Is Sessions Out? AG Offers to Quit as Trump’s Russia Frustration Mounts

Sessions leaving office, could mean good news for cannabis advocates.

Even Donald Trump is sick of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Sessions, America’s all-purpose antebellum bogeyman and the greatest existential threat currently faced by the legal marijuana industry, offered the president his resignation last month, in response to Trump’s mounting frustration with Sessions’s ties to Russia, POLITICO reported.

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When a Death Penalty-Loving Racist Drug Warrior Runs the Justice Department

Jeff Sessions is now attorney general here’s what we can expect next.

Every political party and popular movement has its extremists. Usually, the hard-liners, wackos, and weirdos stay on the fringes. Not so with President Donald Trump. Under Trump, the David Duke wing of the Republican Party is now running the Department of Justice.

On Thursday, former Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions was sworn in as attorney general. The Drug Enforcement Administration’s international army, what crimes the FBI can prosecute, and a vast array of lawyers are now at the disposal of a man deemed too racist and too extreme to be a federal judge — and who is a celebrated hero of the alt-right and white nationalists, like former Ku Klux Klan leader and cheerful Holocaust denier David Duke.

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