LUCKY TURTLE: Decadent Infused Spreads For An Active Lifestyle

Test Results: 10mg THC per pouch  |  Testing by: Agricor Laboratories

With summer right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start stocking up on edibles for all your outdoor endeavors. This Cocoa Hazelnut Spread from Lucky Turtle Craft Extracts is an absolute must-try for your next hike, camping trip, or day at the park. The team at Lucky Turtle has an extensive science background, and uses CO2 extraction methods to provide the purest, most exceptional small-batch products possible.

This spread is smooth, decadent and made with only natural, organic ingredients. Try it with a bagel, a piece of toast, or throw it in a blender with ice, a banana and some soymilk for a delicious smoothie. If only my childhood Nutella-addicted self could see me now!

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I GOT THAT CHEBA CHEBA HUT: Not Your Ordinary Sandwich Shop

In case you didn’t know, cheeba is slang for pot, and when Tone Loc penned “Cheeba Cheeba” in 1989, pot was still pretty much an underground thing, not as socially acceptable as it is today. Bounce forward nine years to 1998, and our favorite weed was still a bit on the hush, hush.

But the times, they were a-changin’, and the kush, kush was becoming more acceptable to the fine, fine Americans with their red-blooded souls and occasional bloodshot eyes. That’s when, in ’98, an ambitious entrepreneur named Scott Jennings launched his brainchild, Cheba Hut, a counter-cultural sandwich shop near Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ.

Jennings’ idea was to celebrate marijuana and the sub-culture surrounding it. And what better way to celebrate cannabis than to serve those who had toked their way into the munchies? Jennings’ “edibles” were sometimes toasted (like a lot of his clientele), built fresh with homemade bread and crispy vegetables, lathered with spicy, made-from-scratch sauces, and filled with any number of meats that left stoners salivating for more.

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RECIPE: Chicken Stew with Cannabis-Infused Dumplings

Next time you’re looking for a filling meal with a cannabinoid kick, look no further than this top-shelf chicken stew recipe.

Few foods are more closely associated with the concept of “comfort food” than chicken soup or stew.

At my good friend Lisa Schroeder’s restaurant in Portland, Mother’s Bistro, she serves an amazing chicken with dumplings. Her dish inspired me to create this infused recipe. The dumplings in this dish have a lot of flavor, with just a hint of cannabis and are fluffy perfection.

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Psychedelicatessen: Sativa Spring Rolls

Roll up some fresh veggies to enjoy with a hash-infused peanut dipping sauce.

Spring rolls are a classic go-to for a quick and easy bite in warmer weather, and they’re also perfect for using whatever veggies you happen to have on hand with minimal fuss. Add a quick, no-mess cannabis-concentrate-infused spicy ginger-peanut dipping sauce, and you’ve got a simple, healthy, and potent meal that can be prepared in less than 45 minutes.

For the infused peanut sauce:

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A BATCH MADE IN HEAVEN: The Marriage of Wine and Cannabis

As the cannabis industry continues to accelerate and grow, another world has continually appeared in the stream of consumption-related discourse. The wine world has been a blueprint for the cannabis community, and is now becoming intertwined with the green arena. Naturally, the properties of wine and weed are deeply complex, and can thus be studied at a more discerning level, revealing the product’s origins and depth. From minutely concentrated cultivation methods to the potential connections vino and herb can present to the world, the two create a copasetic model of elevated experiences.

There are over 10,000 wine grape varietals grown around the world, each carrying genetics that create a completely unique flavor profile. Although the number of unique cannabis strains sits at under 1000, new genetics are constantly being produced. A glass of wine tells a story about the terroir, or region, it was cultivated in, as well as the cultivators themselves, the production time period, and overall emotional aura that comes from consumption. Cannabis tells the same story, with a similar human-to-plant connection seen in no other crop; the regional nuances of cultivation develops an anthropological aspect to the end product, a reflection of the love poured into creating wine or cannabis. For example, a Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley in California is completely different in consumption profile than one produced in, say, the Loire Valley of France. Similarly, an OG cultivated in Northern California tends to possess completely distinct taste and body notes than the same strain grown in Eastern Washington. This worldly quality creates a unique and vivid complexity surrounding the dimensions of wine and bud—something only Mother Earth herself could give the world.

The Court of Master Sommeliers is the highest respected body of wine connoisseurs in the world. Experts in the cannabis community are also accumulating high levels of scientific expertise, sharing their love of identifying the subtle identities of various strains around the world. Having once been deeply involved in the wine community, I have carried over the same principles of study into the cannabis world. The first thing I would do with a glass of wine, after thoroughly giving a visual strip-down, of course, is bury my nose in the glass, collecting the key characteristics of the varietal’s bouquet. Then, when I have gathered enough of an understanding from the scent and sight, I would proceed to taste and note the primary flavor attributes, alcohol content and palate sensations. I now use this method when I consume cannabis flower. The terpene profile of the cannabis plant is essentially similar to the barrel-aging, grape skin contact and key soil components of wine-making, processes that give the two products their unique flavors. As legislation continues to work in the favor of the cannabis industry’s growth, we can be certain to see a similarly established body of industry experts come forth and create a group rivaling the knowledge and prowess of Sommeliers.

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LEMON TEA CAKE: 50mg to Freedom

Test Results:  THC 80.01%  |  Tested by: Desert Valley Testing

When I’m reaching for an edible, I usually think of a brownie or a cookie, but after trying this decadent Lemon Tea Cake from Sublime Brands Elevated Cannabis, I’m hooked.’

Lemon Tea CakeMy mouth waters as I pull the magic morsel from the fridge. The fresh blueberry glaze glistens atop a mesa of lemony frosted goodness, concealing the dense, moist cake beneath. My first bite bursts with bits of delicate white chocolate and notes of creamy sweet citrus. The 50mg of infused Champagne Distillate blends seamlessly throughout, creating a perfect balance with each flavor in this artisanally-crafted confection.

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Om Edibles Crafts Cannabis Topicals & Edibles With Women in Mind

Award-winning company creates topicals and edibles by women, for women.

Upon entering the production headquarters for Om Edibles the soothing smell of lavender envelops my entire being. The whole room is dominated by this comforting scent, which provides a welcoming twist from pungent herbaceous aromas of grow rooms and vaults staked with cannabis flowers where I usually find myself on assignment. Two ladies inside the production room are pouring out large plastic bins of Epsom salts for bath soaks. If I didn’t already know I was in the headquarters of an award-winning California-based cannabis edibles and topicals company, I might think I was in the home of a more traditional natural products business. The vibe is warm and welcoming and the mood only gets brighter when Maya Elisabeth, the creator and owner of Om Edibles, arrives and offers afternoon cups of raw cacao infused with CBD.

“I will always and forever combine cannabis with superfoods,” Maya says as she scoops out heaping amounts of her award-winning infused cacao into a bath of warm water. “You only get out what you put in and that starts with the farmer.”

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RECIPE: NYC Diesel-Infused Hummus Wraps

This sativa-infused hummus wrap is a perfect pick-me-up for the health-conscious cannabis lover looking for a light lunch with an extra cannabinoid kick.

Wraps are one of the most versatile quick meals one can make. There are a multitude of food items that you can stuff into the middle of a soft pillowy wrap and end up with a satisfied belly.

This round I decided to make a bistro version of a Greek vegetarian gyro, substituting hummus for the roasted meat. NYC Diesel pairs wonderfully with the complex flavors of Greek cuisine, adding a deep and pleasantly earthy citrus flavor with hints of sweetness.

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RECIPE: Tincture-Infused Blueberry Yogurt

This recipe combines the natural sweetness and gorgeous color of blueberries with the creamy, refreshing tartness of yogurt and just a touch of cannabinoid enhancement. Try it as a cool snack on a hot day, part of a balanced breakfast or as a light desert to your next lunch.

I often get questions from patients looking o incorporate pre-made flavored glycerin tinctures into simple food items. The glycerin tinctures you buy at dispensaries are either unflavored or come in a multitude of flavor choices, so go ahead an experiment with combining both flavored tinctures and unflavored tinctures in food to see which you prefer.

In this particular recipe I used one of my favorite glycerin tincture flavors, one which can easily be used in an array of dishes; French vanilla. This foundational flavor can be used in an assortment of breakfast meals, drinks and dessert dishes.

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EDIBLES THAT PACK A PUNCH: Kushy Punch Lives Up to Its Name

Test Results: 100mg THC | 4mg CBD per package

The strawberry flavored sativa Kushy Punch is a pleasant medicinal treat. I get antsy during road trips, especially longer ones, and the gummies helped suppress restlessness, as well as overall anxiety. I was riding as a passenger to Mexico when I first ingested the edible. I was able to stay awake, yet remain relaxed while navigating for my mother. The high was euphoric. I recall enjoying the ride and playing music for my grandmother, who was sitting behind me. The high wasn’t overwhelming, yet still powerful. It got the job done.

The cannabis taste was strong, yet complimentary to the strawberry notes. I also let a licensed friend of mine sample, and she enjoyed a great high. She had the energy to get errands done, with a boost that lasted three to four hours. I highly recommend sativa strawberry KP for patients who want to be productive with their medicine.

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