Cannabis Pet Meds: The Next Frontier in Veterinary Medicine

Keeping your pets away from your stash is always a good idea, but that doesn’t mean your pets can’t have their own. The future of cannabis medicine includes the way we care for our domestic animals.

Carrie Reeves has three pets that have always been anxious, but it wasn’t until they started dealing with age-related illnesses that she realized she could treat their issues the same way she treats her own — with medicinal cannabis.

When she brought home two Maine Coon kittens she expected them to be docile, the way Maine Coon cats usually are. These two kittens named Oliver and Dinah were not — they were skittish and standoffish. Her dog, Fiona, had always been antsy too, but that came as less of a surprise since vizslas are a notoriously anxious breed.

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Could Cannabis Help Treat Autism Spectrum Disorder?

A growing number of parents of autistic children are coming out in support of medical cannabis, saying that their children show miraculous results for a condition that often seems hopeless.

Awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder is becoming more and more prevalent in our society, with nearly 1 in 68 children now being diagnosed with some form of ASD every year. The spectrum of severity is extremely wide, but it can negatively impact communication skills, complicate social interactions and may cause aggression, obsessive-compulsive tendencies or self-injurious behaviors.

There is no known cause or cure for autism, so the disorder is typically treated with a variety of therapies and medications. For some patients these treatments are effective, but with the large increase in diagnoses, many parents are still desperate for an effective way to ease autism’s various symptoms.

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Could Free Weed Help San Francisco’s Homeless Population?

A former candidate for San Francisco mayor wants to hand out free medical cannabis to homeless people struggling with opioid addiction.

Most of Mary Howe’s Monday evenings revolve around clean hypodermic needles — the ones used for injecting heroin and other intravenous drugs — and a grimy, well-worn stairwell in San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury district; this is the perch from which Howe’s Homeless Youth Alliance runs its needle exchange program, which like many of the people it serves, is a bit of a vagabond.

Skyrocketing rents saw Howe and the HYA lose their lease on office space in the neighborhood, which moved the needle exchange to a street corner — a sensible adjustment, seeing as the street is where most of its patrons live and conduct business. But leery (housed) neighbors raised a fuss.

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The Rise of Cannabis Journalism

While the rest of the journalism industry struggles, cannabis-related publications are experiencing an upward trend.

The world has lost a lot of great newspapers over the last decade, but one place the art of journalism is alive and well is covering America’s fastest growing industry — cannabis.

As with other adult pastimes like micro-brewing and cigars, pot journalism is here to stay, and it’s more localized than it’s ever been before. It’s also more dynamic; today’s newsrooms cover every nook and cranny of the cannabis industry as it makes its way to the light. Journalists are not just covering the strains and policies, but also the problems of the emerging market, ranging from pesticides to general low-quality pot someone from Wall Street thinks is “the fire.”

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OG Heaven is a Place on Earth

Northern Emeralds offers two premium takes on the classic kush.

Some people are just OG Kush people.

The strain basically tastes like the exhaust produced from a diesel truck that’s shipping crates of lemons over the Grapevine to Los Angeles, which meets a certain sector of cannabis enthusiasts in all the right places.

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Cannabis Now Luxury Guide

Our picks for leading a life of herbal indulgence.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with tie-dye and paisley, but Woodstock was over 40 years ago — that whole aesthetic is about as revolutionary as pinstripes and plaid.

As cannabis continues its infusion into mainstream culture, the go-to motifs of stoner-chic (mostly stylistic relics of the 1970s counter culture) are receiving a long-overdue post-millennial update.

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Can I Touch the Buds? (Probably Not)

A dispensary etiquette and buying guide for doob noobs.

You probably wouldn’t even notice the storefront if it weren’t for the unobtrusive security guard standing watch at the front door. You watch as the sentinel interacts with people approaching the door, granting access to some and denying it to others.

Is there some password you have to know? Have you stumbled upon the gateway of a secret society? Not exactly, but that’s almost what it seems like for someone who’s never walked through the front door of a cannabis dispensary.

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‘Cooking With Herb’ The Marley Way

Upon publication of her new cannabis cookbook, Cedella Marley reflects on how her father’s legendary love of cannabis, authentic Caribbean flavors and clean living influenced and inspired their family meals.

Bob Marley has become such a legendary icon that it’s sometimes easy to forget he was a real man who loved porridge and roasted fish, and sat down regularly and eagerly to supper with his family — including his eldest daughter Cedella, who still refers to the international superstar as, simply, “Daddy.”

Today, as legalization spreads across the United States, and around the world, his children have continued the family legacy through a number of projects, including the Marley Natural brand of cannabis products, and now, this beautiful new cookbook.

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‘Cooking With Herb’ Recipe: Spicy Jamaican Patties

A recipe for cannabis-infused spicy Jamaican Patties from Cedella Marley’s new book ‘Cooking With Herb.’

Ican eat patties hot, cold, for breakfast, on a hike, as my dinner… you name it! The meat patty is like the Big Mac of Jamaica — actually, along with jerk chicken, this is really like our national dish! It’s so perfect as a way to pass out herb in a fun, neat, and tidy package or tuck into your bag for the movies (hey, we all do it). You won’t find many burger shops or pizza parlors on the island but patty shops are everywhere. I used to go with Daddy to a place in Half Way Tree in Kingston for patties. He loved them because they were a bit different, stuffed with corn and peas (no meat since Daddy was a vegetarian), and they fried their patties instead of baking them.

I like mine on the more traditional side, except instead of a meat filling I stuff mine with a veggie mince (a crumbly ground meat substitute available in the freezer section where you find veggie

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NJ Senator Introduces Bill That Could Federally Legalize Weed

A new bill introduced by New Jersey senator Cory Booker aims to do more than remove cannabis from the Schedule I Drug list — it would remove cannabis from the Scheduled Substances List entirely.

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker (D) recently introduced the best cannabis bill ever seen on Capitol Hill — The Marijuana Justice Act of 2017, which covers a plethora of cannabis issues, from federal scheduling to the disproportionate arrest rates people of color face under current policies.

If passed, the Marijuana Justice Act would remove cannabis from the list of scheduled substances, the magnitude of which is can’t possibly be overstated; it would make cannabis legal at the federal level. States would be encouraged (with federal funding) to make their policies match the new law of the land.

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