Coming Out Twice for Pride

This piece was co-created by Michelle Janikian and Catherine Goldberg.

Happy Pride month, everyone! This Pride I’ve been thinking a lot about how the queer and cannabis communities intersect and all the things they have in common.

For one, both queerness and cannabis use have been criminalized and still continue to be marginalized. Yet, despite the struggle of both groups, nothing brings people together better than a huge cone of fabulous weed.

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CULTURE OF CURING: Yofumo’s Revolutionary, Post-Harvest Terpene Enhancement

One of the most overlooked aspects of cannabis cultivation is the curing process, which is a bit odd, as curing is one of the most crucial components in producing a quality harvest. Denver-based company Yofumo, however, is about to put curing on the map. Their patent-pending technology takes the “guessing game” out of curing, and even enhances flavor and aroma while optimizing the flower’s natural terpene profile. Growers thereby have total access and control over the environment of their drying units, with the added assurance that their yields will be free from antimicrobial harm.

When Colorado legalized cannabis, Yofumo CEO and Co-Founder Alfonso Campalans noted the difficulties in ensuring the plant’s integrity in the post-harvest stage. Campalans thought of a small box from his childhood in Venezuela, one that sanitized water with ozone—one of the safest agents used to rid water of harmful bacteria, still used to this day. Then it hit him: what if he could harness the power of ozone, and apply these properties to the cannabis cultivation process? Imagine as a grower, having the ability to always guarantee the cleanliness of your herb? I’ve seen mold destroy entire harvests overnight, and the potential effects of accidentally smoking flower exposed to molds and other fungi can be quite dangerous.

With Yofumo, clean cannabis is just the beginning. The real game changer is the curing unit’s ability to enhance terpene profiles. Terpenes, the flavor and aromas naturally found in the cannabis plant, can also be found anywhere in nature, from pine needles to fruit. Imagine having the ability to not only enhance your favorite strain’s terpene level, but also having the option to experiment and add any type of natural terpene to compliment your flower.

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N.Y. Senate Passes Bill Adding PTSD to List of Accepted Conditions for MMJ Treatment


Albany, NY — The New York State Senate on Tuesday passed legislation sponsored by Senator Diane Savino (D-SI/Brooklyn) to add Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to the list of qualifying conditions treatable with medical marijuana in New York State, according to a press release from Senator Jeffrey D. Klein. 

“This bill will bring real relief to the many New Yorkers suffering from PTSD. Veterans, victims of violent crime, police and firefighters and others can all potentially benefit from PTSD being added to the list of medical conditions eligible for the State’s medical cannabis program. This will help ensure that more of those suffering are eligible to become certified medical cannabis patients, and will allow each doctor to treat their patients as they see fit. I thank my colleagues in both Houses for passing this on a bipartisan basis,” said Senator Savino.

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Sunshine Sessions: Cannabis Events

The best and biggest cannabis events across the country this summer.

The calendars of cannabis industry celebrities must be overflowing — since a wave of legalization began to sweep the country in 2012, it seems as if there’s a Cannabis Cup, festival or conference happening every weekend of the year.

No season is more packed with juicy cannabis events than summer, and as everyone knows, the longest days of the year are best spent with like-minded friends, sunshine and unlimited access to some of the best cannabis products around.

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Marijuana Policy Reform Advocate Mason Tvert to Join VS Strategies as VP of Public Relations and Communications

<![CDATA[DENVER — VS Strategies announced Wednesday that nationally recognized marijuana policy reform advocate Mason Tvert will be joining the firm next month as vice president of public relations and communications, according to a press release.

Tvert will come to VS Strategies from the Marijuana Policy Project, the nation’s largest marijuana policy organization, where he has served as director of communications since December 2012. He will officially leave MPP in July.

During his time with MPP, Tvert co-directed the successful legalization initiative campaign in Colorado and worked on the successful legalization initiative campaigns in Alaska, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada. He also provided communications support for several successful marijuana policy reform efforts in state legislatures. He frequently appears in the media discussing marijuana and marijuana policy, and The Denver Post named him Colorado’s “Top Thinker” in politics and government in 2013.

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United Nations Releases 2017 World Drug Report

Today, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) released its 2017 World Drug Report, stating: “Cannabis production remains a global phenomenon!”

The report is divided into two categories of plant-based drugs: the flowering tops of the cannabis plant, AKA “cannabis,” and the condensed hashish oil, referred to as “resin.” Global cannabis users have reached a median of 183 million people, roughly 3.8 percent of the global population.

According to the report, cannabis plant cultivation was present in 135 countries, between 2010 – 2015, covering 92 percent of the world population. Given the absence of systematic measurements, however, the extent and trends in cannabis cultivation and production are difficult to assess. Most indirect indicators come from law enforcement authorities and, to a certain extent, reflect their priorities and resources.

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Massachusetts House Approves Revised Recreational Marijuana Law


BOSTON (AP) —The Massachusetts House approved a bill Wednesday that would repeal and replace the recreational marijuana law approved by the state’s voters in November.

The House approved the measure 126-28. Critics who lashed out at the proposal accused lawmakers of ignoring the will of the electorate and taking a hostile approach to the legal cannabis industry.

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Contaminated Marijuana Still Reaching Consumers in Oregon


Nine months after Oregon issued the toughest rules in the nation to keep pesticide-tainted marijuana off store shelves, the state acknowledges that some contaminated products continue to reach consumers.

The admission underscores the tricky work of effectively regulating a plant long tied to illegal pesticide use.

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PA's Department of Health Releases 12 Medical Marijuana Permits for Growers/Processors


Harrisburg, PA – The Pennsylvania Department of Health today released information on the issuance of 12 permits for medical marijuana growers/processors in the state. The permittees will now have six months in which to become operational before they can begin growing medical marijuana. Entities receiving permits were notified by mail.

“With today’s announcement, we remain on track to fulfill the Wolf Administration’s commitment to deliver medical marijuana to patients in 2018,” said John Collins, Director of the Office of Medical Marijuana. “The applications from the entities receiving permits were objectively reviewed by an evaluation team made up of members from across commonwealth agencies. Any letters of recommendation or support for an applicant were not considered during the evaluation.”

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