Dabbings Dos and Don’ts

Advice to ensure a superior sesh.

Access to quality cannabis products is growing as more states continue to legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use. If you’re in a state with dispensaries, or find yourself at a pot event, you’re going to encounter a variety of ways to get stoney.

Nowadays, getting high includes using cannabis concentrates that can be dabbed — like shatter, budder, rosin, CO2 oil, live resin and more. To take a dab, a small amount of hash oil is placed on a hot surface called a nail, which is made of quartz, titanium, ceramic or glass. The oil vaporizes on the hot surface, creating one small toke that can have an effect much stronger than a couple hits off a traditional joint.

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Lifesaver: A Look into the Concentrates at Craft710

Craft 710 is based out of Denver and Pueblo Colorado, and the name “craft” suits them—as this brand has mastered the craft of concentrates, providing bright and tasty BHO, PHO, full-melt water hash, distillate, hash rosin and more to the recreational and medical markets since 2015.

They are offered in over 350 dispensaries throughout Colorado, accessible just about everywhere in the state. Craft 710 provides an option at both medical dispensaries with its “Panacea” line, as well as the “Sesh” Line, which is available to the recreational market.

The Panacea products released by Craft 710 are their in-house grown and extracted concentrates.

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