Political Candidates Courting Ganjapreneurs

It seems the days of cannabis businesspeople clamoring for the ears of politicians may be coming to an end.

Two candidates for San Diego County elected offices recently spoke at the monthly meeting of a marijuana industry trade group. The Association of Cannabis Professionals event was held at a café in the San Diego, California neighborhood of City Heights. A standing room only crowd spilled out of the area that had been reserved for the meeting.

First up to speak was Dave Myers, who claimed to be the only Democrat to run for San Diego County Sheriff in the last 60 years. Myers is currently a Commander in the Sheriff’s Department, where he has worked for 32 years.

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What’s Ahead for Laboratory Regs & Compliance in California?

An in-depth look at changes in laboratory regulations and cannabis testing as California implements the first medical cannabis reforms in 20 years.

On May 5, the California Bureau of Medical Cannabis released proposed regulations for medical cannabis testing laboratories. Despite being the first market in the nation to offer cannabis tested for potency and contamination, California has no statewide mandatory testing requirements; it is left up to individual localities (such as Berkeley) or, more commonly, the dispensaries. Meanwhile, other states have enacted rules requiring analysis as part of their medical or recreational cannabis laws. These requirements often mirror regulatory rules used for other industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and environmental testing and, as such, are far more strict than those that the California market has dictated. From lower detection limits on pesticide contaminants to tighter method validations and meticulous documentation, the standards of quality upon which every other consumer product is graded are coming to the nation’s largest cannabis market. And while for some businesses this may mean big changes in workflow, staying informed and proactive will help minimize any loss in productivity during this transition.

At a Glance

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Weed, California Legalizes Weed Sales

Weed, California, is an old lumber town about halfway between San Francisco and Portland, Oregon, remarkable around the world for a painfully obvious reason.

Named after Abner Weed, an auspiciously named 19th-century timber baron who located his sawmill in the flatlands between the coastal range and Mount Shasta—a Cascade range summit that, at 14,000 feet, is the highest peak in California—this town of just under 3,000 souls once boasted the largest sawmill in the world.

Now, Weed, California is the world’s chief exporter of exhausted marijuana puns and cheap sight gags. Visitors and locals alike are subjected to a barrage of obvious jokes and hack allusions that nonetheless sustains the local souvenir trade. 

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Tahoe Wellness Provides Blend of Cannabis & Community

Lake Tahoe dispensary provides a holistic package for wellness.

South Lake Tahoe, a community which straddles the border between California and Nevada, has a laid-back, casual vibe. When visiting this city that boasts both the beautiful expanse of the world’s second largest alpine lake and an array of ski resorts, no place is more welcoming for lovers of choice flowers than Tahoe Wellness Cooperative. The dispensary is the only one located in Tahoe and therefore singularly defines the cannabis culture for the tightknit community. With activist and owner Cody Bass – a snowboard-loving cowboy hat-wearing Texas transplant – at the helm, it remains in good hands.

Open since 2009, Tahoe Wellness comes complete with a fully-integrated model that includes a line of house strains, a lounge for medical cannabis patients to chill and puff and a community center with free events open to the public at large. Located within a strip mall setup, TWC is an unassuming gem. The first thing you’ll notice when entering is the lack of an imposing security guard to check IDs at the door, Tahoe Wellness is a safe space that hasn’t found a need for this type of additional surveillance. Once inside, you show your medical cannabis recommendation as well as your ID and are welcomed into to dispensary and lounge.

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INTRODUCING GAIACA: The California cannabis market’s first, comprehensive and fully licensed waste disposal corporation. 

Cannabis cultivation and manufacturing is the fastest growing industry in California, projected to grow into a $6.5 billion market by 2020. But for every production site in the state, marijuana byproduct accumulates rapidly, posing an environmental and compliancy dilemma for thousands of companies. The transportation and disposal of cannabis waste requires specialized infrastructure, licensing and compliance with regulatory agencies, as well as the expertise and resources to manage vast quantities of restricted, hazardous material, all while adhering to environmental protection standards.

A new Monterey County-based organization called GAIACA—a name derived from the word “Gaia,” meaning the holistic protection of Mother Earth—is California’s first and only full-service waste disposal service specializing in cannabis byproduct management and disposal.

GAIACA is headed by entrepreneur Garrett Rodewald, who’s career background in environmental management and hazardous waste mitigation helped him to identify a hole in the newly legalized industry. With the insights of an associate partner who has consulted for numerous cannabis dispensaries and manufacturers, Rodewald was able to acquire a strong framework for the industry’s needs and best practices for comprehensive disposal strategy.

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California Winemakers: We’ll Grow Marijuana Instead

The Mediterranean climate enjoyed by much of California—long, hot and dry summer days, followed by cool nights, freshened with ocean-fed breezes—is ideally suited for wine grapes. This is also a textbook description for the ideal conditions in which the cannabis plant will thrive.

Across the state, once-moribund agricultural reasons are experiencing profound renaissances following marijuana legalization.

In the Salinas Valley, home to John Steinbeck’s imagination and part of the inspiration for the Grapes of Wrath, abandoned flower farms are being converted into massive cannabis greenhouses.

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California Attorney General: I Once Smoked Marijuana

Look, we get it. It’s hard to talk about drugs. It’s hard even for top law enforcement officials, like California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who would prefer to talk about his underwear rather than whether or not he ever smoked weed.

But once he’s informed the world that he wears boxers—sure, he’ll let you know that once upon a time, many, many years ago, he “tried” marijuana.

Becerra, 59, spent nearly 24 years representing downtown Los Angeles in Congress. Since December, he’s served as attorney general after his predecessor Kamala Harris was sworn in as a U.S. Senator. He was in San Francisco on Wednesday night for a POLITICO event to talk about life under Trump (as was U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the House Majority Leader and, by extension, California’s chief Trump regime collaborator).

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Home Gardening 101

When a backyard suburban garden produces enough cannabis to sustain 20 of your closest friends for a year.

“It’s pretty wild to see a marijuana stalk grow to the circumference of a man’s bicep,” says Daniel Bennett as he circles around a raised bed garden in his backyard near San Francisco. “And the crazy thing is, this plant has about eight weeks more to mature before we harvest.”

The garden that Bennett is referring to rests on a suburban hillside in a quiet little neighborhood he’s lived in for 18 years. Thirty miles up the coast you can just barely make out the jagged skyline of downtown San Francisco hovering over the summer fog.

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