Flower Girls: Appreciating Connoisseur Cultivation

Tips for joining a select smoking society.

In recent years, we have seen extraordinary advances in cannabis availability. Wherever the walls of prohibition are torn down, aspiring aficionados gain access to an overwhelmingly vast selection of strains and products.

Flower Girls are discerning devotees who congregate in order to elevate our appreciation of the cannabis flower. This smoking society is a forum for the cultivation of connoisseurship, wherein we discuss the intricacies of various flowers and highlight those we deem the dankest.

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30% THC Alert: High-Octane, High-Performance

Western U.S. growers RB26 have a Cornell business school background and a 100-pound back-order list.

People who wonder what cannabis will look like in five years should try to keep an eye on the nimble little Western U.S. cultivation brand “RB26.” Winners of nine cannabis awards and hyped by VICE for growing the ”strongest strain in the world” the four-year-old California company has grown from a 12-light operation to over 250 lights, and from one full-time employee to 12.

Driven by founders Grayson Miller, and Mike, RB26’s high-octane, boutique herb isn’t some mystical aberration. The New Yorkers apply high technology and business school acumen to produce, elite, top-shelf Gorilla Glue #4, #5, and other exotic strains that are snatched up off shelves in Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, and Berkeley.

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LISTEN: Talking Gelato with Sherbinski

In issue 25 of Cannabis Now, we explored the origins of Gelato, a strain that’s inspired such ferocious excitement that people have their exact favorite phenotype dialed in “down to the number on the pots.”

From issue 25:

It’s been three years since famed San Francisco cannabis breeders Mr. Sherbinski and Jigga crossed two crowd favorites (Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Cookies) and created a strain that’s been endlessly hyped, right down to the number on the pots — Gelato.

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Marijuana Migrations

How pot growers are adapting to a changing climate.

By 2013, Jacob Sullivan had seen enough. Plagued by fickle growing conditions, consecutive scorching hot days, water right issues and topsoil problems, the farmer finally decided to pack it in and move 500 miles north, from Northern California to Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

“After six years of drought,” he said “it was time to admit that growing marijuana in that part of California had become unmanageable for me.”

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Floating Over the City of Angels

Photographer Jesse Hull takes surreal shots of cannabis hanging in mid-air.

“These are places where I grew up, hiking in the mountains, surfing down in Venice,” says photographer Jesse Hull about his suspended cannabis photos featuring backgrounds of iconic Los Angeles locales like the Santa Monica pier and Venice Boardwalk.

Place figures heavily into the native Californian’s imagery, encompassing the photographer’s favorite settings in his home town, and as a collection give an overall feel of the city. “Not so much the urban aspect,” he says, “but the more peaceful areas.”

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Dear Dabby: Celebrity Endorsements & Getting Crossfaded

Cannabis comic Ngaio Bealum — sometimes cup judge, always funny — weighs in on marketing pot to kids and the right way to ‘crossfade.’

Dear Dabby,

What’s the right way to get crossfaded? My buddy who’s just getting into it won’t stop puking on my carpet. — Amy Choor

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5 Best Pot Podcasts

Podcasts are nothing new, but with the increasing media dominance of Netflix and other on-demand video services, the medium is enjoying a resurgence of popularity. Listeners accustomed to acting as their own private programming directors are seeking out more information about cannabis, which is fueling a renaissance in the world of pot-related on-demand audio content

After many years of channeling my recreational pot use into little more than eating too many snacks and watching far too much TV, my best friend and I decided we needed a creative outlet. So in 2015, we started a podcast called High Holidaze.

That process may sound pretty casual, but that’s the amazing thing about podcasts — anybody can make one with little more than an idea, a microphone and a wifi connection.

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Print Your Own Paraphernalia

3-D printed bongs attract hobbyists and startups.

Sure 3-D printers can replicate human body parts, make cool art and extrude astronaut tools aboard the International Space Station, but what about helping cannabis smokers reach the perfect high?

A search for “bong” on digital design hubs such as Shapeways, Instructables and 3D Warehouse, results in several types of bongs that can be made with a 3-D printer. Commercial bong makers are now utilizing 3-D printing, too.

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Top 100 Cannabis Dispensaries

From California to the New York island, these are the best places to find America’s favorite flower.

The 2016 general election was a watershed moment for cannabis decriminalization. Not only do more Americans have access to cannabis than any time since prohibition began, major tourism hotspots like Hollywood, California and Las Vegas, Nevada just added recreational cannabis to their list of attractions. So even if your home state hasn’t yet joined the growing list of decriminalized states, you can still take a weekend trip to where the grass is greener.

And while the majority of people in the United States believe cannabis should be decriminalized, in the eyes of the Federal Government, cannabis remains an extremely dangerous and illegal substance. Cannabis providers, whether they provide for medical marijuana patients or adults over the age of 21, all take calculated risks to bring patients and recreational enthusiasts the comforts and pleasures of this remarkable flower.

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