Music Q&A: Radiohead Is Jah

New York producer Michael Goldwasser explains how ‘Radiodread’ united factions of art rock and reggae fans.

Few genres or bands can be as divisive as the Caribbean music form reggae, or the world’s biggest art rock band of all time, Radiohead.

Some can’t stand the repetitive, laid-back, often simple vibes of reggae music. Other’s bolt at the sound of Radiohead singer Thom Yorke’s mewling vocal delivery.

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Crowdfunding Canna-Dreams

The massive crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is besotted with pot ideas.

As cannabis prohibition crumbles in increasingly wider swaths across America, business opportunity abounds. However, turning vision into reality requires calculated effort and capital. The latter is often the toughest hurdle, even if the idea only requires modest seed money to launch.

For these myriad, smaller cannabis related ventures, particularly for entertainment projects, journalism, social apps, educational or artistic material, often the most logical place to turn is a crowdfunding platform. Despite the fact that those companies often have opaque project acceptance policies to match the cannabis gray market, some ventures do find investors.

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Cold Winter, Hot Films

Warp through space and time with “Stars Wars: Rogue One” and “Assassin’s Creed”.

The holidays are usually a high-energy season packed with plans to enjoy specially-prepared meals, score some sweet gifts or just spend some time relaxing with friends and family. While it’s always great to spend quality time catching up with loved ones, now that things are slowing down, it’s a nice time have a low-key way to wind down solo or with a couple of other people who share your joy for chilling. Check out these five new film releases to give you some entertaining downtime.

“Rogue One”

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Strain Review: Gorilla Glue #4

America’s trendiest strain of 2016 is also arguably its most potent.

Millions of medical cannabis patients and aficionados are seeking out the surging strain Gorilla Glue #4. The super-potent Diesel-heavy hybrid is among the most sought-after new strains of 2016 in California and beyond, and has racked up a string of major Cannabis Cup wins.

Gorilla Glue #4 stands on the shoulders of the leading strain Diesel, and is being spotted at finer dispensaries on the West Coast, as well as in clone and seed form.

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Big Pharma Gets Green Light

Guess who benefits when Uncle Sam opens the research weed supply chain?

Cannabis is still highly dangerous and has no place in modern medicine, according to the U.S. government – who still wants a bigger and better supply of the troubled stuff on hand anyway, just in case.

And Uncle Sam wants you – yes, you – to try and grow some research-grade cannabis for your country. But good luck with that. It won’t be easy.

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Amsterdam: The Grey Area

The connoisseur-quality cannabis judge behind Certified Dank, Caitlin Podiak, visits Amsterdam, long thought of as the preeminent global refuge for cannabis lovers, and discovers a decidedly different scene.

The last time I visited Amsterdam I was a college junior and a nightly toker, but all I knew about cannabis was that I liked it. A decade later, I was back — now a bona fide NorCal pot snob, there to celebrate the New Year with my husband, my parents, my sister and my brother-in-law.

We arrived on the penultimate day of 2015 and immediately headed to Grey Area. This grungy little coffeeshop reputed to sell Amsterdam’s dankest cannabis was tightly packed and dimly lit, with stickers covering the walls, death metal thudding at a punishing volume and a line stretching out the door. Harried budtenders rapidly shoved a series of dirty plastic canisters across the counter, each containing a paltry handful of stem-ridden popcorn-sized buds.

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