Cannabis for Cancer

Marijuana has long been known to ease certain cancer symptoms and alleviate the painful side effects of pharmaceutical cancer treatments. With the growing availability of concentrated and refined cannabinoids, treatment options are expanding and improving for patients seeking relief from a disease that touches the lives of billions.

Cancer is the great equalizer: it does not discriminate by gender, age, race or socioeconomic background — it touches everyone, whether you have endured it yourself or supported a friend or family member’s journey.

Along with HIV, cancer was one of the first illnesses identified as benefiting from the therapeutic effects of cannabis. Early on the plant was found to be particularly effective for alleviating side effects caused by harsh pharmaceutical treatments like chemotherapy.

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MJ Moguls: A Stroke of Genius

One cannabis extraction technology is ruling them all.

Chances are, if you’ve enjoyed high-grade shatter or prepackaged edibles in the U.S. lately, it was made on a $100,000 Genius Extraction Technologies machine. The devices are already in 190 hash labs, and Genius is on its way to being becoming a standard in the red-hot cannabis extraction industry.

Over 80 percent of the extractors filling electronic cigarettes and cartridges in the U.S. either use Genius equipment exclusively or employ their tech somehow.

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Hawaii Cannabis Patients Are Feeling the Love

From the eight dispensaries approved by the Aloha State’s department of health in the last year to a once ominous home grow ban now languishing in legislative limbo, Hawaii’s cannabis patients have a handful of reasons to feel warm and fuzzy this spring.

On the “mainland,” the Hawaiian islands are largely associated with newlyweds taking honeymoon strolls on picturesque beaches, surfers hanging ten on glistening waves and tourists drinking mai tais at hotel luaus.

It’s also tied to legendary strains like Maui Wowie, and that connection between cannabis and America’s slice of the Pacific is nothing new. Hawaii was something of a marijuana mecca by the 1970s and the plant has been medically legal there since 2000.

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Cannabis Lounges & Limos

When cannabis is legal, but there is no where to consume it, people still find ways to enjoy the social smoke.

The windows of the party bus are blacked out and the Coors in the ice buckets are free as we drive around downtown Denver vaping highly-potent cannabis concentrates on the way to various after-parties. The complimentary ride, provided by the Dab Bus during the Champs glass blowers convention in October, also included free dabs courtesy of the advertisers that sponsored the bus.

“Basically, the laws are if it’s private you can do it,” Dab Bus owner George Siha said of the marijuana consumption laws outlined in Amendment 64. “As long as you’re not selling [cannabis] and getting money directly for it, it’s pretty much legal.”

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Return of the Industrial Hemp Industry

Shaping the new hemp economy in America.

In 2012, Ryan Loflin, 41, had a successful business building designer homes from reclaimed barnwood. But in 2013, Loflin defied federal law and converted 55 acres of alfalfa on his family farm in southeastern Colorado into the first hemp field grown in the United States since cannabis prohibition began over 70 years ago.

“It’s all about job creation, that’s the whole point of this industry,” says Loflin, “To get small town America back to having jobs that are profitable. The end result in rural America is going to be pretty outstanding. It has so many uses… everything except glass can be made from hemp, it’s a special crop.”

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The Sherbinski Sitdown: A Comprehensive Guide to Gelato

Two connoisseur Cookies strains come together to create one of the most celebrated phenos of modern day marijuana breeding.

It’s been three years since famed San Francisco cannabis breeders Mr. Sherbinski and Jigga crossed two crowd favorites (Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Cookies) and created a strain that’s been endlessly hyped, right down to the number on the pots — Gelato.

The pairing of two of the highest-end connoisseur phenos the market had to offer at that time was a mega-prospect for anyone in San Francisco with a clue about local cannabis lineage.

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From Outlaw to CEO

A historical exploration of how distributors shaped the modern cannabis market.

The modern cannabis industry continues marching towards legalization; 29 states have medical cannabis laws of some sort, although access to medicine varies radically. Several states also have forms of adult-use legalization and there are new and exciting innovations in products and packaging almost daily. The market has come a long way from the shadows of prohibition, cannabis is on track to be a multi-billion dollar legal industry in the 21st century. But, although cannabis has been widely used and cultivated for thousands of years and remains popular today, it did not become regularly available commercially until the 1960s, where the march began.

1937-1960s: “Out of the Dark, Into the Light”

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Vapes of Tomorrow: Vaporizing Goes High-Tech

Vaporizers to enjoy cannabis are getting more and more advanced.

It’s all about the demonstration as Neeraj Bhardwaj and Andrew Bleloch of Loto Labs set up what looks like a science experiment on the corner of a cleared off office desk. They came in to introduce a new vaporizer that will revolutionize the industry, but first the demonstration.

In order to truly understand the impact of the technology they’re going to be presenting to vaping enthusiasts everywhere sometime later this year, one must first observe exactly how induction heating works. There’s a small box with little knobs, a thick, gold coil connected to a capacitor and lots of talk about oscillating magnetic fields, energy, circuits and conductors.

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Recipe: Cannaflour & Zucchini Bread

It’s time to really embrace zucchini bread.

For those who have yet to indulge, it’s definitely a case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

If you’ve ever wandered past a mound of zucchini in the grocery store or have a garden and grow the veggie, you may be starting to wonder exactly what to do with it. Let’s face it – there’s only so much sautéed zucchini one person can eat. It’s good, but it gets old after a while.

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Home Gardening 101

When a backyard suburban garden produces enough cannabis to sustain 20 of your closest friends for a year.

“It’s pretty wild to see a marijuana stalk grow to the circumference of a man’s bicep,” says Daniel Bennett as he circles around a raised bed garden in his backyard near San Francisco. “And the crazy thing is, this plant has about eight weeks more to mature before we harvest.”

The garden that Bennett is referring to rests on a suburban hillside in a quiet little neighborhood he’s lived in for 18 years. Thirty miles up the coast you can just barely make out the jagged skyline of downtown San Francisco hovering over the summer fog.

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