Mechoulam’s Message

The father of cannabis medicine talks CBD for autism and rescheduling.

Back in 2013, while many Americans were learning about the healing applications of CBD through a mainstream TV special hosted by CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam remained in the lab, eternally devoted into his groundbreaking work in cannabinoid science. Dr. Mechoulam discovered and isolated CBD as a young Israeli researcher in 1963 and went on to discover THC in 1964. Today, he continues to discover exactly how cannabinoids interact with the make-up of all mammals in a full-body structure known as the endocannabinoid system. We caught up with the iconic researcher to check in on new developments.

Cannabis Now:  Israel is launching a clinical trial to assess the effects of CBD on children and adults suffering from autism. Are you participating in this study?

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Nevada Plans July Pot Sales Despite Warning of US Crackdown

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Nevada still plans to launch recreational marijuana sales in July despite warnings this week of a federal crackdown by the administration of President Donald Trump, state officials said Friday.

Marijuana possession and sales are illegal under federal law, but Nevada voters decided in November to allow people age 21 or older to use pot recreationally — becoming one of eight states to do so.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer said Thursday that the United States Justice Department will step up enforcement of federal laws prohibiting recreational — not medical — marijuana. No immediate action accompanied the statement, which came in response to a reporter’s question.

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South Africa’s New MMJ Guidelines: Dagga in Govt. Hospitals?

South Africa’s Medical Control Council is set to release new guidelines on medical marijuana and all signs point to increased access to cannabis medicine. Legislators working towards safe access say the government is moving to quickly implement new policies expanding availability of medical marijuana.

South Africa is the only nation on the globe’s first continent where sick people can access medical marijuana, but “dagga oil” is restricted to extremely sick people with fatal illness.

That’s poised to change sometime this year. The nation’s Medical Control Council recently announced they will be publishing new proposed guidelines for the production and distribution of medical marijuana. The next step is allowing the public to review the guidelines and suggest changes.

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Spicer: ‘Greater Enforcement’ Coming from DOJ on Cannabis

There has been much speculation about what approach the Department of Justice will take when it comes to enforcement of federal cannabis laws. Now Press Secretary Michael Spicer has said that Americans should expect the DOJ to “enforce the laws on the books with regards to marijuana.”

White House Press Secretary Michael Spicer told a packed house at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave today that he expects to see increased enforcement of federal marijuana law in places that now have recreational cannabis on the books.

Sessions was hit with this question from a Tennessee media outlet attending the press conference via satellite.  

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For Your Cannsideration: Top Pot for the Oscars

The 2017 Academy Awards will be announced this weekend, and that means celebrating Hollywood’s cream of the crop with some top-shelf crops of your own. This list will provide you with some scene-setting “special effects” to roll up while the Academy rolls out the red carpet in “Hollyweed” for the Oscars.

While it’s not the Pot Oscars, Hollywood is getting ready to do their biggest and best award show, and we’ve got the strains you’ll need for enjoying this year’s Academy Awards at maximum hype levels — we’ve even added a few categories for folks excessively into the arts.

From The Bicycle Thief to Too Fast Too Furious: Tokyo Drift, all films of note have at some point been enjoyed by someone under the influence of cannabis. For some of us, the Oscars represent the things we enjoyed watching the most this year… when we were lit and Viceland was on reruns.

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Canndescent: Illuminating the Cannabis Experience

The mainstreaming of cannabis culture and business is in full swing. That means new product and brand identities that shun stoner stereotypes in favor of sleek, contemporary, “lifestyle” branding and packaging that calls to mind unboxing an Apple product — not carving an apple pipe.

Canndescent’s curated line of cured flowers offers a uniquely experience-oriented entry point for those curious about cannabis. By emphasizing the physical and psychological impacts of the strain (rather than the specific genetics), the company provides new users with an opportunity to cast aside pre-conceived notions and dive directly into a personal experience with the plant.

All told, Canndescent’s branding and focus definitely reflect the direction the cannabis industry is headed. Its innovative presentation speaks to a new, older, more mature demographic that’s as concerned with appearances and reduced stigma as it is with increased potency and flavor. And the company is already making big moves on that trend-focused identity.

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Matanuska’s Obscene Heirloom: Hunting Alaskan Thunderf*ck

A rose by any f*cking name? Alaskan Thunderf*ck may have a name you can’t use in polite company, but it’s also got a reputation reaching back decades. A recent attempt to hunt down a surviving line of ATF lead to an epic taste test of five strains claiming the famous name.

Nothing grows in Alaska like it does in the Matanuska Valley — well, nothing you’d find suitable to eat without the Last Frontier equivalent of a knife fight. Here, hundreds of farming families from the Midwest tried to make a go of it during the Depression. Only a few dozen stayed, but their descendants today grow some of the biggest cabbages, potatoes and other cold weather-tolerant crops in the United States: a few years ago, a dentist presented a 117.95-pound cabbage — that’s a lot of cole slaw.

Up the river from Anchorage, a little town called Wasilla produced a famous mayor who occasionally still appears on Fox News. And here in the Matansuka Valley, sometime in the past fifty years, somebody — nobody can agree on who it was or where they came from — planted the first crop of what was once the USA’s most famous native strain of cannabis; the original Alaskan Thunderf*ck.

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NORML: Stop Firing Workers Who Choose Weed

A grassroots coalition led by cannabis decriminalization pioneer NORML is fighting to prevent employment discrimination against workers who use cannabis. Its primary focus is addressing the way companies handle pre-employment drug screening.

One of the major hurdles facing responsible cannabis users in decriminalized states is draconian workplace drug testing laws. A new NORML grassroots effort is underway to help remove this obstruction and protect the rights of members of the workforce who choose pot over beer off the clock.

NORML’s Workplace Drug Testing Coalition’s efforts will focus on four areas.

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More People are Saying “I Do” to Weed Infused Weddings

The sold out success of the Colorado Cannabis Wedding Expo points to the continuing mainstreaming of cannabis culture, as more and more people are deciding to tie the knot with some pot.

So you’re into exquisite dinners and sumptuous brunches paired with cannabis? Trying out some recipes for craft cocktails that include a dash of THC along with the bitters? Good for you: you’re vintage — all that is so 2014.

If the smashing success of a certain expo in Colorado over the weekend is any indication, the fastest-growing marijuana-related business appears to be cannabis-infused weddings.

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Georgia Senate Tries to Cut THC Oil Potency while State House Tries to Expand MMJ Scope

Georgia’s legislature is exploring an expansion of the conditions that qualify a patient for medical cannabis, but at the same time, it’s moving to reduce the potency allowed for THC oil from five-percent to three. Patients and their families say these divide priorities are hurting them.

ATLANTA (AP) — Sebastien Cotte swears by the power of medical marijuana.

For several years, he has been using cannabis oil to treat his son, Jagger, who has a rare and terminal neurological disorder called Leigh’s disease.

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