Tech Thursday: That Other End of Time – A Retrospect; Denver, Jimi Hendrix and 1968

Home is inside you. That’s where I’m headed. Back to a time when youthful dreams filled my head. Following a trail into the sixties and seventies, and even further back, hoping to make sense of all that went down. A personal and global history of cannabis, if you will.

I’ve eaten half of a homemade edible a coworker gave me and I’m feeling like a possum eating honeyed bumblebees for breakfast. I’m on my way to Renton, WA to see Jimi Hendricks, the master himself, dead, but very much alive. Four o’clock and rush hour started four hours ago. Traffic is a giant centipede bending at a crawl around the S-curves on Interstate 405. I’m getting happier, even as the smog and congestion builds in the encroaching dark. The last of the sunlight, cold and hard, splashes my windshield and blinds me momentarily. A choppy sea of winter clouds pounds the horizon over the Puget Sound to the west. Rain is coming.

The poet Bukowski titled one of his early books: The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over the Hills. Time is difficult to catch, so I’ll set my compass and sail into those seas, be they rough or calm – into a way of being that I once owned, now lost. Time can do that. Loses its way as you move forward. I’m hoping Jimi will jar that which has been sleeping inside me all these years. The past is never past.

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The Diaz Effect: MMA To Consider Dropping Pot Ban

It’s getting harder and harder to justify punishing professional athletes for using marijuana, so give the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) some “credit” for persevering against all reason.

The governing body that oversees most combat sports seen in America—including the UFC, which stages most of its main event fights in Las Vegas, where the NAC is king—has cracked down hard on athletes caught using cannabis and has stuck to its rules despite little scientific justification for denying an athlete this particular drug and questionable public support for such nanny-state policing.

Like most efforts at drug prohibition, it’s never really worked—but UFC has managed to make a unique mockery of its own rules.

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Nola Evangelista’s Tokin’ Women – A 4000-Year Herstory of Women and Marijuana By Nola Evangelista: A Review

Women are more visible than ever in the cannabis industry. Groups like Women Grow and the many female-owned businesses are gaining more and more momentum. Even here at DOPE Magazine we have a high concentration of female contributors. And it’s no wonder: cannabis consumption by women is neither new nor unusual, and the presence of increasingly more female professionals in the cannabis industry is a testament to that. That’s why I was stoked to find Tokin Women: A 4000-year Herstory of Women and Marijuana by Nola Evangelista aka Ellen Komp of CalNORML. Tokin Womoen125 pages dedicated to influential women who have played historical and present-day roles in the cannabis space.

Tokin’ Women highlights over 50 women, including the well-known influencers Josephine Baker, Billie Holiday and Whoopi Goldberg. This book highlights each woman’s lifetime accomplishments in the cannabis space accompanied by a photo. Every woman’s section stands alone so you can read about whomever you want, in no particular order. I learned so much so fast!

The effects of marijuana were spoken of lovingly by many of the women in this book, and I feel a kinship with this love. These incredible women and I have shared the same experience, the same infatuation with cannabis. Maya Angelou describes how marijuana made her job as a waitress bearable, and how her outlook on life changed drastically when she began to smoke pot. “For the first time, life amused me…” she said, and I know exactly what she meant. Smoking marijuana helped me through the worst jobs, the longest days and the dullest moments. To know some of the women I truly admire have used cannabis to elevate themselves creatively and spiritually is inspiring.

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Making it in Marijuana

Lessons from Whoopi & Maya on running a successful cannabusiness.

After eight years running a multiple award-winning edibles company and making national headlines with a soaring partnership with Whoopi Goldberg, Maya Elisabeth has learned a few things about running a successful cannabusiness.

Like many pot pioneers, Maya didn’t start out with investors or even support from friends and family. She started Om Edibles after suddenly finding herself unemployed when the dispensary she worked at folded. She says it was a blessing in disguise and a lesson in faith. “I had to let go and trust. I jumped before the net appeared.” And the leap of faith proved successful, as Maya was carried from fledgling cannabusiness owner to a highly-acclaimed winner of multiple cannabis competitions.

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LumiGrow Launches New Horticulture Lighting Product Line


[Press release] Emeryville, C.A. – LumiGrow Headquarters – LumiGrow Inc. has announced the worldwide release of the Pro Series E, a horticultural lighting product line that combines the best in targeted spectrum LED technology with cloud-based wireless control.  Each Pro Series E fixture comes with a wireless control module included, so you can manage your lights from any phone, tablet, or computer.  You can get up and running with the most modern lighting strategies available quickly, with LumiGrow’s easy-to-use SmartPARTM wireless control system. 

 “We’ve engineered our lighting solution with your return-on-investment in mind.  Everything from our energy-efficient design, increase in light output, low ambient temperatures, and cloud-based software is made to boost your bottom-line.” says LumiGrow Product Manager Lindsay Smith.  “Our low-impact design translates to lower associated infrastructure costs, and our high red and blue PAR output is optimal for photosynthesis and high yields.  You can also adjust spectral ratios to use light to elicit healthy plant characteristics and increase crop commercial quality, all from your wireless device.”

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In His Final Year, New Jersey Governor Aims to Tackle Drug Crisis



TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Republican Gov. Chris Christie said Tuesday that he will focus in his final year in office on New Jersey’s drug epidemic, promising to limit the supply of opioid drugs doctors can initially prescribe and seeking legislation to require insurers to pay for at least six months of drug treatment.

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How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Increase Yields

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Growing cannabis indoors uses a lot of electricity, that’s why growers have been flocking to LEDs for the energy savings. Save money while saving the Earth, reduce your carbon footprint and switch to LED lighting!

Many growers have long been skeptical about LED technology, but recent advances have made this lighting more effective and cheaper to buy. A couple years ago, research indicated LED and HID had similar efficiencies, but times have changed. Light emitting diode lamps for growing plants produce more light with less heat and electricity, and last longer between changes than high intensity discharge lamps, saving you tons on electricity, heating and bulb changes.

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Air Force to Expand Medical Waivers and Stop Asking about Prior Pot Use

The U.S. Air Force is seeking to expand its ranks by boosting the number of medical waivers it issues for potential recruits, recently reported.

Prospective airmen and women who, in the past, were routinely disqualified from serving because of such medical issues as eczema, asthma and ADHD, will now be given a second chance on a case-by-case basis.

But in another important change, rules blocking recruits who have priorly used marijuana will also be relaxed.

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