Strain Review: Empire Wellness CBD

Empire Wellness is creating some of the most flavorful and aromatic products that I’ve tried so far in the CBD isolate world.

Infused with a selection of cannabis terpenes, the 99% pure CBD isolate crystals hold onto some power on the nose and tongue. Empire Wellness offers pure and infused CBD isolates, live resin CBD wax, oils, terpenes, candy gummies and much more. I picked up some CBD live resin wax, as well a few citrus-based CBD isolate flavors.

Let me break them down.

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Dabbings Dos and Don’ts

Advice to ensure a superior sesh.

Access to quality cannabis products is growing as more states continue to legalize cannabis for medical and recreational use. If you’re in a state with dispensaries, or find yourself at a pot event, you’re going to encounter a variety of ways to get stoney.

Nowadays, getting high includes using cannabis concentrates that can be dabbed — like shatter, budder, rosin, CO2 oil, live resin and more. To take a dab, a small amount of hash oil is placed on a hot surface called a nail, which is made of quartz, titanium, ceramic or glass. The oil vaporizes on the hot surface, creating one small toke that can have an effect much stronger than a couple hits off a traditional joint.

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The Bloom Is Off the Rose for Flower’s Popularity

Despite the burgeoning demand for legal cannabis, whether for medical or adult use, trying to make money from it remains a tricky proposition. Its unique semi-legal status (tax code 280E), plus the challenges of branding and differentiating when advertising opportunities are limited, all conspire against entrepreneurs, and dispensary owners in particular. Enter Baker, a Denver-based software company that helps more than 300 dispensaries in 10 states through its smart applications for online ordering, customer retention and personalized messaging.

Through a research partnership, New Frontier Data has been able to gauge online ordering habits and loyalty data collected by Baker in key US markets, including California, Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico and Washington, as well as the Canadian provinces of Ontario and British Columbia. Notably, these data include the demographics of those consumers who account for 80 percent of the dispensaries’ overall revenue and represent the “power users”—i.e., the most influential group in driving demand and shaping consumer trends.

Among the trends noted in New Frontier Data’s recent “Cannabis Industry Annual Report: 2017 Legal Marijuana Outlook” is the declining relative popularity of flower against other product types. Certainly, cannabis flower remains the single largest source of revenue for dispensaries. In medical markets, for example, flower makes up 47 percent of total sales volume, but it accounts for 71 percent of total revenue generated. In contrast, pre-rolled joints account for 13 percent of total sales volume but only 2 percent of total revenue.

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Review: Rawkstar Exotics’ Gold Congo Terp Rosin

This landrace rosin has 76 percent THC.

Sativa lovers, couch-lockers and psychonauts, rejoice: This dab is for you. With influences from four continents, it’s no wonder that Gold Congo rosin has such wide appeal. It’s not just for sativa divas, although it is definitely uplifting and uber energetic. In higher doses, its Afghan lineage can shine through, making Gold Congo a hash rosin even indica fans could fall in love with. Those who prefer hybrids will find this to be high-bred, indeed, with effects spanning the full spectrum of psychoactive experience depending on dosage. And for those who have more psychedelic tendencies, but prefer a milder trip that you don’t have to plan your entire day around, well, welcome home.

All hail to Sirius Starboy, the cannabis alchemist behind breeding one of the world’s best known old-school sativas – Colombian Gold – with the Bay Area’s interpretation of Red Congolese to create this extraordinary strain. Red Congolese on its own is a rare and super exotic African landrace sativa. But Bay Area breeders reportedly bred the strain with Mexican and Afghan influences to create the melting-pot version of Red Congolese that eventually fathered Gold Congo. At 76 percent THC and 7 percent terps, the Rawkstar Exotics version I dabbed for this review shattered all my perceptions of what rosin could be.

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As summer approaches, our minds turn toward activity. Shaking off the last of our atrophy and itching to emerge from our winter caves, we look to the possibilities that the warmth brings. Our wanderlust returns, and we begin to prepare for new adventures.

The promise of travel, while exciting, can be fraught with difficulty, and for medical marijuana patients, the stress of planning comes with the added challenge of transporting concentrates, wax and cannabis. At Ooze, we have an answer for these concerns, offering discreet, travel-ready products for the smoker on the go.

For the traveling patient, inconspicuous is the name of the game, and that’s where Ooze products shine. A pen like the Splasher comes with a clever cap, making your vape virtually indistinguishable from your average ballpoint. If you’re flying to your destination, it’ll slide easily into your checked bag, safe and secure among your socks and t-shirts. Driving instead? It has no problem slipping into a backpack or purse. Sleek and streamlined, your pen will have no trouble fitting into a zippered pocket. If the design isn’t enough, our pen kits also arrive with their own USB charger, so a low battery will be the least of your worries.

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Blazing Arizona: 710 in the Grand Canyon State

A new day, 710 has become the terp and cannabinoid-packed counterpart to 420, making it the second biggest celebration on the cannabis calendar. In Phoenix, Arizona, the 710 Degree Cup saw over 1,000 extract enthusiasts pack a banquet hall for a globbed-out gala.

I recently relocated from San Francisco, California to Phoenix, Arizona. The general response I get when I tell people this is: “Why would you move here?” But that’s another story.

In 2010 Arizona passed the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, making it the 14th state to adopt medical cannabis. Today, there are almost 126,000 patients throughout the state — I recently became one of them.

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Globs to Watch: Oakland Extracts Features Exotic Flavors

Oakland, California is a — if not the — capital of the California cannabis concentrate culture and industry. So it’s no surprise that one of NorCal’s finest BHO brands calls “The Town” home and claim’s its official name for its own.

Cannabis extract enthusiasts just celebrated 710 — the super-concentrated cousin of 420. In the marijuana mecca of Norther California, those celebrations featured the creations of countless cannabis concentrators, making it all but impossible to pick a single “best” from the bunch: When it comes to professionally processed extracts, NorCal is an embarrassment of riches.

But as the industry moves away from its Wild West roots and into the mainstream business world, there are some rising 710 stars who consistently exemplify the craft of extraction while elevating their brand and growing their market reach; companies that offer clean, consistent products in a broad array of unique terpene profiles to as many people as possible.

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9 Incredible Dab Videos You Need to See Today

Photo by Justin Cannabis. 

Everyone knows that when you want to get fucked up, you go for the dabs.

Wax is very potent when it comes to THC, and for the uninitiated, it can be quite a shock when it hits. For experienced smokers, it’s all about seeing how many you can take before your throat gives out.

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Terp Boys: Shattering Ceilings

When it comes to brilliantly colored slabs of high-terpene shatter with crystal clarity, few concentrators bring the fire like NorCal’s Terp Boys.

Glittering, golden sheets of translucent resin sketch shimmering Swiss cheese circles across sprawling pages of parchment paper. The glassy slabs capture and refract the light, giving the illusion of luminescence — each solidified splat of sparkling shatter radiates subtle shades of the same golden glow.

Lean in for a closer look and your sinuses are enveloped by a thick, invisible cloud of pungent fragrance that careens wildly from tart citrus zest to soft berry sweetness, from sharp juniper and mint to deep diesel funk, from familiar favorites to otherworldly delights. The aesthetics of this BHO shatter are dazzling, but the terpenes are absolutely blinding.

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