BETTER AXE SOMEBODY: Mixed Multimedia Rig Dazzles

This outstanding, functional glass art was made by artist Jason Walker in 2016, one of a four-piece series. Jason’s inspiration for this glass came through his desire—and maybe a need—to create a piece that was more form than function; something that could sit on display and be viewed as art first, and a rig second. The use of multimedia, with wood and leather incorporated on the glass, creates a natural, pleasing aesthetic. This piece is also CFL reactive, which mean that it changes color under different light spectrums. The log is about 18 inches long, and the axe is around the same, so it will artfully stand out in any home.

Jason first started blowing glass in 2013. He was an avid snowboarder, but after losing a leg, he was looking for a creative outlet. He tried blowing glass and fell in love instantly. He owned a cannabis club at the time, which he sold to focus on his glass work. He has been happily on the torch ever since, saying, “I want to explore art. I’m more concerned with making art then selling glass.”

This glass is currently available by contacting Jason directly through his Instagram: @jasonwalkerglassart

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FLOWER? OIL? BOTH: Oregon Artist Midnight Glass

This truly awesome, unnamed flower and oil pair was made by artist @midnightglass as a custom order for a friend, so it is not currently available. Keep an eye out on the Instagram glass scene for any chance that this lucky collector parts with it.

The line work employed in creating this piece is called Reticello, a technique @midnightglass has been utilizing for about six months. The style comes from very early glass artists in Italy, and is highly admired by collectors and artists alike. Austin (@midnightglass) has a love for glass and the scene surrounding it. His attitude towards glass is a positive and progressive one.

“Austin has a love for glass and the scene surrounding it. His attitude towards glass is a positive and progressive one.” 

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Mesonja Glass

Awaken to the One – A Consciously Crafted Work of Art

Jameson “Mesonja” Siudut

The artistry of Oregon based glass blower Jameson “Mesonja” Siudut, is some of the most unique and distinguishable work in the glass blowing community. Any follower of his, myself included, can spot a Mesonja piece from a mile away. In addition to his highly sought after rigs, he is very well known for his pendants and amulets, particularly his series of Random Rab collaborations.

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Empire Glassworks, Cloud Culture, DabPinShop

Empire Glassworks, Cloud Culture, DabPinShop

Beyond 3D, There’s Another Space, Another Game

Dab mat, dab tool, swabs, lighter holster and rig are all you need for a complete dab station.  With the broad selection of Empire Glassworks’ rigs and Cloud Cultures’ cool variety of dab accessories we can customize our dab stations. We were sent a gorgeous little space rig named “Rocket Ship Banger Hanger” by Empire Glassworks, a DabPinShop Game Pad style oil mat, an Arsenal Tools Sword dabber kit, a Lighter State Creations lighter holster, and ErrlyBird dual purpose black cotton swabs. It all comes together like a personal space video game. Light the fire, press start. I add a dab with my trusty sword, inhale, and get ready to level up for a cosmic journey with bubbles.

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Rooster Apparatus: Bringing Science to the Bong Game

Rooster Apparatus

Bringing Science to the Bong Game

I have found the DOPEst bong on the planet! David Goldstein, known in some circles as ‘The Bongfather’, is the inventor of the Rooster Apparatus. His work has had a huge impact on my smoking experience which until now I was completely unaware of! Goldstein’s trade in glass blowing has deep roots. Goldstein’s mentor, a technical glassblower at the University of Maryland, developed his craft among instrumental scientists who played a large role in strengthening U.S. sonar and radar capabilities during World War II. Goldstein learned all of the finer points of glass blowing from this U.S. Navy veteran.

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Honey I Shrunk the Bong: How Small Rigs Went Big

Going big on a glass purchase used to mean buying a big piece: the 90’s were awash with yard-length bongs, oversized bubblers and chunky pyrex pipes. Now the sesh scene and its seemingly bottomless hunger for more dab rigs is fueling the glass market, and shrinking those rigs in size is growing in popularity. Industry experts agree — small is the new big.

As glass has evolved over the decades, from the parking lots of Grateful Dead shows to the ultra-modern galleries of today, few things have ever hit the hype levels the scene is seeing around mini-tubes and the dab rigs of today.

For many years in the glass scene big was better, but as new waves of advances quickly came to the world of hash making, the glass scene also had to catch up.

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Kyle Rich Glass

Kyle Rich Glass

Functional Art

This old school piece made by skateboarder turned glass artist Kyle Rich was made in 2003.  It has multiple layers of silver and gold fume.  Although Kyle had done plenty of fume work, this was the first time he did all of the work on the surface of the glass.  There are a total of 16 individually and intricately worked sections to this piece.  He also did what is called a penetration. This is where the glass penetrates itself resembling donut hole.  Very technical, very fun and an uncommon style for its time.

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