NCIA Expo Oakland: Day Three (Plus Mini Cup Results!)

Following a night of festivities across the cannabis industry’s spiritual home in Oakland, the final day of the National Cannabis Industry Association’s Summit & Expo hit on emerging issues like tax reform and industry-wide packaging standards.

Things started fast on the final day of the NCIA expo: Harborside Health Center’s CEO and co-founder, Steve DeAngelo, and the dispensary’s lead attorney, Henry Wykowski, (one of the top pot tax attorneys in the business) talked about section 280e of the tax code, which prevents legal lot businesses from deducting basic business expenses like rent.

Last November, following Berkeley Patients Group’s victory over the Department of Justice, Wykowski told Cannabis Now that Harborside’s own 280e case is a big domino waiting to fall— the results (either way) will set precedent for the entire industry.

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NCIA Cannabis Business Summit & Expo in Oakland: Day Two

4,500 participants at the fourth annual NCIA mega-conference woke up in Oakland — a newly rechristened city of champions following the Golden State Warriors’ NBA Finals victory — and embarked on a day filled with industry leaders, celebration of the past year’s success and excitement for the future.

The first full day of panels and workshops at NCIA was opened by Executive Director, Aaron Smith, who explained the purpose of the business organization; to advance business interests —the NCIA is made up of 1,300 member businesses in 13 different states — but also to promote cannabis decriminalization as a social justice and freedom movement.

“Believe it or not cannabis is still illegal under federal law,” he said, adding that the roughly $7 billion industry is uprooting “criminal drug cartels here at home and south of the border.”

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NCIA Cannabis Business Summit & Expo in Oakland: Day One

The National Cannabis Industry Association kicked off its annual mega-conference in Oakland to the backdrop of Game 5 of the NBA Finals and lots of great cannabis.

Once again, professionals from around the globe converge on the Marriott conference center in Oakland, California for the fourth annual NCIA Cannabis Business Summit & Expo to get their view on the next year in cannabis, embrace the latest tech and chum it up with colleagues.

In this microcosm of America’s fastest growing industry (from $6.7 billion in 2016 to an expected $22.6 billion in 2021 according to a recent Arcview Group report) people are either refining their processes or trying to figure out how to tie themselves to the rocket.

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Cannabis World Going Back to Cali for ICBC San Francisco

The International Cannabis Business Conference isn’t just the longest continuously running business expo in California, it’s where the business end of the cannabis businesses across the planet comes together. Even with events in world-class cities including Berlin and Vancouver, the San Francisco expos are always standout events. This year’s ICBC is gearing up to be no exception.

From policymakers leading the charge to decriminalize and legalize cannabis to movers and shakers in media and industry, the International Cannabis Business Conference offers a unique cross section of the world of cannabis and showcases the many kinds of people who make it run. With a strong media presence and regular attendance from big name speakers, the event is always a major draw for anybody interested in the cutting edge of cannabusiness.

Cannabis is a unique industry: we aren’t just operating businesses and building brands, we’re also fighting for out legal right to exist. The clichéd ‘plane being built while its flown’ is getting frequent flyer miles in our business, but that’s the truth — cannabis industry is inherently intertwined with cannabis activism. The stated goal of ICBC is to strengthen the networks between the activism and business worlds to make the industry stronger, more stable and better equipped to advocate on its own behalf.

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