Is Sessions Out? AG Offers to Quit as Trump’s Russia Frustration Mounts

Sessions leaving office, could mean good news for cannabis advocates.

Even Donald Trump is sick of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Sessions, America’s all-purpose antebellum bogeyman and the greatest existential threat currently faced by the legal marijuana industry, offered the president his resignation last month, in response to Trump’s mounting frustration with Sessions’s ties to Russia, POLITICO reported.

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Left Behind by Clemency

What’s beef? Beef is when a rap video means the difference between a four-year sentence and 20 to life as a “cannabis kingpin.”

Jane Scarmazzo isn’t positive when her younger son started smoking pot, but she knows for sure how she found out about it.

Luke was in his early 20s, a few years out of high school and working with his father Nick Scarmazzo — a union carpenter — on bridges and overpasses in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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The Drought Days Are Over

Reflections on the challenges of growing outdoor cannabis.

It may sound trite, but really, what a difference a year makes. Last year at this time, the meadow and hillsides were already golden, after several years of drought when they never truly turned green. Wildflowers were sparse and the deer looked hungry. The creeks were mostly stepping stones along the dry bed… perhaps a few greenish pools of murky water lingered from early winter rains. A general sense of dryness prevailed, and no one even dared mention the word “fire.”

As summer wore on with relentless days of blazing sun shining on the cannabis, Swami cleverly found new ways to keep the water pipes running to feed them. Our small lake is almost a mile away from the garden, up and down a hill or two, but luckily it ends up being about 10 feet higher elevation than the garden — just enough to be able to employ gravity as the pump. We rationed out spring water for household purposes and had to forego watering basically anything but the cannabis. Such are the sacrifices which must be made on a farm.

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BAS Provides Bulk Cannabis Oil to CA Market

California lab produces 60 kilos of cannabis oil per month.

The idea of bulk cannabis oil being sold at wholesale rates and rebranded under different names is likely a foreign concept to the end consumer, but this type of business is the bread and butter for BAS Research. Located in an industrial area in Berkeley, California, the lab was the first in the state to receive a city permit to both manufacture and process cannabis oil. The reason the city of Berkeley was keen to issue such a permit involves the fact that BAS works exclusively in C02 extraction, a method that — unlike other forms of creating ultra-potent cannabis oil — does not involve the use of volatile solvents.

According to Chief Strategy Officer Ernie Arreola, the 6,000-square-foot facility processes about 60 kilos of cannabis oil per month, which equates to roughly 2,000 pounds of trim and cannabis buds.

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DOJ Task Force Gears Up to Talk Pot Policy

The Justice Department’s Task Force on Public Safety and Crime Reduction has a set of initial recommendations due next month that will include a look at the current state of the department’s cannabis policy, with longtime drug warrior among those at the helm.

With the current state of the American criminal justice system, civil rights and the relationship between law enforcement and the public — particularly people of color — it was no surprise that it took a few months for the DOJ’s Public Safety and Crime Reduction task force to get to cannabis.

But as the task force prepares to tackle the issue, one of the folks at its helm — Eastern Tennessee Career Prosecutor, Steven H. Cook — just reminded the Associated Press how much he hates drugs in general.

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‘Post-Cable’ News Network Sets its Sights on Cannabusiness

Cheddar is an innovative “post-cable” business news network that broadcasts live from the floor of the NYSE — and they’re looking to Cannabis Now for input on the growing cannabis industry.

The way we consume broadcast media is changing; the last time you enjoyed your favorite TV show, chances are you were streaming it — and the last time you saw a news story break, it was probably online.

Cheddar founder, Jon Steinberg, saw the power of the internet as a vehicle for news and entertainment during his time as President and COO of Buzzfeed. He envisioned a fresh, socially relevant business news network that harnessed that same medium — with one finger on the pulse of the market and another testing the shifting winds of the cultural zeitgeist.

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Ohio Files Lawsuit Against Rx Companies for Opioid Crisis

Ohio, like many parts of the U.S., is facing a serious opioid addiction and overdose epidemic, and its state attorney says pharmaceutical companies that flood the state with opioid painkillers are to blame. As a new medical cannabis system offers hope for harm reduction moving forward, a new lawsuit attempts to secure restorative justice for communities harmed by opioids.

Once wealthy and proud, Portsmouth, Ohio — a major steel and footwear manufacturing center in the mid-20th Century — became a shipping hub for illegal opiates in the 21st.

As many as 3.8 billion doses of opiates were distributed in Ohio between 2011 and 2015 — many of them through Portsmouth.

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$70 Million Acquisition Puts High Times in Oreva Capital’s Portfolio

High Times was founded in 1974 by outlaw publishing icon Tom Forcade, who used the profits from his drug smuggling operation to fund the early issues. The magazine has gone through many changes since then, but it has always remained under the private ownership of Forcade or his heirs — until now.

Oreva Capital, an investment firm founded by current High Times CEO Adam Levin, led the acquisition, which is valued at $70 million and gives the holding company a controlling interest.

In an exclusive interview with Cheddar, Levin said he will work as an interim CEO while Oreva “put[s] the right team into place at High Times,” and expressed excitement over the new opportunities for the publication and brand, which will now largely operate out of Los Angeles, California.

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Australia’s Most Famous Pot Prisoner Heads Home

Over the weekend, Australia’s most famous pot prisoner, Schapelle Corby, finished her parole in Indonesia and returned home to Australia for the first time in 13 years.

When Schapelle Corby left Australia in 2005, she was just another 20-something heading off to Bali for a tropical vacation — she would return to tabloid levels of fame resulting from her harrowing ordeal.

In May of 2005, Corby was convicted of smuggling 4.2 kilograms of cannabis — a little less than 10 pounds — into the tiny island province through the Ngurah Rai International Airport.

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SF NIMBY Culture: An Old Problem Facing a New Industry

San Francisco may have a hyper-liberal reputation nationally, but the city’s residents can be ferociously conservative when it comes to development in their own neighborhood — the latest political showdown over a new dispensary is just one more example.

Dialogue between the two crowds that squared off in front of a public library on San Francisco’s west side was never going to happen: Even if months of very bad blood wasn’t tensing the air, even if there wasn’t a near-impassable language barrier and even if the teenager standing silently in front of the mob on one side (the lone instance of the two sides mixing) wasn’t wearing a unicorn mask over his head — an exchange of ideas was not on the agenda.

The discourse right now is quite good

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