Drink This Cannabis Cocktail Instead of Beer on St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day has the unfortunate reputation for being a day that celebrates drinking and getting drunk, and that is too bad, but we can add a little weed to balance out that booze and get us to a nice high place.

Enjoying alcohol in moderation along with cannabis allows us to feel high without the terrible consequences of a hangover the next day. Stick mostly to bud, not booze, on St. Patrick’s Day, save for just one or two of these amazing cocktails!

Since our national celebration of Guinness and stereotypical Irish culture falls in the early Spring, I’m forced by necessity to pay homage to the seasonal changes in my drinking and the ingredients therein. As a seasonal ingredient, maple syrup comes to mind, and the way to infuse it with THC is quite simple!

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Psychedelicatessen: Cannabis Crab Cakes

Imagine a day of cannabis-based pampering, including gourmet ganja cuisine, medicated massages and facial treatments, along with vendors of edibles and topicals, all designed to create a relaxing immersive experience.

This past weekend at a CannaSpa event in Orange County, Chef Keion Taylor from Eat 310 Catering impressed the crowd with elegantly presented cuisine, first preparing a brunch favorite, Peach Cobbler French Toast with a cannabis-infused whipped cream.

Shifting gears to a savory dish, Taylor whipped up cannabis-infused crab cakes, and the dish was so fabulous that I asked him to graciously share the recipe with our readers. Accompanied by a sweet and spicy mango relish, these crispy crab cakes sit atop a roasted tomato and corn puree and are topped with a luscious avocado lime crema for a taste sensation that will leave you wanting more. Every component of the dish can be medicated with cannabutter, or you can design a lower dose entree by medicating just the sauces and puree.

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How to Calculate THC Dosages for Homemade Edibles

Of all the questions people ask me about cannabis cooking, dosing THC properly is one topic that always causes home cooks the most concern.

When I started writing about cooking with cannabis, I taught people how to estimate a reasonable THC dosage range to use in their cooking, just as cannabis cooks have been doing for thousands of years. Determining this “dosage window” involves balancing factors such as plant strength with the tolerance levels of the people consuming the food.

But instead of a reasonable dosage window with variations of 10 – 15 milligrams, wouldn’t it be great to know exactly how many milligrams of THC per serving your homemade edibles contain?

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Stuffed Figs Recipe – Laurie & Mary Jane

Laurie & Mary Jane

Toasted Almond and Cream Cheese Stuffed Figs Recipe

In my chocolate covered world a dried fig is a thing of beauty! In this recipe from Laurie & Mary Jane, stuffed figs are plump full with almonds and cream cheese. Drizzled with gently infused canna-chocolate, they are a perfect mix of smooth and silky on the outside with a crunch of nuts on the inside. A delicious way to say I love you on Valentine’s Day, or any day. Totally yummy!

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Six Stoney Sweets for Your Stoney Sweetie

Valentines Day looms large, so if you still haven’t planned anything now’s the time. Why not whip up a bud-blessed batch of one of these Cannabis Now edible recipes?

Trying to pull together the perfect Valentine’s day gift for your special person can be a bit nerve wracking experience if you’re still in the planning stages so close to the date. Should you get them something safe and predictable like a box of chocolates and glitzy jewelry, opt for something fun like a handful of pre-rolls full of their favorite strains paired a stash of their go-to munchies or just keep it low key with a sentimental card, a romantic message and a stuffed animal? Decisions, decisions.

Whatever you decide on, there’s always a tried-and-true way to get to any cannabis lover’s heart and that’s with delicious, homemade desserts infused with marijuana. We know you already have a bomb brownie recipe up your sleeve, but take a look at some of these sweets and get inspired to step outside of the box for this year’s love celebration.

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Psychedelicatessen: Proper Pot Chocolate Whisky Pie

Using medicated chocolate for your Valentine’s Day desserts makes dosing easy. Infusing this decadent mousse pie with Seattle’s gourmet, low-dose Proper Chocolate along with potent cannabutter creates a memorable, beautiful indulgence that enhances sensual moods.

Available in Washington State, Proper Chocolates contain only 5 milligrams of THC each.

Ten milligrams is the recommended dosage per serving for someone with a low tolerance or who is new to edibles, so you can be flexible with the amount of THC in this recipe to individualize your dose. Use regular butter instead of cannabutter when making the crust for a less potent pie containing about 5 mg THC per slice, or garnish with two Proper Caramelized Whisky Ganache Chocolates, each containing just 5 mg of THC.

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How to Make Cannabis Lube for Valentine’s Day

Written by Monica Lo & Scott Peabody from Sous Weed
. Photos by Monica Lo.

Every year when Valentine’s Day rolls around, discussions turn to natural aphrodisiacs, whether it be chocolate or oysters. Alas, most of this talk is all hype—the truth is, oysters aren’t nature’s Viagra, they just look vaguely vaginal.

The good news is that when it comes to putting us in the mood for love, cannabis is the genuine article. Aside from stimulating all the right parts of your biggest sexual organ (we’re talking about the brain, calm down), our sensual friend Mary also has a soothing side when used topically.

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9 Cannabis Cocktails to Keep You Baked All Year Long

Sometimes it feels like there isn’t enough booze or bud in the world to make your life seem any easier. From political drama (who the fuck knows what Trump will do and/or tweet next) to celebrity deaths (RIP Mary Tyler Moore), 2017 promises to be rough—but don’t worry, we’re here to help you get through it all!

Our friends over at Cut.com have been whipping up cannabis cocktails, and we’ve compiled the best of the best to help you forget your troubles, at least for a little while.

1. Weed Whiskey 

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