Recipe: Orange Kush White Chocolate Cranberry Nut Cookies

A recipe to share the joys of cannabis with like-minded adults.

Cookies are loved by many, a fact which makes it hard to resist these sweet chewy treats. Why not take the world renowned love of this desert and package it into a little jar for either special occasions for yourself or gifts for your loved ones? This recipe combines the comforting flavors of white chocolate cranberry nut cookies and swirls them together with citrus undertones of Orange Kush kief. You can jar the ingredients, attach a cute little bow and even include a tag with the instructions on how to cook these delicious little morsels. As they say,”Sharing is caring.”

Mise en place:

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CALIFORNIA LOVE: Défoncé Chocolatiers Raise the Edible Bar


When you think of edibles, what comes to mind? Brownies? Candies? Luxuriously designed chocolate bars that would shut down Willy Wonka? Raising the (chocolate) bar when it comes to cannabis edible branding, packaging and consumption, we spoke with Bianca Ruffin at Défoncé Chocolatiers to give us a bit of insight on this amazing company out of California!


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An Elevated Edible for Conscious Connoisseurs

This post is sponsored by Binske.

Think about the best piece of chocolate you’ve ever eaten. Was it handmade, organic and sourced from rare Peruvian cocoa? Imagine that bar of chocolate in Colorado, infused with top shelf cannabis. Now we’re talking Binske.

Binske is the first truly gourmet cannabis brand in Colorado. Creator, Jacob Pasternack, looked at the cannabis industry and asked, “What’s the marketplace? What gap can we fill?”

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It’s a toker’s fantasy. Chronic Desserts so delicious that they’ve taken home awards and trophies. Alas, the munchies experience has been elevated to a magnificent level of supreme satisfaction.

“I became a chef following a layoff as a veterinarian assistant…”

Imagine, an Easter-inspired cake made with a delicious chocolate-peanut butter shell and brownie filling. It took a trophy. Then last May, Chronic Desserts ranked upon’s Top 5 Amazing Edible Bakeries. The company also took first place in the People’s Choice category at LA’s Edible Sesh.

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Caramel Candy Is a Dandy Jolt for Cannabis Coffee

A recipe that incorporates the classic hippie highball, cannabis and coffee.

The combination of cannabis and coffee is at once one of the oldest pleasures and one of the hottest new trends.

The old pleasure is a joint and a cup of coffee — the classic hippie highball. The new trend includes ready-to-drink cold brew coffees and single-brew K-cup pods infused with cannabis.

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Watch: How to Make 4/20 Philly Cheesesteak Pizza

The folks over at Food Steez have really outdone themselves for 4/20 this year, creating one of the most stonerific masterpieces we’ve ever seen—a Cannabis Philly Cheesesteak Pizza.

Not only will this baby fill all your munchie needs, it’ll keep you baked at the same time.

Find the full recipe HERE and keep up with all of Food Steez’s yumminess on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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Make Perfect Chronic Krispie Treats for 4/20

An easy recipe that ensures intense effects with bioavailable THC.

For 4/20 this year, celebrate with this hash-infused version of a classic confection. While rice crispy treats are a popular, commonly medicated snack, we’ve added a THC booster in the form of lecithin powder, which allows the body to more readily absorb cannabinoids. These Chronic Krispie treats will feel more potent in your body, so be sure to eat only a small piece and wait two hours before consuming any more cannabis food!

While you’re at it, make a regular batch of these gooey cereal bars to munch on without worrying about getting overwhelmingly high—you’re going to need a lot of snacks for 4/20 fun!

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Lord Jones x Sigur Rós: An Edibles Fantasy

Edibles company Lord Jones hosted an eerie, ethereal sound bath in Hollywood last night to herald their partnership with Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Rós. The luxury edibles brand, whose gumdrops were named Best Low Dose Edible for New Users by HIGH TIMES, released a limited-edition collection of “Wild Sigurberry” medicated gumdrops inspired by the flavor of foraged Icelandic berries. The gumdrops are infused with “full-spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich CBD extracts from specially sourced organic hemp,” available in 10mg and 20mg doses (with no THC) nationwide. According to the website, the limited-edition collaboration includes a “proprietary terpene blend designed to provide a calming sense of well-being inspired by the music of Sigur Rós.” The collection comes in a beautiful box with a Sigur Rós crest designed by London-based illustrator Andrew Rae. California medial marijuana patients can also buy the gumdrops with 5, 10, or 20 milligrams of THC per piece, or with a 5:1 ratio of CBD.

At the Lord Jones x Sigur Rós sound bath, it seemed all the cool kids and fashionistas were on hand. After medicating with a complimentary Wild Sigurberry 5mg gumdrop (I’m a big fan of low-dose edibles), I was ushered into a dimly lit theater suffused with incense and fog. I found a cozy spot to lounge on a sheepskin run right next to a famous actress and her husband as they cozied up together on a divan. Waiting for the sound bath to begin, I drifted off surrounded by a low thrumming noise under the blue pulse of what looked like a heart suspended from the rafters. Once the room was full and everyone settled, the thrumming began to deepen, and I came back from my reverie as the blue pulsing heart began to spark, revealing a huge installation (designed by Juan Azulay) that looked like it came out of the Upside Down, with spidery tentacles oscillating brilliant lights and color patterns.

@sigurros soundbath with @thelordjones // @neuehouse // art installation by @juanazulay

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BHOMCHELLY’S: Little Gummy Does Big Things

Tested by: 3B Analytical

If you were fond of gummies as a kid, you’re going to get a kick out of these delectable treats. Initially created to give relief to patients who can’t or don’t want to smoke cannabis, founder Michelle Renee created a little candy that does big things. Each one of these bad boys packs quite a bit of THC—they come in 13, 50, 100, and 500 mg doses—and they offer fun, fruity flavors such as strawberry, apple and watermelon. Within 20 minutes of consumption I felt a call to adventure. There’s a warm, head-in-the-clouds feel to their high. Colors were extra vivid, and sparks of creativity were flowing freely. Aside from medical patients, I would recommend these BhombChelly’s treats to music festival lovers, adventure seekers, or even Netflix and chill fans. Happy 420!

Instagram: @bhomchellyjellys 

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SEX AND CANNABIS: 4 Ways to Use Cannabis For a Better Sex Life

Most people think sex is awesome. I think most people would agree that the idea of sex is awesome, and that awesome sex is awesome…sometimes, however, the reality doesn’t quite live up to the hype. Sometimes you need a night where the sex is extra mind-blowing. How can we enhance our sex lives? Cannabis offers us some great options! Whether the day is stressful and you’re wound tighter than a drum, or you’re just looking to put the spark back into a wonderful, long-term relationship, cannabis can help.

One of most common misconceptions about sex is that the only erogenous zones lay below the belt. In reality, the main event is between your ears. Even down-and-dirty, one-night-stand sex begins with the idea that it’s exciting and sexy—all of which are notions that reside, you guessed it, in your mind. Cannabis is known for influencing our minds and perspectives, and is similarly helpful in kick-starting some of the more physical aspects of sex, such as getting an erection or relaxing the vaginal walls.

So, how can you introduce cannabis into your sex life?

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