Kanye West’s Insurance Claims Weed Caused Last Year’s Massive Meltdown

2016 was a weird year for us all. It was much weirder for Kanye West.

There he was, chained to a floating stage, flying across America during the Saint Pablo tour—the “greatest rap tour of all time,” as the Daily Dot gushed—Yeezus literally hovering over massive crowds packing the country’s biggest arenas.

And then there he was, standing on a floating stage, supporting Donald Trump’s border wall and endorsing Donald Trump—that is, had Kanye bothered to vote—and standing up fans in L.A., canceling a make-up show a few hours before it was set to begin and walking out of a show in Sacramento after just a half hour, most of which was spent yelling about Jay Z, Beyonce, Obama, Hillary—whoever, whatever.

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Ann Coulter Claims Pot ‘Makes People Retarded’

Far-right pundit Ann Coulter unleashed typical bombast in her latest tirade against cannabis legalization—and threw in some very unsubtle racism. 

Newsweek noted the verbal irruption at the nonpartisan forum Politicon last weekend, where Coulter was debating (to use a flattering term) cannabis advocate Ana Kasparian.

When asked about the wave of state legalization initiatives, Coulter replied: “No. You can legalize all the drugs you want once there isn’t a welfare state, but no. Marijuana makes people retarded, especially when they’re young. We’ve got enough busboys. We’re bringing in busboys by the million through our immigration policy. We do not need a country of busboys. We’re destroying the country.”

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Well-Known Guitarist Deported from Middle East for a Vape Pen

D.J. Williams had no idea he had a hash oil cartridge stashed in his luggage when he felt a hand grab his shoulder on his way to find his sister’s car outside Abu Dhabi International Airport. Williams’ sister, an assistant professor at Zayed University, had just had a baby, and he had come for what he thought would be a weeklong visit in April to meet his nephew.

Straight from Los Angeles, Williams—the guitarist for Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe and head of his own musical outfit, D.J. Williams’ Shots Fired—was wearing ripped jeans and a leather jacket, his hair an afro.

“I’m pretty sure I was picked out,” he said told HIGH TIMES in retrospect. “The other people around me getting searched looked like hippies and artists.”

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Fear & Paranoia in Oklahoma, Clown-Style: The 18th Motherfucking Gathering of Juggalos

The vibe at the Gathering of the Juggalos, Detroit horrorcore duo Insane Clown Posse’s notorious yearly festival of art and culture, has historically been called a “bustling drug den in a surrealistic nudist colony.”

The Gathering has been feared and revered as a place where outside laws do not apply, and nudity, profanity and the open sale and use of illegal drugs aren’t just allowed—but actively encouraged. Hell, it goes beyond that. At Gatherings past, it was practically demanded that you use and abuse drugs.

So when Violent J, the gregarious leader of ICP, announced during last year’s “Seminar” at the Gathering (a yearly “State of the Juggalo” address where Insane Clown Posse’s Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J talk to their fans about issues relevant to the Juggalo Nation) that the next Gathering would be held in Colorado, where weed is legal, seemed charmingly pointless.

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Is Jenny Wakeandbake Marijuana’s Most Lovable Ambassador?

Jenny Wakeandbake is a photographer, writer, vlogger, medical marijuana (MMJ) patient, cannabis advocate and ambassador for NugTools, makers of the popular Nuggy.

Known on Instagram and Youtube as @Jennywakeandbake, Jenny uses both platforms to openly share her patient story while documenting her day-to-day adventures consuming and normalizing cannabis in a variety of ways. Whether whipping up a medicated smoothie, creating a strawberry joint or rolling a blunt on her face, Jenny’s videos are both educational and entertaining. She’s a positive influence in the cannabis community, and her uplifting spirit is a breath of fresh air in an increasingly competitive space.

Using her creative talents and down-to-earth personality, Jenny is chipping away at the lazy stoner stereotype, advancing the cannabis conversation one post at a time.

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Jay Leno Test Drives a Cannabis Car

On a recent episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, retired Dell executive Bruce Dietzen banged on the hood of a snazzy red convertible to demonstrate the strength and durability of his 2017 Renew, which is made out of 100 pounds of cannabis hemp.

Dietzen explained to Leno that hemp is 10 times stronger than steel but not psychoactive.

“It’s not made out of marijuana, it’s made out of cannabis hemp. You could smoke all the cannabis hemp you want, and you won’t get high,” Dietzen told Leno, as if he didn’t know.

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Morgan Freeman Pushes for Full Marijuana Legalization

Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman says cannabis has helped reduce his fibromyalgia pain, and as such, he’s been an outspoken supporter of full legalization of MMJ and recreational weed.

Though the renowned actor has been familiar to millions of fans of movies and TV for years, he’s now becoming familiar in the marijuana community.

Freeman has said that he supports the legalization of weed for a number of reasons.

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‘Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party’ Nominated for Emmy

When VH1 announced last year they were pairing up Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg for a cooking variety show, we were more than a little skeptical—what does Martha know about weed? What does Snoop know about fine cuisine? (Well, maybe he knows a lot.)

As the show wrapped its final episode in March, though, we realized how unwarranted that skepticism was: Snoop and Martha were different yet familiar enough to be a pair that contrasts in all the right ways.

And don’t forget the myriad of guest stars that have made their way into the kitchen—Seth Rogen, Jason Derulo, Robin Thicke, Ashlee Simpson, 50 Cent, DJ Khaled and many others have dropped in to try the “special” cooking going on.

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There Are Worse Marijuana Icons Than John Mayer

John Mayer is never far away from the average American. Spend more than 15 minutes in a dentist’s office, supermarket or listening to a workplace-friendly soft-rock radio station, and you’ll hear “Your Body is a Wonderland” at least four times. This is a scientific fact.

John Mayer is also well ahead of his time.

Who could forget the 2006 interview he gave with Rolling Stone, which opened with Mayer taking a hit of cannabis from a sophisticated vaporizer? We’ll gloss over the string of disturbingly casual racism that followed—these were the dark days when Michael Richards was still allowed onstage at comedy clubs—and focus instead on this: John Mayer was using a vape, way back in 2006!

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Science: Lance Armstrong’s PEDs Were Bunk, Didn’t Enhance Performance

The only thing worse than losing seven Tour de France titles for using performance-enhancing drugs —other than, like, death, poverty or any number of the quotidian, actual misfortunes we plebs suffer every day—is losing seven Tour de France titles for using performance-enhancing drugs that didn’t enhance your performance.

This cosmic joke is the latest sling suffered by disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, the inspirational, cancer-surviving, wife-leaving, friendship-destroying story once worn around every the wrist of every positive-thinking American susceptible to a popular fad.

In case you forgot—and who could blame you, since 2012 was so very long ago—here’s the story arc: In 1996, Lance Armstrong, obscure American professional cyclist, is diagnosed with cancer. He beats cancer, and then, beginning in 1999, beats everybody else in the Tour de France, cycling’s World Cup, every year, for seven straight years. (At the time, at least part of the credit for Armstrong’s incredible run, in addition to spectacular luck and the ruthless efficiency and selfless sacrifice of his U.S. Postal Service teammates, was due to his super-sized internal organs.) He leaves his wife for a rock star, every insufferable person in America wears a Livestrong bracelet, he is God.

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