How To Makes Edibles That Don’t Taste Like Weed

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Cannabis legalization has resulted in the creation of all kinds of weird, unexpected, unconventional jobs, like rolling blunts for Snoop Dogg—for a whopping $100,000 a year. Among the many people with strange jobs, there’s one who certainly deserves an article of his own: Jeff The 420 Chef.

Jeff, a cook and baker often called “the Julia Child of weed,” specializes in preparing dishes with cannabis in them. What differentiates him from other canna-chefs, however, is his method, which allows him to create “light tasting” and “tasteless” cannabutters and cannabis-infused oils. This means that, unlike most edibles out there, Jeff’s food does not taste of weed or “plant,” if you will.

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Cannabutter is one of the oldest infusion techniques known to stoners worldwide. From the infamous “weed brownie” to today’s fine confectionary treats, cannabutter acts as the primary ingredient in most edible recipes.

Unfortunately, most cannabutters taste like ass. Whether your buddy didn’t know the difference from schwag and quality flower, or someone realized too late they didn’t strain the butter, leaving you to pick nugs from your teeth, most of us have had as many bad experiences with homemade edibles as we have good. Here are a few pointers to put you on the right path to a POSITIVELY memorable evening:

You get out what you put in:

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The THC Test Lab in the Palm of Your Hand

Making your own infused oils and tinctures for use in edibles can be a tricky business. The potency of the herb you’re using can vary, and different oils will extract cannabinoids at different rates. Not knowing the strength of your recipe makes proper dosing of the final product a difficult endeavor.

Taking away that mystery was the goal of the founders of Engineered Medical Technologies, a small tech company in Northern California.

Bringing together expertise in medicine and technology, they set out to help a friend with a neurological disorder. She had been having challenges creating edible medical marijuana therapies with a dose strong enough to provide relief, without being too strong and causing undesired side effects. She needed a way to know just how strong each batch of infusion was.

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Six Stoney Sweets for Your Stoney Sweetie

Valentines Day looms large, so if you still haven’t planned anything now’s the time. Why not whip up a bud-blessed batch of one of these Cannabis Now edible recipes?

Trying to pull together the perfect Valentine’s day gift for your special person can be a bit nerve wracking experience if you’re still in the planning stages so close to the date. Should you get them something safe and predictable like a box of chocolates and glitzy jewelry, opt for something fun like a handful of pre-rolls full of their favorite strains paired a stash of their go-to munchies or just keep it low key with a sentimental card, a romantic message and a stuffed animal? Decisions, decisions.

Whatever you decide on, there’s always a tried-and-true way to get to any cannabis lover’s heart and that’s with delicious, homemade desserts infused with marijuana. We know you already have a bomb brownie recipe up your sleeve, but take a look at some of these sweets and get inspired to step outside of the box for this year’s love celebration.

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