The Evolution of an Industry: Cannabis Companies You Should Know, Pt. 2

This is the second installment in a cannabusiness series by financial expert Jeff Siegel. Please find Part 1 HERE. 

Organic food. It’s not so hard to find these days. From Whole Foods to Wal-Mart, it’s actually quite abundant.

Most of my food actually comes from local organic farmers that I’ve known for years and, of course, trust.

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THE TOPSTONE VAPORIZER: Seamless Sophistication; Your Mother Will Never Know

The art, practice and ritual of consuming cannabis is changing rapidly. We’re breaking from the traditional stoner basement circles and bringing our lifestyle to the front lines. No longer do you need to hide your glass art before your parents come over. Both modern and luxurious, the Topstone vaporizer is a piece you’ll want to display.

Topstone elevates the vaporizer experience from taste, draw and pull to the flawless handcrafted and American made design itself. The elegance of this concentrate vaporizer is immediately noticed with the bocote hardwood mouthpiece, patented misted pyrex chamber and 3D printed base. Simple to clean and built to last, its beauty is undeniable and fits a multitude of settings. So go ahead, invite over the family and leave this out on display.

Price: $320

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Doctor Charged in Deadly Sale of Unneeded Pain Pill Scripts

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A New Jersey doctor was indicted Thursday on charges that he sold prescriptions for addictive opioid painkillers to people who had no medical need for them, including one man who died from an overdose.

Dr. Byung Kang, of Little Falls, was charged with one count of “strict liability” for the drug-induced death of 26-year-old Michael Justice, of Clifton. Justice’s mother had called Kang 18 months earlier threatening to call police if he didn’t stop prescribing her son oxycodone, according to a statement from Attorney General Christopher Porrino.

Kang’s attorney said he hadn’t yet reviewed the indictment that also charges Kang with money laundering, tax fraud and drug distribution. Kang’s wife and receptionist, Soo, also was charged with money laundering, conspiracy and tax-related counts.

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THC: 90% | CBD: 2.1% – MRX Labs

Rich Extracts has been very busy. The lab has been built to pass not only OLCC food quality requirements, but they have also invested the time and money to bring the facility up to FDA lab specifications.

The live resin sample we received was extremely stable. The color was golden amber and moist with freshness. The sweet, earthy smell is very strong when first opening the container. Terpenes are very well preserved in live extracts, but this one was pleasantly strong.

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Denver’s Puff, Pass, Paint Goes on the Road

An evening of painting where the cannabis is BYOB drops down in cities across the country.

Art and cannabis go hand-in-hand. Mankind has turned to this wonder plant to help boost creativity for centuries and it’s been linked to some of history’s biggest and most beloved musicians, filmmakers, visual artists and other creatives from many different eras. So, it makes sense that an event that combines making art and smoking cannabis would be such a hit.

Artist Heidi Keyes is the woman behind Denver-based company Puff, Pass & Paint. She opened her business at the beginning of 2014 after a light-hearted comment from one of her friends who suggested that she start her own operation similar to Canvas and Cocktails events.

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BRINGING CANNABIS TO THE CLASSROOM: Seattle Central College Creates the State’s First Cannabis Institute

Trey Reckling moved to Washington with the intent of becoming involved in the state’s emerging cannabis industry. He had 20 years of experience in higher education, but much of his experience with marijuana was through “self-directed study.”

Today, he’s an instructor at Seattle Central College and one of the chief architects behind the school’s Cannabis Institute, a new but booming continuing education program preparing students for careers in a new but booming industry.

“I wanted to provide an opportunity to step things up and give the industry what it needs,” he explains. “No other industry is so young, so lacking in infrastructure.”

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California Energy Supplier to Offer Farming Discount to Cannabis Cultivators


In a decision that illustrates how just how far marijuana has moved into the mainstream, California’s largest public utility said it would now offer pot growers the same discounts on energy that it provides other farmers.

The decision by PG&E comes four months after California voters passed Proposition 64, which legalized recreational use of marijuana, and two decades after voters approved medical use of cannabis.

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Australian Hedge Fund Soars 145% Thanks to Cannabis Investments


Bets on marijuana companies helped an Australian manager soar 145 per cent last year to become the world’s best-performing hedge fund.

Stock and credit investments in North American marijuana producers contributed to 22 percentage points of last year’s gain for the $200-million Tribeca Global Natural Resources Fund, said Sydney-based Ben Cleary, who co-manages the pool with Craig Evans. The fund has advanced 4 per cent this year through February, Mr. Cleary said.

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Canndescent Adopts New Strain Classification System


[Press release] CANNDESCENT, a cultivator of ultra-premium cannabis flower, announced today that it has abandoned the use of traditional cannabis strain names, and that it will adopt an effects-based classification system: Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect and Charge.

In development for a year, the system simplifies cannabis for end users by combining informative names, colors, numbers, and tasting notes to indicate how users may feel after consumption. As seen in the chart below, CANNDESCENT describes each broad category and differentiates between a strain’s potential effect on the mind and body.

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Feds Warn N.M. producer About Cannabis at Cannabis Cup


A letter from the U.S. Department of Justice to organizers of a cannabis festival in Nevada could signal how the Trump administration plans to enforce marijuana laws.

Nevada’s U.S. District Attorney sent a letter last week to Duke Rodriguez, CEO of the New Mexico and Arizona based Ultra Health, with concerns that cannabis will be present at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

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