Growing Pot is Your Patriotic Duty

Clammy mists clung bitterly to the rolling hills of a brisk autumn morning, but the panting grower ignored them as he hurried on. His employer, one of the top cannabis growers in the region, would be devastated by the news the man so hurriedly carried that crisp fall morning, but he was also a man who should not be kept waiting. In an unfortunate turn of events, this dutiful gardener had learned that an unaccounted male plant had popped off, pollinating an entire field of sinsemilla in the process. This grower didn’t think his employer would be pleased.

It’s a scene that could have occurred countless times in the U.S., in any state or during any year. This particular occasion, however, would prove historic. Indeed, modern historians know about the incident because of the personal diary of the man’s employer, a very imminent farmer of his time, written in 1765: the diary of George Washington.

These days, standard history textbooks no longer mention that the man who would go on to become the first president of the United States began his career as a “gentleman” farmer of some of Virginia Colony’s top cash crops, including cannabis. The fact is hardly controversial; Washington wrote extensively about his cannabis crop in his own handwriting – especially in the period before the Revolutionary War when his career was primarily focused on cash crop agriculture. The entry dated Aug. 7, 1765, in which the future president bemoans the fact that he began to “separate the male and female plants… rather too late” has been the focus of much debate.

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Baby Boomers: A Long History With Cannabis

A personal reflection on the legacy of Baby Boomers in cannabis culture and policy.

Forty-five years of smoking pot. D*mn. I never imagined back then that I would find myself here. “Here” being a 62-year-old balding and finally short-haired-again old geezer looking back at the old days. D*mn. How time (and life) flies.

And great googliemooglie! All the pot I have smoked over those years. It boggles my mind. I do think that after 45 years I’m finally getting the hang of it. Back then it was all about the high. Now, bless the high, but I hurt in places I didn’t know I had. Cannabis is my front line treatment for aches and pains.

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Film Review: ‘Grass Fed’

A documentary film by Ezra Soiferman explores using medical cannabis to lose weight.

Documentary filmmaker Ezra Soiferman’s film “Grass Fed” follows Canadian actor, comedian, wrestler and musician Mike Patterson on a mission to lose 50 pounds before his wedding day four months away. Although Patterson jokes continually about the state of his body and his appearance – he weighs in at an uncomfortable 250 pounds when the show begins – his health is proving to be no laughing matter. He’s dealing with the daily struggles of chronic back pain from sciatica, which in turn prevents him from doing any physical exercise to lose weight and alleviate his pain. He’s looking to find relief from the catch-22 of his health condition when a friend suggests offhandedly that he try medical cannabis to shed some pounds.

At first glance, Patterson is incredulous. The idea of shedding pounds while getting high is counter-intuitive to Patterson – who is decidedly not a cannabis enthusiast (he’s much more of a beer drinker) and scoffs at the idea of a weed regime for weight loss. The plot soon thickens when Patterson, a lover of sweets, agrees to use cannabis-infused edibles to help him lose his unwanted weight.

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Terp Boys: Shattering Ceilings

When it comes to brilliantly colored slabs of high-terpene shatter with crystal clarity, few concentrators bring the fire like NorCal’s Terp Boys.

Glittering, golden sheets of translucent resin sketch shimmering Swiss cheese circles across sprawling pages of parchment paper. The glassy slabs capture and refract the light, giving the illusion of luminescence — each solidified splat of sparkling shatter radiates subtle shades of the same golden glow.

Lean in for a closer look and your sinuses are enveloped by a thick, invisible cloud of pungent fragrance that careens wildly from tart citrus zest to soft berry sweetness, from sharp juniper and mint to deep diesel funk, from familiar favorites to otherworldly delights. The aesthetics of this BHO shatter are dazzling, but the terpenes are absolutely blinding.

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Start Strong: Tips for Choosing the Right Clones

You can do everything right, but you won’t get far if you start with the wrong clones. Here’s some tips for picking the right genetic material to start your garden!

Growing quality cannabis requires a harmony of many factors. There’s some amount of leeway with light, pH amounts, pests and even mold – but most of these can be easily dealt with as cultivators surf that often-challenging and unforgiving wave of cannabis’ flowering cycle. However, without healthy, vibrant plants at the onset, even the best effort can be for naught and that highly-anticipated Super Silver Haze will likely look and smell more like Super Silver Hay.

Plants that are unhealthy do much the same as humans do when they’re sick – they rest and try to get better. While its healthy sisters race towards the light, be it artificial or the real deal, a weakling plant’s growth stops and stalls. As its leaves clench in frustration, nutrients stop being absorbed and the plant sits in a state of stasis that it might not ever fully recover from. If thrown into flowering, there’s a small chance that the plant might snap out of its slump but that’s pretty unlikely. What will result is a plant that is low in resin, terpenes, potency and yield that gives up the ghost long before finishing time.

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Scott Moan’s Opaque Jawbreaker Creations are Jaw-Dropping

Glass artist, Scott Moan, drifts away from patterned pieces to create beautiful, opaque jawbreaker creations.

As the trendy apparatus for globs and bong loads reach new levels of lore and mystique, many glass artists’ styles are converging into a single, marketable aesthetic.

This is not the case for our featured artist Scott Moan. Whether it’s the headiest mini-tube or the next wave of scientific production pieces, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone else doing anything quite like what Moan is doing.

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How-To: Curing Your Medicine

An excerpt from “Secrets of the West Coast Masters: Uncover the Ultimate Techniques for Growing Medical Marijuana” by Dru West.

There is a widespread misconception about what curing really is and exactly how it is done. To understand this process you must first understand what it is you are trying to do. Curing is the process of extracting chlorophyll from the buds. Chlorophyll is what gives plants their green color and is an important factor for photosynthesis, since its function is to absorb light and turn it into energy. It does not, however, taste good. After marijuana has been harvested and dried, microorganisms in the air will begin to break down the unnecessary chlorophyll as time goes by. The by-product of this process is ammonia, which explains why bags of grass clippings from the lawn take on that smell after they sit in the garage for a while. To cure your buds is to extract the ammonia-producing chlorophyll. This can be done in a controlled fashion by containing your buds in airtight glass jars. This will accelerate the rate of the curing process by trapping the multiplying microorganisms inside the jars. Follow these steps for reliable results every time.

1. Loosely fill the jars with your buds and seal the lids.

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Sharpest Glass in the West

Chaiah Sullivan of Unparalleled Glass found an artistic home in a prickly sculptural subject: functional borosilicate cacti.

Gaining skills from many of greats in the glass blowing community, Chaiah Sullivan of Unparalleled Glass’ cactus creations look so real you’re almost tempted not to use this functional art in order to avoid the prick of their spines. The hyper-realistic pointy pieces are each meticulously handcrafted from Sullivan’s home studio in the small town of Paonia, Colorado and have become his signature style.

“[The cactus art is] definitely something I do that I feel is very unique and not really something on somebody else’s style that I’ve learned,” Sullivan says. “Everything else I do I really enjoy, but I always feel like it has a little derivative from somebody else whereas the cactus is kind of my own creation.”

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Marijuana Salves, Oils & Topicals for Healthier Skin

There are many ways to use cannabis topicals.

Herbs have been used to treat skin problems for thousands of years. Five thousand years ago, Ayurvedic practitioners used marijuana preparations. Cannabis-enriched lotions, salves, and other topically applied products are still used today. Marijuana’s active ingredients — cannabinoids and terpenoid essential oils — are absorbed through the skin for direct therapeutic effect.

People’s lives have been changed using marijuana topicals, including those who have been able to stop taking opiate narcotics for pain, grandparents with severe arthritis who have been able to hold their grandkids for the first time and musicians who are able to use their fingers again.

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5 Healthy Hemp Foods

Hemp food offerings range from burgers to tofu.

Cultivated for millennia throughout large swaths of the planet, hemp is an incredibly resilient and versatile plant. It’s been used to create textiles, building materials, bio-plastics and auto parts – and loads of tasty food offerings.

Hemp, not to be confused with marijuana, is a non-psychoactive cousin to the plant. Rich in protein, omega-fatty acids and fiber, hemp is an excellent plant-based protein for vegetarians, vegans, people with food sensitivities and anyone who enjoys good nutritious food.

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