Can Topical Cannabis Heal Wounds?

Photo by Justin Cannabis.

With vaping and edibles getting so much attention these days, let us not forget about the value and benefits of topical cannabis, like balms, lotions, oils and salves, that are showing remarkable results in healing skin wounds and abrasions, as well as easing muscular pain.

The cannabis plant contains over 90 unique chemicals, known as cannabinoids, with THC being the primary and best-known compound for obvious reasons, cannabidiol (CBD) is now recognized as the second compound of significance.

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Utah Begins Another Push at Expanding Medical Cannabis

Utah already has a CBD-only law on the books, but activists in the state are working to expand the medical marijuana program to provide medicine for patients in need.

Organizers of Utah’s next effort to make medical cannabis a reality have been given the green light to start the signature gathering drive that will put the issue on the 2018 ballot.

Utah Patients Coalition got word from Lt. Governor Spencer Cox this week that they may start to collect the signatures required to qualify for the November 2018 ballot. Organizers put a lot of effort into producing a ballot initiative that was palatable to both lawmakers and the public with numerous hearings across the state. Now the work to collect the 113,000 signatures needed to make things a reality next year begins.

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Video Killed the Sports Star? What Pro Sports Can Learn From Action Sports

After attempting to kill any and everything from napkins to wine corks to sex, Millennials—the oft-criticized generation born between the early 1980s to 2000—have their sights set on a new target: sports. Once known for being impervious to the drop in TV ratings, sports have seen a decline in viewership and attendance while the median age of fans continues to rise. Sports media behemoths such as ESPN, Fox Sports and Sports Illustrated have all recently dealt with massive layoffs and downsizing due to the changing climate of the market.

According to a Magna Global Study, the median age for NFL and MLB fans are 50 and 57, respectively. And while the action sports crowd has gotten older, their median age is still 47—a decade younger than that of baseball’s crowd. In fact, action sports are the fourth most-watched sport by the prized 18-to-35 demographic.

And the future of sports has never been murkier than it is today, thanks—in part—to those blasted millennials who aren’t watching sports at the same rate as their elders. Millennials might not be the only reason that sports are on the decline, but the Big 4—NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL—can learn a lot from their tendencies, and how action sports cater to the ever-important youths.

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ROYAL CHEESE SHATTER: Can I Get Some Extra Cheese?!

Royal Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid that hails from the UK. Originally bred from Skunk #1 and crossed with a feminized phenotype of itself, this silken extract stays true to its royal bloodline. The sweet smells of a corner bakery fill my nose as I peel back the wax paper to reveal a golden, glistening slice of pure heaven. I portion off a healthy helping of amber Swiss as my rig hits its low-setting and I take an easy pull.

Exhaling, I am carried away to a tropical paradise. A plethora of flavor cascades over my palate like an exquisite waterfall; distinct notes of juicy mango and frosted lychee berry swim alongside exotic grapes dripping with creamy honey. The taste finishes on a pungently earthy note, complementing the initial sweetness.

Moments later I feel a powerful euphoria grip my muscles, the sensation building like lapping waves over cerebral shores. The feeling sinks deep into my body, soaking my mind in relief, banishing all stress and anxiety. Despite inspiring a strong appetite, this noble strain had me feeling regal, even hours later. Recommended for any concentrate connoisseur seeking the royal treatment.

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Strain Review: Empire Wellness CBD

Empire Wellness is creating some of the most flavorful and aromatic products that I’ve tried so far in the CBD isolate world.

Infused with a selection of cannabis terpenes, the 99% pure CBD isolate crystals hold onto some power on the nose and tongue. Empire Wellness offers pure and infused CBD isolates, live resin CBD wax, oils, terpenes, candy gummies and much more. I picked up some CBD live resin wax, as well a few citrus-based CBD isolate flavors.

Let me break them down.

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Mexico Is Writing Its Rules for Medical Marijuana

Earlier this summer, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto signed an executive decree legalizing medical marijuana, then directed the country’s Health Ministry to write rules for medical marijuana use. That process is currently underway, but it might prove painful.

While legislation was being debated and many of Peña Nieto’s political allies opposed the legislation, pressure was building around the country—especially from parents of children suffering from epilepsy—to allow the import of CBD oil to alleviate their seizures.

Now, Mexican lawmakers have until the end of the year to draft rules for a medical marijuana program.

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SOCIAL MEDIA’S WAR ON CANNABIS: The silent attack of deleting accounts

Imagine what it means to be deleted online: All of your friends and followers, gone…the images you shared, gone…the stories you told, all gone. My company’s Instagram account, Kiva Confections, has been shut down eight times. We’ve lost over 60,000 followers and countless hours of community building, original content and user feedback.

What type of content would get an account shut down eight times? Graphic nudity? Direct-sales to followers? Minors abusing drugs?

Here are a few examples of the content Kiva Confections shares on social media:

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Study Shows Nearly Half of CBD Users Stop Taking Traditional Meds

A new survey, the largest to date, on cannabidiol (CBD) suggests that a growing number of patients are finding more relief from CBD than from traditional pharmaceuticals and they’re acting on this good news—especially the women.

Conducted by the Brightfield Group and HelloMD and covering 2,400 of HelloMD’s community of 150,000 members, the survey found that 55 percent of CBD users were women, while men preferred THC-dominant products.

The most common reasons people used CBD, according to Dr. Perry Solomon, the chief medical officer of HelloMD, were to treat insomnia, depression, anxiety and joint pain.

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THE CLINIC CARES: One of Colorado’s Oldest, Most Highly Acclaimed Dispensaries

The Place

Located in the heart of South Denver, The Clinic is easily accessible from the highway and is an absolute must-stop for anyone near the University of Denver. With plenty of parking spaces and a large staff onsite, you can count on getting what you need. The shop environment is cool and sophisticated, with modern amenities and beautifully-themed hexagon shapes throughout. After taking a moment to appreciate the designs, an employee told me they were going for an ‘Apple Store’ type of vibe, which they perfectly captured.

The Clinic ColoradoThe People

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Cannabis Pet Meds: The Next Frontier in Veterinary Medicine

Keeping your pets away from your stash is always a good idea, but that doesn’t mean your pets can’t have their own. The future of cannabis medicine includes the way we care for our domestic animals.

Carrie Reeves has three pets that have always been anxious, but it wasn’t until they started dealing with age-related illnesses that she realized she could treat their issues the same way she treats her own — with medicinal cannabis.

When she brought home two Maine Coon kittens she expected them to be docile, the way Maine Coon cats usually are. These two kittens named Oliver and Dinah were not — they were skittish and standoffish. Her dog, Fiona, had always been antsy too, but that came as less of a surprise since vizslas are a notoriously anxious breed.

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