Sharpest Glass in the West

Chaiah Sullivan of Unparalleled Glass found an artistic home in a prickly sculptural subject: functional borosilicate cacti.

Gaining skills from many of greats in the glass blowing community, Chaiah Sullivan of Unparalleled Glass’ cactus creations look so real you’re almost tempted not to use this functional art in order to avoid the prick of their spines. The hyper-realistic pointy pieces are each meticulously handcrafted from Sullivan’s home studio in the small town of Paonia, Colorado and have become his signature style.

“[The cactus art is] definitely something I do that I feel is very unique and not really something on somebody else’s style that I’ve learned,” Sullivan says. “Everything else I do I really enjoy, but I always feel like it has a little derivative from somebody else whereas the cactus is kind of my own creation.”

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Marijuana Salves, Oils & Topicals for Healthier Skin

There are many ways to use cannabis topicals.

Herbs have been used to treat skin problems for thousands of years. Five thousand years ago, Ayurvedic practitioners used marijuana preparations. Cannabis-enriched lotions, salves, and other topically applied products are still used today. Marijuana’s active ingredients — cannabinoids and terpenoid essential oils — are absorbed through the skin for direct therapeutic effect.

People’s lives have been changed using marijuana topicals, including those who have been able to stop taking opiate narcotics for pain, grandparents with severe arthritis who have been able to hold their grandkids for the first time and musicians who are able to use their fingers again.

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5 Healthy Hemp Foods

Hemp food offerings range from burgers to tofu.

Cultivated for millennia throughout large swaths of the planet, hemp is an incredibly resilient and versatile plant. It’s been used to create textiles, building materials, bio-plastics and auto parts – and loads of tasty food offerings.

Hemp, not to be confused with marijuana, is a non-psychoactive cousin to the plant. Rich in protein, omega-fatty acids and fiber, hemp is an excellent plant-based protein for vegetarians, vegans, people with food sensitivities and anyone who enjoys good nutritious food.

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Beyond Budtenders

Dispensaries and patients alike could benefit from the growing community of medical professionals who are solely focused on the medical utility of cannabis.

In the classic 19th Century novel “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” Topsy is a wild and wise slave girl who declares, “I ‘spect I grow’d. Don’t think nobody ever made me.” This led to a colloquialism, “Grow like Topsy,” and, for this author at least, that describes the iconic medical cannabis dispensary.

Dispensaries in the late 1990s emerged from the culture of prohibition with no guidance and had the distinct look of hippie head shops with parachutes hung from the ceilings and pungent aromas from the “medicine” in display cases and in use by the patients.

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Mean Gene: Making Marijuana Masterpieces

With a lifetime of knowledge and a genetic archive reaching back decades, the award-winning Mendocino breeder spreads the foundational flavors of cannabis seed by seed.

Breeding a new strain of cannabis is like painting a picture: the end result is a culmination of the medium and colors you used, the techniques you applied and the vision you had when you sat down at the canvas.

And many of the strains you find on the market — even some of the top-shelf offerings from boutique dispensaries — are the cannabis equivalent of landscape paintings by students of Bob Ross; competent reproductions and variations on the same theme with minor stylistic flourishes.

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Demystifying the Dry Ice Kief Method

Master cultivator, Jorge Cervantes, unlocks the mysteries of CO2 kief separation.

The primary goal of any extraction method is to separate the cannabinoid-rich resin of the cannabis plant from the inert plant matter. In this extraction process, dry CO2 literally freezes the resin glands on the plant, making them easy to shake loose from foliage. These frozen glands fall through a 120- to 220-micron mesh sieve and are collected in a container below.

Done properly, CO2 extraction is exceptionally efficient, and the most common method of small-scale CO2 extraction is dry-ice separation.

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Trademarking ‘Humboldt’

A map of cannabis’ potential new ‘appellations’ in California.

All the folks that want to “regulate weed like it’s wine” will get at least one of their prayers answered. California regulators are under orders to create local trademarks for medical cannabis agriculture.

Like wine from Napa, or “champagne” from Champagne — California-grown cannabis has a great reputation all over the world, and words like “Humboldt” and “Mendocino” carry great weight with aficionados.

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Book Review: “Idiot’s Guide: Growing Marijuana”

Big Lit makes a move on America’s new botanical sweetheart — cannabis.

It finally happened. One of the “Big Four” publishing firms, Penguin Random House, at last saw an opening and jumped into the cannabis game with the new release “Idiot’s Guide: Marijuana Growing.” Responsible for the launch of hit titles ranging from Ralph Ellison’s classic “The Invisible Man” to a host of Dr. Seuss staples to Ann Coulter’s recent “In Trump We Trust,” Penguin’s worldwide readership is decidedly vast and varied.

Just think, you’ll soon be able to openly read in public about the systematic manufacture of marijuana and attract little more than a “hmm” from the average passerby. Quite a change from the first, popular MJ title – most notably the seminal grow book “Marijuana Growers Guide Deluxe Edition,” written by Ed Rosenthal and Mel Frank in 1978. Clutching a copy of that title has always felt like an act of defiance throughout the cannabis prohibition years. Not quite on level with “The Anarchist Cookbook,” but close to it if you lived in a state where a loose joint could get you a couple years in a prison labor camp. In fact, “Marijuana Growers Guide” caught fire so swiftly across the nation in the ‘70s that it even garnered a book review by the New York Times.

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Cannabis Conversations: Talking to Kids

A marijuana handbook navigates the discussion of educating children about cannabis, and shares some tips on how to pull it off successfully.

Talking about marijuana is a tough subject for a lot of parents, whether it be their own use or their child’s potential use. Our nation’s diverse marijuana laws only complicate it further. I am not a parent, but I spoke with many parents for my book, “Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women,” most of whom are involved in the cannabis movement and have a lot of experience with the subject, as well as the public’s reactions to it. With few exceptions, the parents I spoke with believed honesty was the best policy — albeit at the right time and in the proper context.

When parents choose to have “the talk” about marijuana use, their children usually fall into two age ranges: younger kids, usually still in elementary school, and teenagers. Many parents like to wait until the junior high and high school years, when they know their kids will likely be exposed to marijuana from outside sources. Parents usually prefer that their children learn the truth about the effects and risks of pot use at home, instead of hearing hyped-up propaganda from school authorities or misinformation from their friends.

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Strain Review: Gorilla Glue #5

Gorilla Glue #4 is an undisputed peoples champ in the competitive NorCal cannabis market. Could a new remix on this established favorite be the next big thing?

It’s practically impossible to overstate the popularity of Gorilla Glue #4; its unique pungency and first-class effects have won the strain gold medals at major cannabis cups and the earnest affection of millions of cannabis aficionados. On little more than word of mouth, its reputation has climbed higher than King Kong on the Empire State building, which is roughly how elevated you’ll be from just one or two hits of this much-loved monster.

Apart from Girl Scout Cookies (the undisputed people’s champ of the moment) and OG Kush — the ubiquitous cornerstone of most kush crosses and a timeless classic — no other strain enjoys GG#4’s current national popularity.

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