Recipe: Lemon Skunk-Infused Gyros

There is nothing else quite like authentic Greek cuisine made at home. These mediterranean flavors pair wonderfully with the pungent citrus and lemon flavors of Lemon Skunk.

This dish is sure to delight anyone looking for an exotic yet fully comforting meal. Lemon Skunk Gyros are also a great culinary adventure to undertake that will build your confidence as a cook and surely impress any dinner guests. Pair with a bubbly citrus drink to create a memorable meal.

Mise en place:

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RECIPE: Shrimp and Asparagus Stir Fry

Spring is the time to be eating your asparagus. Eating seasonally and locally will help you, and the planet. And we need help!

This stir-fry pairs asparagus and shrimp, a toothsome combination. You don’t need a wok, just keep the ingredients moving quickly in the pan and you will be fine. If serving with rice, that will take longer than the entrée. Rice is ridiculously easy to make, but truth be told I always have Trader Joe’s frozen rice in the house. The brown rice is my favorite. I also love the Speculoos Cookie Butter Cheesecake, but that has nothing to do with this recipe. I do not have stock in Trader Joe’s, but it is a cannabis lover’s paradise.

Cooking with Cannabis, by Quarto Press

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GRIDDLED DEVILED EGGS: An Easter Basket Treat for Grown Ups

In addition to having an Easter egg hunt this year, which would be totally awesome while under the influence, why not celebrate 4/20 with these over-the-top deviled eggs. I’ve had a good deal of experience with stuffed eggs, and honestly there was only one I found too bizarre to eat. That particular egg was filled with peanut butter and grape jelly, sprinkled with mandarin orange bits. Unless I was literally starving, I don’t think I could be in a situation that would get me to eat it.

This recipe, however, originally un-infused by a famed Portland chef, is in a category all its own. The fresh horseradish adds a surprising hint of fire, but it is the canna-buttered, griddled crust that will make you swoon. Any questions or comments, give us a shout at We will be eggcited to hear from you. No yoke. (Sorry).

Deviled Eggs (Serves 6) 

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Make Perfect Chronic Krispie Treats for 4/20

An easy recipe that ensures intense effects with bioavailable THC.

For 4/20 this year, celebrate with this hash-infused version of a classic confection. While rice crispy treats are a popular, commonly medicated snack, we’ve added a THC booster in the form of lecithin powder, which allows the body to more readily absorb cannabinoids. These Chronic Krispie treats will feel more potent in your body, so be sure to eat only a small piece and wait two hours before consuming any more cannabis food!

While you’re at it, make a regular batch of these gooey cereal bars to munch on without worrying about getting overwhelmingly high—you’re going to need a lot of snacks for 4/20 fun!

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Recipe: Banana Leaf-Wrapped Fruity Thai Trout

This refreshing seafood dish offers a sweet, flavorful take on a medicated meal.

Growing up in Upstate New York, I had the pleasure to boat, fish and play in the Great Lakes of Erie and Ontario. Boating and fishing were some of the simple pleasures in life that I would always enjoy with my father and close friends. It instilled in me a great appreciation of marine wildlife and the natural beauty that bodies of water possess. Because seafood was so readily available, I was able to enjoy countless fresh seafood meals that were sourced directly out these two Great Lakes.

Living out in Colorado now, the best fish seem to come out of the rivers flowing down from the Rocky Mountains. The trout in this dish really absorbs the complex flavors of the fruit stuffing and Fruity Thai strain, making you want more with each bite.

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RECIPE: Chorizo and Oaxaca Cheese Potato Nachos

These nachos totally rock. I love a potato, and when these babies get crisp they make a perfect bed for spicy chorizo and melted Oaxaca cheese. The sausage is a bit hot, so be prepared. Make sure you have sour cream on hand to cool things off. Vary the cheese if you like, melted goat cheese is equally delicious. Blue cheese would be a less common option, but hey, some people can’t get enough. It’s your call. Last week I used breakfast sausage, cheddar and put a couple of eggs on it. Totally dope. Of course this mixture would pair beautifully baked on top of tortilla chips as a nice change of pace.

Chorizo and Oaxaca Cheese Potato Nachos

Serves 4

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Drink This Cannabis Cocktail Instead of Beer on St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day has the unfortunate reputation for being a day that celebrates drinking and getting drunk, and that is too bad, but we can add a little weed to balance out that booze and get us to a nice high place.

Enjoying alcohol in moderation along with cannabis allows us to feel high without the terrible consequences of a hangover the next day. Stick mostly to bud, not booze, on St. Patrick’s Day, save for just one or two of these amazing cocktails!

Since our national celebration of Guinness and stereotypical Irish culture falls in the early Spring, I’m forced by necessity to pay homage to the seasonal changes in my drinking and the ingredients therein. As a seasonal ingredient, maple syrup comes to mind, and the way to infuse it with THC is quite simple!

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Psychedelicatessen: Cannabis Crab Cakes

Imagine a day of cannabis-based pampering, including gourmet ganja cuisine, medicated massages and facial treatments, along with vendors of edibles and topicals, all designed to create a relaxing immersive experience.

This past weekend at a CannaSpa event in Orange County, Chef Keion Taylor from Eat 310 Catering impressed the crowd with elegantly presented cuisine, first preparing a brunch favorite, Peach Cobbler French Toast with a cannabis-infused whipped cream.

Shifting gears to a savory dish, Taylor whipped up cannabis-infused crab cakes, and the dish was so fabulous that I asked him to graciously share the recipe with our readers. Accompanied by a sweet and spicy mango relish, these crispy crab cakes sit atop a roasted tomato and corn puree and are topped with a luscious avocado lime crema for a taste sensation that will leave you wanting more. Every component of the dish can be medicated with cannabutter, or you can design a lower dose entree by medicating just the sauces and puree.

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How to Calculate THC Dosages for Homemade Edibles

Of all the questions people ask me about cannabis cooking, dosing THC properly is one topic that always causes home cooks the most concern.

When I started writing about cooking with cannabis, I taught people how to estimate a reasonable THC dosage range to use in their cooking, just as cannabis cooks have been doing for thousands of years. Determining this “dosage window” involves balancing factors such as plant strength with the tolerance levels of the people consuming the food.

But instead of a reasonable dosage window with variations of 10 – 15 milligrams, wouldn’t it be great to know exactly how many milligrams of THC per serving your homemade edibles contain?

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