Can Medical Marijuana Curb Opioid Epidemic? Cannabis Could Help Withdrawal, Reduce Drug Cravings, Review Finds


Medical marijuana could help those struggling with addiction to heroin and other opioids to turn their lives around, says Yasmin Hurd of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in a new review published in Trends in Neurosciences. Prior research has found that cannabinoids could reduce cravings and ease opioid withdrawal symptoms.

In the United States, fatalities related to opioids are rising drastically — in 2014, about 18,893 overdose deaths in the U.S. were related to prescription painkillers, and 10,574 deaths were related to heroin, the American Society of Addiction Medicine reported.

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LA Times Endorses Southern California's Proposition M

<![CDATA[LOS ANGELES — Southern California Coalition (SCC) — a cannabis-industry trade organization representing stakeholders across all licensing categories, advocacy organizations, minority groups, veterans, communities and others in Southern California — announced the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board endorsed its Proposition M ballot initiative. Proposition M provides the Los Angeles City Council and mayor with a flexible regulatory framework, so that the country’s largest cannabis marketplace — Los Angeles — can comprehensively and inclusively address issues as they evolve in California’s medical and adult-use cannabis industry.

“We commend the Los Angeles Times for its endorsement of our Proposition M initiative — the most comprehensive, responsible and inclusive marijuana measure ever to be proposed,” said Virgil Grant, president and co-founder of Southern California Coalition. “This precedent-setting measure will provide the city with the ability to address issues — not in piecemeal — but in a comprehensive way. In a burgeoning industry like cannabis, which is providing Los Angeles with tens of thousands of jobs and millions in tax revenue towards city services each year, we knew the best approach was one that accounted for issues that may evolve over time. Prop M does just that. We encourage Angelenos to get informed, support us in addressing the needs our local communities, citizens, youth, workers, local law enforcement, and businesses in a responsible way, and say yes to Prop M this March.”

Proposition M is one of two very different marijuana ballot initiatives that Angelenos will have a chance to vote on Tuesday, March 7, 2017. According to the Los Angeles Times’ editorial, “Measure M, which the City Council proposed, and Measure N, which a trade group for the city’s medical marijuana dispensaries sponsored. Measure M is by far the more fair and responsible.”

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Inside San Francisco’s Best Head Stash

The grow room of breeder Harry Resin is filled with exclusive and rare types of cannabis.

When Harry Resin cracks open the industrial-sized storage cabinet packed with “flavors” it’s somewhat akin to the heavens opening and spreading a wide full rainbow across the sky, breathtaking in its expanse and sheer brilliance. In the rooms below, the longtime Amsterdam cannabis breeder has zipped through a tour of his San Francisco grow. The moment is ablur with the scientific knowledge that he has been dropping like breadcrumbs to better ganja. As my full face dips back and forth from jars to bags filled with a remarkable array of incredibly rare cannabis varieties, I’m convinced he’s found the fantastical pot of gold. And in this case it’s quite literally pot, in the form of an exceptionally unique Cambodian landrance strain.

“This is proper weed,” Resin remarks as we later puff on a joint of the Cambodian alongside a lineup of three other specialty delights, each marked with notations on the crutch so we don’t lose track.

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More Businesses Dropping Pot from Pre-Employment Drug Tests

Thankfully, testing for pot in Colorado work sites has declined over the past two years. Some companies, seven percent, have totally dropped marijuana from their pre-employment tests and three percent have removed it from all drug tests.

It’s about time, considering that recreational weed in Colorado was approved by voters in 2012 and medical marijuana in 2000.

A survey done by the Mountain States Employers Council (MSEC) in December marked a shift from 2014, when when one-in-five employers reported stringent drug-testing policies, reported the Denver Post, which pointed out that these results don’t necessarily mean businesses are happy about their employees smoking weed.

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Seshata’s FREE Online Class on Cannabis Terpenes

Don’t Miss Seshata’s Exclusive FREE Online Class

On Cannabis Terpenes!

Dope Magazine’s very own columnist Seshata has teamed up with cannabis learning channel Green Flower to produce an exclusive online class, Cannabis Terpenes: Everything You Need to Know!

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Israel’s Marijuana Export Plans Are Moving Along

The undisputed Old World leader in marijuana research, Israel’s plans to become the official cannabis dealer to the whole world are slowly becoming a tangible reality.

Last year, government ministers from health, public safety and (of course) trade gave initial approval to a plan that would see the country start exporting medical marijuana—the only country in the world to do so. Canada is currently the only other country with cannabis production sanctioned by the national government, but there is currently no international market for marijuana not handled by people with intimidating Instagram feeds.

Shipping marijuana around the world will require some cooperation from other countries—such as the United States, which has to date insisted loudly and stridently that states obey a 1961 United Nations convention that happens to ban such activities—but there’s also more domestic hurdles to clear. 

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The East Coast Stoner’s Ultimate Guide to Winter

As winter has settled upon us, the overwhelming urge to “Netflix and chill” has firmly taken hold. In the interest of breaking the winter doldrums, HIGH TIMES has compiled some of the most festive, fun, winter vacation ideas located on the East Coast. (Editor’s Note: Our West Coast edition is coming soon, but all you Cali stoners know you’re warmer than us over here!)


Canada is a winter wonderland that offers visitors a plethora of activities to experience, and 2017 marks Canada’s 150th anniversary. To celebrate, Parks Canada is offering free entry, all year-long. If you’re a life-long city dweller who has never truly experienced the great outdoors, now is your chance to see how the other half lives. Frolic in the great outdoors and have some fun, while you stay active and healthy.

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Lost Tribe

Lost Tribe

Kosher Kush x T.R.U.T.H.

I believe anyone can be easily mesmerized by the beauty of the trichomes on the strain, Lost Tribe.  With a powerful combination cross of Kosher Kush and T.R.U.T.H. this lady is hard to miss in a garden full of different strains.  She usually towers over the rest while producing vibrant green hues and milky full trichome heads.  Originally bred by 14er in Boulder.

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NYC Sees First-Ever Line for a Cannabis Product

Loyal fans of the HIGH TIMES award-winning brand Puffco recently showed up to the new Manhattan WeedMaps location  to switch out their old pens for the upcoming model. With such a successful turnout, lines down the block indicated that the city that never sleeps also never stops dabbing.

Pedestrians passing by turned their heads at the cannabis-themed sign on the building, even asking if there was cannabis for sale inside. Instead of cannabis, customers were able to buy or trade in vaporizers. Those that made the trek into the city also got to meet Jewice of the Flatbush Zombies, who has remained a close friend to the Puffco team over the years.

Some hardcore supporters made the trip from as far as six hours away, showing that there wasn’t much that could stop someone from getting their hands on the unreleased vaporizer.

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“Think Of the Children” – CA Moves to Ban Bud Billboards

Citing a potential “gateway” impact on young children, California lawmakers are moving to ban cannabis advertising on roadside billboards.

Marijuana legalization doesn’t cause children to start using marijuana. But billboards might. This is the logic employed by the California lawmakers who want to ban house-sized cannabis advertisements along the freeway state’s numerous highways.

Eyesores, distractions, sun-blotting scourges: Many arguments have been made against billboards, whose vociferous opponents may be matched in their passion only by marijuana’s sworn enemies. For every nostalgia lover with a soft spot for kitsch whose life is lit up by a massive fluorescent Coca-Cola ad, there’s a nature-loving killjoy who dispenses facts and data to argue billboards aren’t just ugly, they’re dangerous distractions. 

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