Lyme Disease: The Forgotten Illness

Lyme disease may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering the use of medicinal cannabis, but that may change soon as cases of this debilitating, tick-born disease multiply across the U.S.

After long suspecting being infected by a tick at the age of seven, Colorado native Rachel Nordman was eventually diagnosed with Lyme disease when she was a teenager. By the time the illness was identified, she was already suffering from the severe effects of late-stage Lyme disease – extreme joint pain, inflammation, vomiting, hives and fatigue. After conventional treatments failed to offer relief, Nordman turned to a simpler, more effective therapy.

“Cannabis has helped me in many different ways,” says Nordman, 22. “Fatigue is one of the hardest symptoms I deal with. From the moment I wake up, I feel exhausted and ready to go back to sleep. Sativa strains help me combat this fatigue and get more done.”

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Review: Rawkstar Exotics’ Gold Congo Terp Rosin

This landrace rosin has 76 percent THC.

Sativa lovers, couch-lockers and psychonauts, rejoice: This dab is for you. With influences from four continents, it’s no wonder that Gold Congo rosin has such wide appeal. It’s not just for sativa divas, although it is definitely uplifting and uber energetic. In higher doses, its Afghan lineage can shine through, making Gold Congo a hash rosin even indica fans could fall in love with. Those who prefer hybrids will find this to be high-bred, indeed, with effects spanning the full spectrum of psychoactive experience depending on dosage. And for those who have more psychedelic tendencies, but prefer a milder trip that you don’t have to plan your entire day around, well, welcome home.

All hail to Sirius Starboy, the cannabis alchemist behind breeding one of the world’s best known old-school sativas – Colombian Gold – with the Bay Area’s interpretation of Red Congolese to create this extraordinary strain. Red Congolese on its own is a rare and super exotic African landrace sativa. But Bay Area breeders reportedly bred the strain with Mexican and Afghan influences to create the melting-pot version of Red Congolese that eventually fathered Gold Congo. At 76 percent THC and 7 percent terps, the Rawkstar Exotics version I dabbed for this review shattered all my perceptions of what rosin could be.

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Colorado’s Legal Cannabis Revenue Hits the $500 Million Mark

Colorado started collecting taxes from the sale of legal cannabis in 2014. This month, the state’s total cannabis revenue reached the half-billion dollar mark.

Colorado’s legal cannabis industry has reached a major milestone, providing the state with $500 million in revenue since the start of commercial sales in 2014. This does not include additional revenue collected at the local level by city and county governments.

A recently released analysis of state data by Denver-based VS Strategies traces the flow from the state’s five main revenue streams (the 15 percent excise tax and 20 percent special tax contributed the bulk of the funds) and maps out how the money is being distributed across the state.

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As summer approaches, our minds turn toward activity. Shaking off the last of our atrophy and itching to emerge from our winter caves, we look to the possibilities that the warmth brings. Our wanderlust returns, and we begin to prepare for new adventures.

The promise of travel, while exciting, can be fraught with difficulty, and for medical marijuana patients, the stress of planning comes with the added challenge of transporting concentrates, wax and cannabis. At Ooze, we have an answer for these concerns, offering discreet, travel-ready products for the smoker on the go.

For the traveling patient, inconspicuous is the name of the game, and that’s where Ooze products shine. A pen like the Splasher comes with a clever cap, making your vape virtually indistinguishable from your average ballpoint. If you’re flying to your destination, it’ll slide easily into your checked bag, safe and secure among your socks and t-shirts. Driving instead? It has no problem slipping into a backpack or purse. Sleek and streamlined, your pen will have no trouble fitting into a zippered pocket. If the design isn’t enough, our pen kits also arrive with their own USB charger, so a low battery will be the least of your worries.

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MOAB DIARIES: A Divine Desert Adventure

En Route to Moab:

While I’ve always been a lover of nature, I’ve never been a fan of the desert. The sand, heat and prickly flowers hold no appeal for me. I recently gave the dust a chance, however, and ventured from Denver to Moab, Utah, with a handful of friends. Even though I still prefer forests and mountains over the sand and the sun, it was an experience I will never forget. From Denver we headed westbound, and the drive alone was mesmerizing. Breathtaking. It felt like we drove through different climates, a new ecosystem every few hours. We first drove through the lush, green mountains, which soon turned into deep canyons with winding rivers on either side, until finally the mountains started to take the shape of table mesas, and we found ourselves out on the last leg of a wide, open road.

I was actually quite surprised upon our initial arrival in Moab. It felt like we were in the middle of nowhere for so long; we weren’t expecting such a lively town. There were a bunch of restaurants, hotels, bars and shops, all with a classic southwestern vibe. Even though our first instinct was to stop and explore the town, we knew it was important to lock down a nice campsite for the weekend, as they tend to fill up quickly—especially on the weekends. Next time I visit Moab, I plan to get there on a Wednesday or Thursday, and try to avoid the bigger crowds.

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Test Results: THC: 70.65% – CBD: 0.11%  |  Tested by: ChemHistory

Claywolf officially began life in 2012 when the company moved to Clackamas, Oregon. Jim Wolf, President of Claywolf, started his cannabis journey when he sought alternative PTSD treatment after leaving the Army. Their journey recently started a new chapter in the Oregon rec market, and we’re very excited to introduce them to you!

This potent sativa cross of Super Lemon Haze and Jack Herer is quickly becoming one of my favorite crosses for an uplifting, energetic high. After inspecting the clay-like crumble, I got a perfect pairing of sweet lemon, with a trace of pine fragrances.

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Boston-born artist JB Snyder is no stranger to the creative spirit. By age 10 he was already dabbling with spray paint, but found his passion in the athletic art of rollerblading. By age 15, Snyder dedicated himself to becoming a professional skater. Traveling the United States, Snyder produced 3 films over 2 years, which were then picked up by Video Action Sports Distributing. From there, he followed an opportunity to continue his career and produce his videos in Los Angeles.

In 1998, Snyder moved across the country to begin his new life in fast-paced L.A. In addition to producing 2 more skate films, Snyder also edited and acted as a voice-over character in 52 episodes of Cosmo, a low-budget cartoon show. He met new people and made important connections in the 3 years that followed. In his spare time Synder traveled and began experimenting with other forms of artwork, ranging from second-hand acrylic paints on shopping bags to cans of Krylon on brick walls.

In 2001, Snyder escaped L.A. With the rollerblading industry in decline, the low-budget cartoon show not making any Saturday morning lineups, the traffic and an expensive city growing more pricey by the day, Snyder began to consider his options. Despite living near the ocean, having a fun job, smoking great weed on the daily and essentially “living the dream,” Snyder was fed up with the shady characters and competitive lifestyle in L.A. After seriously weighing his options, he decided to make the exodus. He packed up a U-Haul, said goodbye to the noisy, non-stop City of Sin, and traded it in for the City of Sun.

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Inside a Colorado Grow

Exploring an indoor grow in Colorado that houses cannabis targeted for the recreational and medicinal markets.

The pungent smell of cannabis permeates the air in front of the row of industrial buildings on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado. I’ve arrived at Bloom County Growers, a 2,000-square-foot operation that grows cannabis for both medical and recreational sales. Beautiful buds – Durban Poison, Grape Stomper, Bubba OG – grow alongside each other. The only difference that makes one plant medical and another recreational lies in the RFID tracking tag wrapped around the stem – yellow for the medical herb and blue for the recreational.

“It’s all very strange,” grower Scott Pope said of the dual recreational and medical cannabis markets present in Colorado.

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An Essential Element

The male plant, while less glamorous than the female, is a key piece of the botanical puzzle.

The art of cannabis photography typically tends toward glorifying the dazzling female flower, with its full bud expressions, colorful blossoms and rich terpene aromas. While less glamorous, the cannabis plant’s male counterpart can also be an exceptionally beautifully plant and is an integral piece of the propagation puzzle.

Cannabis cultivators the world over know the obsessive, purgatorial feeling of waiting for their plants to mature to discern sex – female, male or hermaphrodite. A male plant, while essential for reproduction, can also run rampant across a garden and devastate an entire crop of flowering female plants — intended for consumption — by inadvertently pollinating them and causing hermaphroditism. If culled and managed correctly, the male becomes a key part of this sustainable, perpetuating reproduction process.

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HAS THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FOUND NEW WAYS TO TARGET CANNA-COMPANIES: One Company’s Struggle To Stay Afloat After Customs’ Paraphernalia Claims

Imagine you gave up your 9-5 to follow a dream, a dream to start a business that is centered around helping families keep their children and pets safe and just as that business begins to take off it’s targeted, devastating the company. Unfortunately, Skip Stone doesn’t have to imagine because this is precisely what he is currently dealing with.

Skip Stone is a family man and founder of Stashlogix. Married with two kids, after close to 20 years as a civil engineer in sales he figured he had another 20 years left of a career and wanted to do something different. He wanted to make a difference and seen an opportunity as Colorado began legalizing cannabis. Stone acknowledged the growing acceptance of cannabis, and with that, the inevitable growth and appeal of edibles. Stone recognized that “there needed to be a better way to keep these things secure in the house and you don’t want your kids “greening out.” he explained. When cannabis infused treats like candy and cookies are aren’t safely stored they are an unfortunate temptation for little ones.

Stone also understood the dangers of other prescription medications and decided that there needed to be a better way to keep these things secure in every home. “I knew that there wasn’t anything available that was affordable and locking and there are a lot of uses for something like that.” Stone recalled and he was absolutely right. According to the CDC, prescription drug abuse is an epidemic. “Deaths from prescription opioids—drugs like oxycodone, hydrocodone, and methadone—have more than quadrupled since 1999.” What’s even more disturbing is that seventy percent of people only 12 years old and up who report abusing prescription drugs were able to get them from friends or family. “The road to addiction starts right from home.” Stone elaborated, “People are dying.” Stone’s hopes were that with the proper storage or locking device this could potentially be curbed. The fact is, the “medicine cabinet” just won’t due any longer.

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