Fake News: Anything Declaring Cannabis Legalization is Bad For Kids

Legal cannabis has not resulted in an increase of teen use.

Last week, late-night television host and opinion influencer Stephen Colbert, a onetime purveyor of somewhat unreal news that was nonetheless more informative than “actual” news, declared our era of “fake news” dead.

If only that were so.

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New Hampshire Decriminalizes Marijuana!

Bill set to take effect in 60 days.

The culmination of activists working in Concord for a decade, today saw New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu make good on campaign trail promises and sign a decriminalization bill into Granite State law.

The bill, HB 640, will take effect in 60 days and make New Hampshire the 22nd state in the nation decriminalize marijuana. The state will also become the last of the New England states to eliminate the possibility of jail time for simple marijuana possession

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Compromise: Massachusetts Pot Sales Start July 2018

Lawmakers reach compromise on recreational cannabis in Massachusetts.

After numerous missed deadlines, the legislature of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has reached an agreement on how deep they will cut into Question 4, last November’s successful ballot initiative legalizing recreational cannabis.

Beacon Hill and Boston City Hall had been the centers of dissent around Question 4 long before election day with Governor Charlie Baker alongside Boston Mayor and former union hobnobber Marty Walsh leading the charge. Now down the hall from Baker’s office, officials have come together to create something that resembles what voters passed more closely than recent attempts to chop up the law even further.

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What Does Net Neutrality Mean for Legal Cannabis?

The uncertain fate of net neutrality is a hot button issue across all industry sectors, and the emerging legal cannabis market is no exception.

The free flow of information faces its greatest threat since the superhighway found its way to the masses — this is a big deal for cannabis.

Few things have helped marijuana change its cultural identity from Spicoli falling out of a van to Sanjay Gupta watching cannabis end a child’s seizure than the internet. So any changes to how it works could have major impacts on the emerging legal industry.

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Nevada’s Recreational Inventory ‘Emergency’ Is Ending

The widely-reported “emergency” facing Nevada’s burgeoning legal cannabis market has been resolved, or will be as soon as more distributors get licensed.

It took less than a week after recreational cannabis dispensaries in Nevada opened for business for an emergency to arise — but it wasn’t anything like the social perdition that anti-legalization doomsayers predicted. Instead, it was a crisis of supply: The state was running out of weed.

Thanks to restrictive regulations — the result of a power play by liquor distributors eager to get a cut of the multibillion-dollar action — Nevada’s 47 dispensaries began the recreational marijuana legalization era on July 1 with limited supply, and no way to re-up without receiving shipments from big booze shippers, none of whom have yet qualified for a recreational distribution license.

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UN Drug Report Calls for Research and Regulation on Cannabis

The United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime recently released its annual global report — it had plenty to say about every kind of cannabis market, illicit or regulated. But ultimately, it calls for more stringent scientific standards for medical cannabis and a “wait and see” approach to decriminalization in the United States and Uruguay.

The annual UNODC World Drug Report offers a statistical snapshot of the global drug market: According to the most recent one, an estimated quarter of a billion people — around 5 percent of the global adult population — used drugs at least once in 2015, and about one in 10 of those folks suffered adverse effects from that use.

Cannabis is the most widely used drug on the planet —about 183 million people used cannabis globally in 2015 and roughly 7,317 tons of pot were seized around the world that same year. People even use cannabis in prison: 16 percent of respondents reported using drugs in the past month, with cannabis being “by far” the most common substance reported.

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Michigan Poised to End Marijuana Prohibition in 2018

Support for cannabis legalization grows in Michigan.

Michigan is on a magnificent course to becoming one of the next jurisdictions in the United States to be dragged out of the trenches of marijuana prohibition.

According to a report from CBS Detroit, a campaign pushing to legalize a taxed and regulated cannabis market in the Great Lake State is having absolutely no trouble gaining the signatures necessary to earn a shiny spot on the ballot in the election next November.

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Gateway Theory: The Big Lie that Won’t Die

Some myths just refuse to die. Such is the case with the persistent misinformation about cannabis being a “gateway” to other drugs; it isn’t true, but prohibitionists are still spreading the lie.

State tax collectors say that more than $230 million worth of legal marijuana was sold in Los Angeles County last year: LA is the most populous county in the country’s most populous state, so it stands to reason that it also has the most cannabis business of any place in California.

And it does — again, by a large measure.

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Cannabis Reparations? D.C. Explores Priority for Black-Owned Businesses

Washington D.C. legislation would give minorities preference in starting cannabis businesses.

Washington, D.C., America’s capital city, is also one of America’s Blackest cities: A full 49 percent of the district’s citizens are Black. This is a dramatic shift downward from the early 1970s, when Black people accounted for more than 70 percent of D.C.’s residents — and, despite or perhaps because of ongoing gentrification, the newly “integrated” city is still shamefully segregated — but D.C. is still one place in America where white people are not a statistical majority.

But white folk still call most of the shots where money is involved — like in business, which extends to the marijuana business, where the faces of business owners, dispensary operators, cultivators and board members of ancillary firms are, by every estimation made, overwhelmingly white.

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RECIPE: Tincture-Infused Blueberry Yogurt

This recipe combines the natural sweetness and gorgeous color of blueberries with the creamy, refreshing tartness of yogurt and just a touch of cannabinoid enhancement. Try it as a cool snack on a hot day, part of a balanced breakfast or as a light desert to your next lunch.

I often get questions from patients looking o incorporate pre-made flavored glycerin tinctures into simple food items. The glycerin tinctures you buy at dispensaries are either unflavored or come in a multitude of flavor choices, so go ahead an experiment with combining both flavored tinctures and unflavored tinctures in food to see which you prefer.

In this particular recipe I used one of my favorite glycerin tincture flavors, one which can easily be used in an array of dishes; French vanilla. This foundational flavor can be used in an assortment of breakfast meals, drinks and dessert dishes.

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