LOURDES: Delicate and Sweet, Just Like Its Namesake


Test results: THC%: 26.08 | CBD%: .09 | CBG: .14 | CW Analytical

Green and amber, with splashes of lavender—picture-perfect buds. Soft and fuzzy outside, medium, firm inside, with a fragrance of strong pine, grape and lavender. A delightful taste of cream and sweet floral notes. Lourdes had me stationary, released tension, addressed body pain while inspiring creativity, got me to finish administrative tasks and drift off into much-desired sleep.

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20.49% THC | <1.0% CBD | SC Labs

THC Design’s abundant and impressive library of unique strains has cemented their name as one of the hottest flower groups in Southern California. The science behind their herb results in a noticeable difference while smoking, and creates a high unlike any other.

Space Oddity is a true hybrid, with beautiful trichome density, a strong myrcene nose and an extraordinarily smooth finish. With a parental lineage consisting of Space Queen and Blue Dream, Space Oddity alleviates mental and physical ailments while producing an elated and spacey experience. As the late, great David Bowie put it: “I’m floating in a most peculiar way, and the stars look very different today.”

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DESIGNER MEDICINE: Prepare to be Royally Kushed

22% THC | Magnolia Wellness

From an artisan cannabis seed bank comes this tri-union of Garberville x Purple Kush x Sour Diesel. Aficionado Seeds’ Long Valley Royal Kush is packaged in a stylish black box with gold lettering, and a velvet bag bearing the moniker LVRK. The flower carries a heavy and sweet, citrus-kush aroma with lavender notes. The buds are soft yet firm, and of medium density; perfectly trimmed, emerald green flowers sport amber and beige pistils. A distinct taste, much like a sour diesel flambé.

My head became clear and my body loosened all over, easing my nausea, pain and anxiety. The LVRK experience can be compared to a fine wine, with concern to taste, quality and spirit. Aficionado Seeds’ goal is to “achieve the maximum expression of High-end cannabis [as] possible, and honor old-school Emerald Triangle traditions.”

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URBOLS SKYWALKER: May the Force Be With You

THC 20.28% | CBD 0.06% | SC Labs

Los Angeles-based indoor flower group Urbols has cultivated a hometown classic: Skywalker. This indica-dominant hybrid is a heavy, physical high, perfect for restless sleep, pain management and increased appetite, but also keeps you alert and productive. This strain gives off a dreamy bouquet of blueberry, lemon and jet fuel—the perfect recipe for a tasty trip to a galaxy far, far away. It is a smooth-smoking and highly enjoyable flower that should be a part of your selection at all times. Urbols’ all-natural and organically sustainable cultivating methods make this strain a Southern California favorite. From the man himself, “I’m Luke Skywalker. I’m here to rescue you.”

Strain highlights:

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MIGHTY TITAN: A Demigod Named Sapphire is Born

 26.65% THC | CW Analytical


Open up and get blown away by a powerful, sweet pine aroma accompanied by grapefruit and lemon. This stunning flower is dense with trichomes over a lime to dark green calyx and bears bright sun yellow pistils, which taste exactly as they smell. When the heavens mate with earthlings they give life to medicine, as has happened with the birth of Sapphire Kush. Titan OG, the mighty trichome-rich, stress and pain-relieving knockout has knocked out more than its share. After several experiments, Northern Emeralds introduced Pink Panties to Titan. The transforming qualities of this fruity daytime strain offer a mood lift, nausea relief and a phase of racing thoughts at its peak that can be beneficial for creativity or introspection. Sapphire is ideal for those looking for qualities of Titan, minus the heavy sedation.

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3C CHARDONNAY: Napa’s New Competition

The art of cultivating different grape varietals in the wine world is closely relatable to the craft-cannabis world that 3C Farms is pioneering in Southern California. Just as a sommelier would break down the beauty of a crisp and full-bodied glass of the Burgundy-born Chardonnay, 3C’s take on your mother’s favorite adult beverage gives white wine a completely riveting interpretation.

This indica-dominant hybrid is gorgeously decorated with crystalized trichome density that brings a warm oaky bouquet and smokes as smooth as it sounds. 3C Chardonnay elevated my mental engagement to an astute awareness and conjunctively calmed me physically to create a productive and relaxed euphoria. This strain is the perfect marriage between the cultivating worlds of high-class taste.

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BASA NOVA: A Melodic Pick Me Up

THC: 16.85% | CBD: 0.07% | SC Labs

Upon first taste, BASA Nova filled my palette with smoky spice and was chased by a smooth molasses glaze, like a tumbler of mezcal. Nova is nostalgically herbaceous and smokes like an entirely herbal spliff. Songlike, Nova’s lyrical fusion of aromatic earthy terpenes and sweet sugary notes radiate worldly charm and natural flare. After a few bong hits of Nova, I was cleaning out cabinets and getting ahead on my spring cleaning. Nova effects are awakening, confidence boosting and will enhance your ability to enjoy strenuous or mundane activities.

BASA Nova seeds were developed in Mendocino in the 1980s. The tropical Afghani was specially bred for high resin. BASA’s farmer received the seeds 25 years ago and exact genetics have been lost—making Nova a highly exclusive Mendocino heritage strain. This sun-grown bouquet is cultivated by San Francisco dispensary BASA Collective’s farm, with standards exceeding organic expectations. Nova is BASA’s most popular strain!

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