High Buy: Saavy Naturals—Food for Your Skin

This post is sponsored by Saavy Naturals.

Saavy Naturals Inc. (TMXN) offers a complete artisanal skincare line of handcrafted soaps, shampoos, conditioners and body scrubs that are literally good enough to eat. Formulated with the finest available food-grade ingredients, this vegan-, gluten-, soy-, GMO- and cruelty-free product line was inspired by a lifetime of California culinary experience, from husband and wife co-founders Hugo and Debra Saavedra.

Born from their mission to nourish abundant healthy lifestyles, Saavy’s luxurious products contain none of the common chemicals found in most soaps and shampoos, but all of the attention to detail expected from handcrafted small-batch production. From the artist-inspired individually hand wrapped soaps, to the intoxicating scents of Tahitian Vanilla and Bulgarian Rose oils, the quality of craftsmanship and consideration is deserving of the brand’s name.

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NORTHWEST FOLKLIFE FESTIVAL: Four Days of Amazing Food and Inspirational Art and Music

The Northwest Folklife Festival brings together up to 250,000 people in celebration of the diversity of the Pacific Northwest. This year’s Memorial Day weekend was a vibrant display of the communities that make up Washington and a wonderful chance to immerse yourself and engage with those communities. NWFLF is located in Seattle Center and shares this space with Festál, which celebrated 20 years this year!

Festál started with the mission of making the center of Seattle a place to “celebrate who we are as Seattleites, and also a way to learn about our neighbors and to learn from our neighbors.” Cultural equity is of utmost importance to Festál. Not wanting programming based on diversity to become “tokenized,” Festál requires “the participation and guidance of the community itself… putting each event together of and for their own community.”

With this shared space and distinction in the mission and purpose, NWFLF and Festál have once again created an inclusive environment for learning, sharing, thoughtful engagement and celebration of arts and cultures from all around the world that reside right here in Washington.

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20 Must-Have Cannabis-Infused Body Products

Cannabis-infused beauty products have been around (covertly) for centuries. With legalization sweeping the nation, many more canna-beauty products are coming out of the closet. In fact, so many new products are inundating the market, it’s hard to tell the real deal from the snake oil.

To help sift through various strains of hemp oil hair products and marijuana mud masks, HIGH TIMES has put together a comprehensive, unisex, head-to-toe guide of our favorite canna-scents, serums, lotions and potions.  

I have already written about the anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) to help to heal acne, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and smooth and brighten skin, including a DIY recipe for a THC facial. 

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How to Make Your Own DYI Canna-Face Mask

Move over Max Huber, and look out La Mer, cannabis, not sea kelp, is now the coveted beauty treatment of choice.

Cannabinoid receptors exist throughout the skin, making your epidermis a perfect entry point for THC absorption. THC—the main psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana—is actually an antioxidant. When applied on the skin, it can combat wrinkles and fight fine lines.

This revelation is bolstered by our own HIGH TIMES scribe Tyler Terps. According to his article entitled, 10 Little Known Uses for CBD (cannabidiol), researchers used cannabis-derived cannabidiol on the human sebaceous glands and came to the conclusion that CBD acts as a highly effective sebostatic and anti-inflammatory agent by inhibiting lipid synthesis.

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Canni-Manis: This New Beauty Trend Will Blow Your Mind

You may have heard of the new manicure craze that has gone viral—#WeedNails. But this time, we’re not talking about pictures or decals of pot leaves painted on fingernails.

We mean actual crushed marijuana leaves, embedded in a gel or acrylic manicure!

Photo Courtesy of Deadly Nails

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