Review: Rawkstar Exotics’ Gold Congo Terp Rosin

This landrace rosin has 76 percent THC.

Sativa lovers, couch-lockers and psychonauts, rejoice: This dab is for you. With influences from four continents, it’s no wonder that Gold Congo rosin has such wide appeal. It’s not just for sativa divas, although it is definitely uplifting and uber energetic. In higher doses, its Afghan lineage can shine through, making Gold Congo a hash rosin even indica fans could fall in love with. Those who prefer hybrids will find this to be high-bred, indeed, with effects spanning the full spectrum of psychoactive experience depending on dosage. And for those who have more psychedelic tendencies, but prefer a milder trip that you don’t have to plan your entire day around, well, welcome home.

All hail to Sirius Starboy, the cannabis alchemist behind breeding one of the world’s best known old-school sativas – Colombian Gold – with the Bay Area’s interpretation of Red Congolese to create this extraordinary strain. Red Congolese on its own is a rare and super exotic African landrace sativa. But Bay Area breeders reportedly bred the strain with Mexican and Afghan influences to create the melting-pot version of Red Congolese that eventually fathered Gold Congo. At 76 percent THC and 7 percent terps, the Rawkstar Exotics version I dabbed for this review shattered all my perceptions of what rosin could be.

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Lyme Disease: The Forgotten Illness

Lyme disease may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering the use of medicinal cannabis, but that may change soon as cases of this debilitating, tick-born disease multiply across the U.S.

After long suspecting being infected by a tick at the age of seven, Colorado native Rachel Nordman was eventually diagnosed with Lyme disease when she was a teenager. By the time the illness was identified, she was already suffering from the severe effects of late-stage Lyme disease – extreme joint pain, inflammation, vomiting, hives and fatigue. After conventional treatments failed to offer relief, Nordman turned to a simpler, more effective therapy.

“Cannabis has helped me in many different ways,” says Nordman, 22. “Fatigue is one of the hardest symptoms I deal with. From the moment I wake up, I feel exhausted and ready to go back to sleep. Sativa strains help me combat this fatigue and get more done.”

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Cinema Stoner: Valerian & Mango Hybrid

I am still so excited about Valerian I can barely sleep. A knockout sci-fi pic whose enjoyment exponentially increases with marijuana consumption, Luc Besson’s phantasmagoric space noir is a cinema stoner’s prayer answered—a retro-futuristic graphic novel come to life. 

I mean, this is a movie whose full title is literally Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets – a subtitle that screams “take drugs before me.” Adorned with a crackerjack plot following two space agents (Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne) who uncover dastardly corruption in a floating Galactic United Nations, the sprawling picture operates on pure breathless gusto, a luminous Star Wars pastiche painted with breath-taking off-world visuals.

You cannot be high enough to watch this movie. As the film opened on half-naked aliens harvesting nuclear pellets from shitting space armadillos, I wondered if my kindly sativa was up to task. Cycling to the cinema as I smoked, Mac Garden’s Mango (16.2% THC, 0.08% CBD) simply made everything seem pleasant. But tucked into a reclining leather seat in a darkened air-conditioned rural movie theater, the fruity Mango hybrid melded seamlessly with the loopy beauty of Valerian‘s universe. 

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Colorado’s Legal Cannabis Revenue Hits the $500 Million Mark

Colorado started collecting taxes from the sale of legal cannabis in 2014. This month, the state’s total cannabis revenue reached the half-billion dollar mark.

Colorado’s legal cannabis industry has reached a major milestone, providing the state with $500 million in revenue since the start of commercial sales in 2014. This does not include additional revenue collected at the local level by city and county governments.

A recently released analysis of state data by Denver-based VS Strategies traces the flow from the state’s five main revenue streams (the 15 percent excise tax and 20 percent special tax contributed the bulk of the funds) and maps out how the money is being distributed across the state.

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Glass with a Story: Mark Lammi and Cruiser Pipes

Through 15 years of glass blowing and countless thousands of pieces made, Mark Lammi has been in the custom pipe game for a while. Beginning his career selling the wares of other glassblowers, he stumbled across an opportunity to start an apprenticeship in Eugene, Oregon, bringing him in close contact with some of the biggest names in the business.

“Being surrounded by talented artists and the best weed growers in the world, I literally lived that lifestyle to the fullest,” Lammi told HIGH TIMES. “I ate, slept and breathed glass pipes every moment, and in a lot of ways I still carry that passion to this day.”

That passion has turned into tons of projects over the years, but a more recent one combines glassblowing with another passion: classic cars.

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Marijuana is NORML: 45% of Americans Have Tried Cannabis

According to recently released polling data from Gallup, nearly half of all Americans have tried marijuana at one point in their lives, an all time high since they began asking the question in 1969 when only 4% of Americans admitted to having tried the substance.

Additionally, 12% of survey respondents said they currently consume marijuana.

Gallup concludes:

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Massachusetts Governor to Review Marijuana Bill after Final OK in Legislature

BOSTON (AP) — Gov. Charlie Baker is promising to carefully review a bill that makes changes to the state’s voter-approved recreational marijuana law.

The legislation was formally sent to the Republican governor’s desk on Thursday after final procedural votes in the House and Senate.

Lawmakers earlier voted to accept a compromise hammered out by negotiators after the two chambers approved competing versions of the bill.

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Radical Rant: There Are Almost as Many Tokers as Black People

HIGH TIMES has reported that the latest Gallup poll shows that 45 percent of Americans admit to having tried marijuana and 12 percent of Americans admit they are current marijuana consumers.

That means that there are roughly as many tokers in America as black people.

The latest U.S. Census estimates of Americans claiming to be black or African-American is 13.6 percent of the population, as of 2016.

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As summer approaches, our minds turn toward activity. Shaking off the last of our atrophy and itching to emerge from our winter caves, we look to the possibilities that the warmth brings. Our wanderlust returns, and we begin to prepare for new adventures.

The promise of travel, while exciting, can be fraught with difficulty, and for medical marijuana patients, the stress of planning comes with the added challenge of transporting concentrates, wax and cannabis. At Ooze, we have an answer for these concerns, offering discreet, travel-ready products for the smoker on the go.

For the traveling patient, inconspicuous is the name of the game, and that’s where Ooze products shine. A pen like the Splasher comes with a clever cap, making your vape virtually indistinguishable from your average ballpoint. If you’re flying to your destination, it’ll slide easily into your checked bag, safe and secure among your socks and t-shirts. Driving instead? It has no problem slipping into a backpack or purse. Sleek and streamlined, your pen will have no trouble fitting into a zippered pocket. If the design isn’t enough, our pen kits also arrive with their own USB charger, so a low battery will be the least of your worries.

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Psychedelicatessen: Sativa Spring Rolls

Roll up some fresh veggies to enjoy with a hash-infused peanut dipping sauce.

Spring rolls are a classic go-to for a quick and easy bite in warmer weather, and they’re also perfect for using whatever veggies you happen to have on hand with minimal fuss. Add a quick, no-mess cannabis-concentrate-infused spicy ginger-peanut dipping sauce, and you’ve got a simple, healthy, and potent meal that can be prepared in less than 45 minutes.

For the infused peanut sauce:

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