Congress to Stop Sessions from going after marijuana.

94% of US voters support legal access to medical marijuana. Congress needs to understand that this is a mandate that is non-negotiable.

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Baker Takes Great Dispensaries and Makes Them Greater

The already stiff competition among cannabis dispensaries is only growing as more competitors enter the ring. That means dispensary operators have to carve out a unique identity for their business that keeps patients happy and coming back. A pair of business innovators decided it was time to create a platform designed to do exactly that. The result? Baker.

In some states, there are more cannabis dispensaries than Starbucks and 7/11s combined — and they’re all fighting for the same customers. While there are plenty of gimmicks that can help get new consumers in the door, it’s harder to bring them back for repeat visits, especially when using traditional customer engagement products.

Joel Milton, CEO and co-founder of Baker, said those old tools don’t work so well in this new market.

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Top 100 Cannabis Dispensaries

From California to the New York island, these are the best places to find America’s favorite flower.

The 2016 general election was a watershed moment for cannabis decriminalization. Not only do more Americans have access to cannabis than any time since prohibition began, major tourism hotspots like Hollywood, California and Las Vegas, Nevada just added recreational cannabis to their list of attractions. So even if your home state hasn’t yet joined the growing list of decriminalized states, you can still take a weekend trip to where the grass is greener.

And while the majority of people in the United States believe cannabis should be decriminalized, in the eyes of the Federal Government, cannabis remains an extremely dangerous and illegal substance. Cannabis providers, whether they provide for medical marijuana patients or adults over the age of 21, all take calculated risks to bring patients and recreational enthusiasts the comforts and pleasures of this remarkable flower.

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The 100 Best Dispensaries

As the legalization “adult use” or recreational marijuana consumption spreads across the nation, the cannabis retail landscape is changing. Once a novelty, “pot shops” are now a widespread phenomenon, with two basic types: recreational and medical. In the most basic terms, recreational cannabis is available to all adults over a certain age (usually 21) and medical is limited to certain individuals who meet medical criteria (that varies radically from state to state) and have a card or document confirming their patient status.

 In some states like Colorado, medical and recreational cannabis are sold side by side in the same shops, with different tax structures governing their sale. Other states, like California, still only have medical dispensaries, even though adult use (over 21 years of age) is now legal statewide. So you can legally smoke in California, but you won’t be able to visit a dispensary without a “medical recommendation.” In other states, including Nevada, medical dispensaries practice “reciprocity” (meaning they honor out of state medical recs) and the state also has adult use retail options.

 Wherever you go, check the local laws and don’t hesitate to call ahead before attempting a visit at any of these excellent dispensaries.

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