DEA: CBD Oil Is Not ‘Legal in All 50 States’

Ever since Dr. Sanjay Gupta brought to the world the story of little Charlotte Figi, the Colorado girl with severe epilepsy who found relief from using cannabidiol (CBD), there has been an explosion of companies hawking what they call “hemp-derived CBD oil” which they claim is legal in all 50 states.

It’s not. At least, that’s what the DEA is telling us in its latest clarification on the issue.

According to one manufacturer, their “CBD oil extracted from hemp plants grown in Northern Europe” is legal because “hemp oil has been a legal import to the United States for decades.”

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Sprayground Teams Up with HIGH TIMES to Create a Limited-Edition Backpack

Sprayground, the rebel accessories brand, has partnered with up with the ultimate authority in cannabis culture, HIGH TIMES, for an exclusive product collaboration for their Cannabis Cup festival.

Sprayground’s founder and creative director David Ben-David said, “Partnering with HIGH TIMES was inevitable, I have always supported the social and cultural significance that cannabis has had, and continues to have in our society, and advocate for its medicinal and recreational use; so, when the opportunity for a collaboration arose, I jumped at the chance to alter people’s depiction and connotation of marijuana in an artistic way.”

The Ganja Grillz backpack features an eye popping design with a new take on the brand’s “grillz” concept. Fully immersed in a variety of cannabis strains lies a gold and diamond encrusted mouth design, paying homage to the hustlers and entrepreneurs that the cannabis industry has helped create.

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Happy Tokes: From MMJ Patient to Activist & Ambassador Superstar

Twenty-four year old Madison Ortiz is a cannabis brand ambassador, photographer, writer and sterling advocate for medical marijuana.

Professionally known as Happy Tokes, her story has inspired thousands worldwide to speak openly and honestly about the plant. With an audience of over 63K followers on Instagram, Ortiz uses her platform to promote, explore and liberate the truth about natural medicine.

From CannaSmack to the #HappyTokesTribe, she is a leader among her generation helping to end prohibition. HIGH TIMES caught up with Ortiz to discuss her participation at this year’s Ann Arbor Hash Bash, what it’s like to share her inspirational story and how to get involved in cannabis activism.

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10 Pot Products & THC Tech You Need to Know About

Cannabis legalization doesn’t only mean blazing great weed and banking big-time profits, it also brings astonishing advances in ancillary pot products and tech that seems to transcend itself each new year.   

With that in mind, we’ve compiled an unbiased list of 10 of the latest and greatest offerings in ganja gear that both augment your personal cannabis experience while expanding the industry entire, from cultivation to consumption—and beyond.

1. Growing Your Own Is A “Re-Leaf” 

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Pittsburgh Weeders? NFL Hall of Famer Wants In On Marijuana Market

Pennsylvania voters didn’t vote for Donald Trump because they were stupid or because they were misogynist; Trump made the residents of the onetime coal-and-steel capital of America a raft of promises they were genetically predisposed from refusing. 

Coal would come back, Trump said, and after that—steel would come back! Big league!

He may as well have told Pittsburgh Steelers fans that Terry Bradshaw, Chuck Noll and a younger and less-insane James Harrison were on their way to (long-demolished) Three Rivers Stadium. 

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Kaya Fest: Stephen Marley on Marijuana, Music and More


Stephen Marley, the driving force behind the upcoming first annual Kaya Fest, was inspired to create an annual event as a platform to “educate people about the [cannabis] plant, and to advocate the plant.” Instead of one event, a series of events has taken shape, starting on Stephen’s birthday, 4/20 – which he insists was no accident – and ending on the 22nd, in Miami, Florida.

First, there will be a press conference on April 20th at the Hard Rock Café. Four pieces of Bob Marley’s music, pressed on new vinyl, will be presented for display in the Hard Rock Café’s permanent memorabilia collection.   

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Laith Al-Saadi: Michigan Blues Magician

Progression isn’t just a blues term for Laith Al-Saadi—he’s thinking about the future of marijuana in his home state.

Ann Arbor, Michigan has an enduring reputation for being progressive on pot. From the famed 1971 freedom rally for poet and activist John Sinclair, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for getting caught with two joints, to the annual pro-legalization Hash Bash, Ann Arbor residents have upheld civil rights and the freedom to use cannabis throughout the decades-long insanity of the War on Drugs.

Out of that liberal bastion of sanity, critical thought and creativity comes Laith Al-Saadi. Al-Saadi rose to national prominence in 2016 as a contestant on NBC’s The Voice, but he’s been making a name for himself as a blues musician for years, opening shows for B.B. King, Johnny Winter, the Yardbirds and many others, and headlining at clubs across the country.

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The HIGH TIMES Guide to Trumping ICE

[Editor’s Note: HIGH TIMES wishes we could offer sanctuary smoking seshes for all of the pot-loving undocumented stoners and MMJ patients out there. Unfortunately, that’s just a pipe dream (pun most definitely intended); but while we can’t get you high, we can still expand your mind. Education is one of our most powerful weapons, so please share this guide with everyone and anyone you know who might be affected under the Trump administration’s deportation policies.]

Even though marijuana legalization is sweeping states countrywide, and recreational usage has also been decriminalized in some states, don’t get too comfortable just yet. You can still be deported, for smoking.

“As of February 25, 2017, 608 aliens in ICE custody have a marijuana-related offense listed as their most serious criminal conviction,”Jennifer Elzea, acting press secretary for ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement), told HIGH TIMES. “ICE notes that marijuana-related offenses cited include, but are not limited to, the possession, selling, and smuggling of marijuana.”

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High Buy: CloudV ElectroMini

This post is sponsored by CloudV.

Introducing the CloudV ElectroMini—the smallest and most powerful portable e-nail. Featuring a powerful 3300mAh battery and a stylish button that doubles down as a display, which allows you to choose the perfect temperature from 550°F to 1000°F.

ElectroMini includes large 16mm Titanium and Quartz nails that heat up in 15 seconds, allowing you to take torch-less dabs on the go. Thirty percent smaller than the original Electro, the ElectroMini—weighing one pound—makes it your perfect travel companion.

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Lit on Lit: Cannabis-Inspired Creative Writing Workshops Are Finally Here

Anyone who has ever taken a writing workshop or attempted any form of creative writing—and if you’re reading this—probably already knows that a tiny toke can help the process along.

And wouldn’t it be great to take a workshop in which participants were invited to light up in class and share their buzz along with their inspired ideas?

If you live in Colorado, you’re in luck!

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