THE OLDEST DISPENSARY IN BUSINESS: Berkeley Patients Group Defines Longevity

Longevity can be defined as having a long life in the face of both favorable and adverse conditions, and finding the strength to persevere. Berkeley Patients Group (BPG) is a prime example of longevity.

Old BPGSimply put, BPG has outlasted the competition by being the best dispensary it can be. By serving the patients of Berkeley year in and year out with exemplary customer service and knowledge of the plant, BPG has established itself as an East Bay institution.

Berkeley Patients Group was founded by Jim McClelland in 1999. After his passing in 2000, he left the business to three successors whose mission was to provide the people of Berkeley with a reputable and compassionate dispensary they could rely upon. Maintaining a standard of excellence is what has kept the dispensary running and thriving nearly 18 years later.

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Corporate Philanthropy — On Weed

Cannabis brands are beating Google at charitable giving.

It’s easy to forget the medical cannabis movement’s roots were planted by the benevolence of activists. People like “Brownie Mary” Rathbun and other activists laid the groundwork for a compassionate crusade. But after Proposition 215 passed in 1996 and obtaining a card became as easy as a five-minute consultation, marijuana’s charitable value was overshadowed by its offer of easy recreational pleasure.

That means the work of people like David Goldman and his husband Michael Koehn often goes unnoticed. As cannabis activists living in San Francisco for over 40 years, they’ve met people who are HIV-positive or have other medical issues; people who are low income and on disability; people who have had bad reactions to their prescriptions drugs, or who are addicted to them.

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