When I first met Jessica Catalano, founder and author of The Ganja Kitchen Revolution, I was instantly awed by her classic style and finesse. She’s the type of person you want to immediately befriend—and that’s before I even knew who she was! Jessica is a food writer, a professional cannabis chef, edible expert and the first cook to publicly infuse her recipes with strain-specific terpenes. She pairs specific strains with specific recipes to optimize and complement the natural flavors of the dish.

The Ganja Kitchen RevolutionI found a handful of recipes that looked particularly appealing, including Vietnamese “Lemon Kush” Spring Rolls, a perfect summer appetizer with fresh mint and citrus undertones. Vegan “Chocolate Thai” Chip Cookies, a decadent treat for any elevated occasion. “Jack Herer” Butternut Squash Risotto, an eloquent, yet simple and beautiful dish, with cerebrally stimulating effects. Lastly, her “LSD”-infused Absinthe, which Jessica herself says, “with each sip, you will be lulled into the Green Fairy’s realm and find the following effects: creativity, euphoria, pain and nausea relief, relief from headaches, release of tension in the neck, lucidness and deep introspection.”

In addition to 70 original and wholesome recipes, The Ganja Kitchen Revolution also provides extractions methods to help yield the most THC from your cannabis, and explains how to regulate dosage to control the potency and medicinal benefits of your dishes. The Ganja Kitchen Revolution will forever change the way you cook with cannabis, and can be purchased through Amazon, iTunes, Kindle and more.

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Climbing the curved staircase into the private, dimly lit restaurant and bar of the Escala hotel in Belltown evoked a feeling of elegance. How could it not? With wait staff politely showcasing the savory mushroom tart hors d’oeuvres, the bar tenders’ friendly cocktail presentation and immediate warm greetings from the hosts, you couldn’t help but feel welcomed and enticed.

The delicious local wine helped guide conversation amongst guests as the kitchen staff buzzed in the background, wafting waves of the coming grandeur to visitors. While many a downtown hotel saw wine and food pairings that evening, none were quite like this, the first of a new generation of events. This was a cannabis, wine and food pairing.

So much more than the stoner-on-the-couch cliché, the cannabis industry is rapidly excelling and expanding—and the culture is too. Just as you wouldn’t serve a sommelier a Bud Light, cannabis connoisseurs have a taste for the finer things. When you consider the relationship between agriculture, food, wine and cannabis, it’s shocking we haven’t married them sooner. This was the inspiration behind A Culinary Journey: Exploring the marriage of food, wine, and cannabis.

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